• Battlefield 4 PC vs Battlefield 3 PC Comparison Screenshots, Not Much Difference in Graphics?

    On March 26, DICE and EA unveiled to the world the next installment in Battlefield franchise, "Battlefield 4". The publisher/developer showed over 17 minutes of pure gameplay footage of Battlefield 4. The footage gave first glimpse of the human, dramatic, and believable single player campaign in Battlefield 4.

    Battlefield 4

    Battlefield 4 demo that was showcased at GDC 2013 was running on PC powered by AMD Radeon HD 7990 ‘Malta’ video card (the world’s fastest video card). We have few comparison screenshots between Battlefield 4 vs Battlefield 3 (both PC versions) showcasing visuals and graphics difference between the two games. Check them out below, and let us know in the comment section what you guys think about it.

    Battlefield 4 PC vs Battlefield 3 PC Comparison Screenshot 1

    Battlefield 4 Comparison Screenshot 1

    Battlefield 4 PC vs Battlefield 3 PC Comparison screenshot 2

    Battlefield 4 PC vs Battlefield 3 PC Comparison Screenshot 2

    Battlefield 4 Comparison screenshot 2

    Battlefield 3 Comparison Screenshot 2

    Battlefield 4 PC vs Battlefield 3 PC Comparison Screenshot 3

    Battlefield 4 Comparison screenshot 3

    Battlefield 3 Comparison screenshot 3

    Battlefield 4 PC vs Battlefield 3 PC Comparison Screenshot 4:

    Battlefield 4 Comparison screenshot 4

    Battlefield 3 Comparison screenshot 4

    Battlefield 4 PC vs Battlefield 3 PC Comparison Screenshot 5 (Showing Destruction):

    Battlefield 4 Comparison Screenshot 5

    Battlefield 3 Comparison screenshot 5

  • Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 version gets massive multiplayer patch, weighs 1.92 GB

    DICE has just released a massive 1.92 GB patch for Battlefield 3. The update has just went live on Xbox Live. DICE strongly advice all Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 players to download this latest patch.

    Battlefield 3According to details revealed by developer, Battlefield 3 multiplayer update 6 "contains improvements to the multiplayer portions of the game".

    This patch arrives on the same day as End Game DLC. It possible that the patch contains bulk of End Game content.

    We have not yet received any official changelog from DICE. We will update this post as soon as we get our hands on it. So Stay tuned.

    Let us know in the comment section below the changes you observe after downloading this massive Battlefield 3 patch.

  • Battlefield 3: AC-130 Gunship Patch coming on September 20, changelog revealed

    A new patch update (AC-130 Gunship Patch) for Battlefield 3 is schedule to arrive tomorrow i.e on September 20. DICE has just revealed the full-changelog for this upcoming patch on Battlelog.

    Battlefield 3We have it below for you. Check it out, the changes are as follows:

    • Stationary and mobile AA cannon damage has been reduced by 30% versus the gunship
    • Jet cannon damage has been reduced by 50% versus the gunship
    • The delay before moving the gunship forward to a new base in Rush mode has been increased from 15 to 30 seconds
    • The Delay between gunship spawns has been increased from 90 to 120 seconds in Rush mode
    • Initial delay before the gunship spawns in Rush mode has been increased from 15 to 60 seconds
  • Online Petition against Battlefield 3 August Premium Content Drop

    Battlefield community has started an online petition against EA and DICE opposing upcoming Battlefield 3 August Premium Content. According to Battlefield 3 fans, August Premium Content Drop is insignigicant.

    Battlefield 3Battlefield 3 August Premium Content feature a premium video footage of upcoming DLC Armored Kill, a digital artwork book and a premium competition.

    On Battlelog, user named "iCentipede" says, "This is suck (sic)"

    "I wish I didn't buy premium I have been waiting all this month for a video and a booklet your kidding me right DICE ? (sic) I expected a camo for the rest of the weapons."

    The petition started by user "Karl Klatt" ask DICE and EA to "rectify the situation for the Premium users who have spent quite alot (sic) of money on the Battlefield 3 series"

    The target of Karl Klatt is to get 1500 signatures, and at the time of writing "1,346" gamers have already signed it.

    If you agree with the argument, SIGN THIS PETITION NOW.

