avatar kinect

  • Avatar Kinect allows you to create, socialize and pretend

    Microsoft has released a new video for "Avatar Kinect", one of the lastest innovations for Kinect that allow gamers to interact and control with Xbox Live Avatars.

    In this new video footage Microsoft has shown some of the great features of "Avatar Kinect". Players are allowed to invite upto 7 friends to over 15 enviroments where they can host interviews, create shows, dance or just sit around and feel social.

    Avatar Kinect logo

    In addition to this, players get an editing and filming options. By making use of this filming option gamers can produce their very own mini films and TV shows. Watch the video below:

  • First Video trailer for Avatar Kinect Out Now

    The first trailer for Avatar Kinect is out now, giving out the details about its working with full facial an body tracking. Watch it below:

    According to Microsoft, Avatar Kinect will allow all Kinect user to have a chat as their Avatar with other friends, since it will have the capability to translate the player's gesture and facial expression into Avatar animations.

    It will be coming out later this month as free update to Gold Subscriber.