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  • Cancelled Batman Game footage LEAKED, looks very UGLY

    A source close to Day 1 Studios has leaked gameplay footage of canned Batman game that the studio was working on between 2009 and 2012.

    BatmanAccording to source, Gotham by Gaslight plot take place in 19th century and task of Batman is to take down Jack the Ripper. Day 1 Studios (known for F.E.A.R and MechAssault franchise) was developing this Batman game for PS3 and Xbox 360.

    You can watch the leaked footage below, and let us know what you guys think about it in the comment section below.

  • Next Batman game called "Batman Arkham World"?

    Batman: Arkham City's Joker was awarded Character of Year Award at Spike TV VGAs. Accepting the award at the event earlier today, Joker voiced by Mark Hamil held up a script called "Batman Arkham World" before quipping "Woops Spoilers".

    Batman Arkham World

    What does this "Batman Arkham World" mean?, Are Rocksteady and Warner Bros already begun work on next Batman game?. This is definitely a BILLION DOLLAR questions. Any one knows the answer?

    We will keep an eye on this, and will let you know where it goes. So Stay tunned.

  • New Arkham City screenshots reveals "Nightwing"

    A Portuguese forum "" has posted Batman: Arkham City in-game screenshot showing Nightwing's character model.

    Recently updated list of Achievement/Trophy of the game revealed that Nightwing would be the fourth playable character in the game. This is the very first time fans have seen his appearance.

    Batman: Arkham City banner

    Check out the screenshots below, and let us know what you guys think about it in the comment section below:

    Nightwing Arkham City screen

    Nightwing Arkham City screen 1

    Nightwing Arkham City screen 2