BioWare Clarifies Anthem’s Influence Over The Next Dragon Age And Mass Effect Games

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A couple days ago, Anthem producer Michael Gamble said that the game was going to have an influence over the way BioWare will be making future Dragon Age and Mass Effect titles.

Anthem Is Better Played With Friends, Says BioWare

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As every always online game, Anthem will feature a story campaign which you can play on your own, but it’s of course going to be a title you’ll enjoy together with your friends most and foremost.

It Was BioWare That Really Wanted To Do Anthem, Not EA

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Bioware Wanted To Do Anthem, No Electronic Arts

With a game so different than the usual action RPG from BioWare, there was a narrative that the Canadian developer was pushed by its publisher and owner Electronic Arts to make the co-op heavy, always online Anthem.

BioWare Wants To Return To Mass Effect "At Some Point," Star Wars Games Not Ruled Out

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Bioware Wants To Return To Mass Effect Series

According to Hudson, there’s apparently something else that needs to be done before this can actually happen, since there are Anthem first and then the much anticipated Dragon Age fourth game which is in the early stage of the production.

Next Dragon Age Has "People Figuring Out" How It Will Look Like, Says BioWare

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Bioware Figuring Out How Next Dragon Age Will Look

General manager Casey Hudson has provided, during a recent interview with Game Informer, a few more details about what is going on with the Dragon Age series, which could make a comeback anytime soon.

Anthem Had 20-30 Pitches Before Starting The Development Process

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Anthem Development Started Only After 25 To 30 Pitches

In an interview with Game Informer, Casey Hudson, general manager at BioWare, provided few more details about the creative process that resulted in the making of Anthem. Hudson revealed that the development work on Anthem started only after 20-30 pitches.

BioWare Talks Mass Effect Andromeda: "Flawed Game" Harmed By A Crowded Review Environment

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Bioware Explains What Went Wrong With Mass Effect Andromeda

Executive producer Mark Darrah has provided a few interesting statements on Twitter about what happened with Mass Effect Andromeda, admitting that it was a flawed game but also that it was harmed by the crowded month of March where it was shipped last year.

Anthem Could Be Featuring Romances After Launch

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Anthem Romance Option Incoming At Launch

One of the most shocking news of the E3 2018 was that Anthem is not going to feature the possibility of entertaining romances with other characters, something that's always been a trademark of BioWare's video games.

Dev Explains Why There Is No PVP In Anthem, May Look At It After Launch

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Anthem Dev Address Lack of PVP Controversy

Anthem Executive Producer Mark Darrah explained the reason behind skipping PVP in Anthem at launch. Darrah also clarified that the development team might look at PVP for Anthem after launch, but nothing is planned yet.

Anthem Supports Unlocked FPS On PC, 30FPS On Consoles

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Anthem Supports Unlocked FPS On PC

Anthem's Executive Producer Mark Darrah has revealed that Anthem will support unlocked FPS on PC, whereas on all consoles - Anthem will run at 30FPS.