  • EA: Battlefield 3 servers are not Shutting Down, they are being Rented

    Recently many reports claimed that dedicated Battlefield 3 server for consoles are being shut down by EA. Well a representative of EA has come out in open to clear the mess created by these FAKE reports.

    Battlefield 3Peter Van Nguyen, EA Games PR director said that Battlefield 3 servers are not shutting down instead they are rented. Peter said, "If DICE-managed servers appear unavailable, it is because they have been rented and customized by players."

    He further added, "DICE will continue to add servers and will reserve a percentage of servers for players who prefer to connect through DICE-hosted servers,"

    So folks here is official confirmation, DICE will bring more servers for Battlefield 3 consoles version and olders one are not shut down instead they are being rented out.

  • DICE: No plan yet to implement VOIP in Battlefield 3 PC version

    DICE has just disappointed all Battlefield 3 PC gamers. The developer has stated that currently there are no plans to implementing VOIP (Voice Over IP communicating on PC).

    For those who don't know, VOIP is one of the most requested features by PC gamers for Battlefield 3. But recently when a fan asked Daniel Matros about VOIP on PC, he replied, "Won’t be implemented as is right now".

    This is really pretty strange and shocking decision, considering the fact that Battlefield 2 which was released way back in 2005 had VOIP support right from the beginning.

    What you guys think might the reason behind omitting VOIP from PC version of Battlefield 3?. Let us know in the comment section below.

  • Battlefield 3 PC patch 1.04 release timing and additional patch notes

    DICE has announced the timing as to when the much awaited patch 1.04 will be available for download for Battlefield 3 PC gamers. The developer confirmed that patch will roll out at around 9AM UTC / 11 AM CET March 29.

    Battlefield 3This new patch weigh 1.06GB in size, and the main focus of this massive patch is to make the Battlefield 3 more stable, fairer, and more balanced.

    You can check out list of changes and tweaks that PC users can expect in the upcoming 1.6GB update HERE.

  • Battlefield 3 cross 10 million sales figure mark

    Electronic Arts has released it financial result for third quater of FY12. According to the details revealed by EA CEO John Riccitiello, Battlefield 3 and FIFA 12 each sold more that 10 million copies worldwide.

    Battlefield 3 screenThe publisher also clarified that this 10 million sales figure, represent the sell through fans and not unit shipped to retailers.

    John Riccitiello said, "we are pleased to report a strong holiday quarter driven by Battlefield 3, FIFA12 and a strong showing by our digital games and services."

    "Battlefield 3 and FIFA 12 each sold through more than 10 million units. Madden NFL 12 has sold through almost 5 million units life-to-date."

    Congratulation to DICE and EA for this great Achievement.

  • Battlefield 3 VOIP patch on PS3 coming on February 6

    DICE has announced that the development team have identified and fixed the VOIP issues on PS3 that many Battlefield 3 players have experienced. The developer also announced that this fix will be released on February 6 for all.

    Battlefield 3This upcoming patch will weigh 20MB. Players will be automatically notified of the patch when they start up their game.

    Note from DICE:

    Please note that some VOIP issues on PS3 might be due to incorrect setup of the headset you are using. If you are using the SLEH-00075 Bluetooth Headset, it must be recognized by your PS3 console by connecting it with a USB cable before play.  Once connected, you must also enable the HQ Mode for this headset, which can be found on the XMB in the following location:

    ->Accessory Settings
    ->Manage Bluetooth Devices
    ->Press TRIANGLE on headset
    ->High Quality Mode

    If you still have issues registering the headset, please go back to Accessory Settings->Manage Bluetooth Devices and delete all registered headsets. Once this is done repeat the above steps.

  • Battlefield 3 developer looking for "Anti-Cheat Administrator"

    Battlefield 3 developer DICE is looking for "Anti-Cheat Administrator" to to keep their games free from cheating. The advertisement from DICE reads as, "In our continued effort to keep our games free from cheating, we are now looking for an internet-savvy administrator,"

    Battlefield 3"The administrator will compose an absolutely vital function to secure the online experience our games represent by actively being a part of the community and keeping up to date with the current cheat exposure.

    "The administrator will also own the analytical work with our player behavior data to keep our leaderboards and game play filled with fair play."

    I just hope that DICE sort of this recruitment process of "Anti-Cheat Administrator" as soon as possible, and give its fans a gameplay experience free from CHEATING.