• R18+ video game category finally gets go-ahead in Australia

    Finally some good news for gamers in Australia, Jason Clare, Minister for Home Affairs has officially confirmed that pretty soon R18+ category for video games will be introduced.

    Jason Clare further informed that this evening the bill was pass through the Senate (Upper House) that too without any sorts of amendment. Well for gamers in Australia its still battle half won.

    But things are setting up nicely.

  • Mortal Kombat PS VITA version BANNED in Australia

    Mortal Kombat Playstation VITA version has been banned in Australia. The developer of the game NetherRealm Studio made many changes in Mortal Kombat PS VITA version, but was still refused classification by Australian Classification Board.

    Mortal Kombat PS VITAThis implies that Mortal Kombat PS VITA version cannot be advertised, displayed or sold within Australia. The publisher of Mortal Kombat, Warner Bros said, "Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment submitted Mortal Kombat Vita for classification to the Australian Classification Board as we believed that the smaller screen of the PlayStation Vita greatly reduced the impact of violence."

    "This view was not shared by the Australian Classification Board and as such has been Refused Classification in Australia."

    Are you furious with Australian Classification Board for this type of behaviour?, let us know in the comment section below.

  • Get Star Wars The Old Republic two months early in Australia via EB Games

    Bioware's Star Wars: The Old Republic is schedule to launch in March in Australia, however thanks to EB Games many die-hard Star Wars fans can get it now.

    Star Wars: The Old RepublicCurrently EB Games is fulfilling Star Wars The Old Republic pre-orders with imported version. As usual imported version stock are limited in store as well as on EB Games website. These imported version of Star Wars The Old Republic will run on American servers.

    Fans who are thinking that EB Games is breaking embargoes, we would like to inform you that Bioware previously said that there is no ban on importing copies of the game.

    So be quick guys what are you waiting for.

  • EA's Syndicate BANNED in Australia (Updated)

    The BAN hammer of Australian Classification Board strikes again, and this time it strike on EA's futuristic reboot, Syndicate. The publisher submitted the game under its real name, but it has been officially refused classification.

    SyndicateThis means Syndicate is effectively banned from sale, distribution or display in Australia. Electronic Arts has not yet commented on this.

    We have contacted EA to find out what part of Syndicate was so distressing that Australian Classification Board put a big RED mark on it.



    On all this, Electronic Art just said:

    "It’s regrettable that government policy in Australia is denying adults the right to play Syndicate. The game will be not be available in Australia despite its enthusiastic response from fans. We were encouraged by the government’s recent agreement to adopt an 18+ age rating for games. However, delays continue to force an arcane censorship on games – cuts that would never be imposed on books or movies. We urge policy makers to take swift action to implement an updated policy that reflects today’s market and gives its millions of adult consumers the right to make their own content choices."

  • Skyrim available now in Australia, ahead of official street date

    Skyrim in Australia, you all can get Bethesda's long-awaited Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as the game is now available to purchase at three national retailers a day before the official release date.


    EB Games, GAME and JB Hi-Fi are now selling Skyrim nationally, a day ahead the official release date November 11. EB Games confirms Skyrim street date break on their official Twitter Account. Check out below what they tweeted:

    EB Games Skyrim tweet

  • Catherine will launch in Australia on October 31

    Atlus has announced that Catherine will be published in Australia by QV Software. Online retailer GAME has listed both PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game for local release via QV Software on October 31.


    According to the details in classification database, Catherine is not yet rated, GAME listing labelled it as "to be confirmed". At present only the standard edition of the game is listed.

  • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Exclusive EB Games Edition announced

    Earlier today Bethesda has announced Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Exclusive EB Games Edition. This special edition is very much similar to recently announced Collector's Edition, but there's no dragon statue in this one, and it has half the price of the Collector’s Edition.

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim logo

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Exclusive EB Games Edition features:

    • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game
    • Skyrim Steelbook
    • 100 Page A5 Skyrim Debossed Notebook
    • Premium Physical Map
    • 4 Collectable Art Cards

    EB Games has replace the standard edition of the game with this exclusive edition. Fans who have pre-ordered the standard edition of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim through EB Games will automatically be upgraded to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Exclusive EB Games Edition for no extra charge.

  • NPD: Black Ops tops Aussie sales for the first half of 2011

    NPD (Australia) has released the sale charts details for the first half of 2011, and there is no surprise that Call of Duty: Black Ops has took the top spot.

    Black Ops screenshot

    Nintendo's Pokemon Black and White comes in at second. Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 are the only shooting game title that found place in top ten. Check out the complete top ten list below:

    1. Call of Duty: Black Ops (Activision Blizzard)
    2. Pokemon White (Nintendo)
    3. Pokemon Black (Nintendo)
    4. L.A. Noire (Rockstar)
    5. Crysis 2 (Electronic Arts)
    6. AFL Live (TruBlu)
    7. Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (LucasArts)
    8. Wii Fit Plus (Nintendo)
    9. The Sims 3 (Electronic Arts)
    10. Killzone 3 (Sony)
  • $50 price drop for Nintendo DSi and DSi XL in Australia

    Nintendo (Australia) has announced a AU$50 price drop for Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL. The new price will come into effect begining June 30.

    Nintendo DSi XL

    In a press release, Nintendo Australia said, "The popular handheld consoles have sold more than 3.1 million units* (includes Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite) since the original Nintendo DS launch in 2005. Nintendo DS has sold the highest number of all video game consoles in Australia for six consecutive years."

    The new price for DSi will be AU$199 and DSi XL $AU249.

  • Mortal Kombat ban appeal unsuccessful

    The decision on review petition filed by Warner Bros infront of Australian Classification Boards related to ban on Mortal Kombat is out now, the game remains Refused Classification in Australia.

    Last month the Australian Classification Boards banned Mortal Kombat release saying the title is not appropriate for 15-years old audience (Highest rating in Australia is MA-15).

    Mortal Kombat

    Here is what Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment statement reads:

    We’re obviously extremely disappointed that the refused classification decision has been upheld by the Classification Review Board. We want to thank the thousands of Mortal Kombat fans in Australia and around the world who have voiced their support during the appeal process.