Anthem Could Be Featuring Romances After Launch

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Anthem Romance Option Incoming At Launch

One of the most shocking news of the E3 2018 was that Anthem is not going to feature the possibility of entertaining romances with other characters, something that's always been a trademark of BioWare's video games.

Dev Explains Why There Is No PVP In Anthem, May Look At It After Launch

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Anthem Dev Address Lack of PVP Controversy

Anthem Executive Producer Mark Darrah explained the reason behind skipping PVP in Anthem at launch. Darrah also clarified that the development team might look at PVP for Anthem after launch, but nothing is planned yet.

Anthem Supports Unlocked FPS On PC, 30FPS On Consoles

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Anthem Supports Unlocked FPS On PC

Anthem's Executive Producer Mark Darrah has revealed that Anthem will support unlocked FPS on PC, whereas on all consoles - Anthem will run at 30FPS.

Amazon - Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition Pre-order Link

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Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition Amazon Pre-order Link

Amazon has started taking pre-orders for Anthem - Standard Edition and Legion of Dawn edition of Anthem is available for pre-order right now on Amazon for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Anthem Live Services Coming Later After Launch

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EA Hints At Anthem Live Service, Coming After Launch

Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen has hinted at the fact that live services for Anthem could be deployed later after the launch of the upcoming, and much anticipated, BioWare third person action game.

Anthem Dev BioWare Reassures Single-Player Fans, You Can Play It Solo

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Anthem Singleplayer Doubt Clarified By Bioware

In a post issued on the official blog of the company, studio head Casey Hudson has made it clear that BioWare is just as focused on the single-player and story component of Anthem as it is on multiplayer.

Anthem Confirmed To Be Launching By March 2019, Letting You Play Early

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Anthem Releasing By March 2019

EA has officially confirmed that Bioware's new IP Anthem will launch worldwide by March 2019. The confirmation came from the publisher at the recent Q&A session with the investors.

BioWare Is "Hard At Work" For Anthem's EA Play Showcase, Hints At What We'll See

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Anthem EA Play Gameplay Details Hinted By Bioware

BioWare has assured their fans that they are hard at work for Anthem's EA Play 2018 showcase. Via Reddit, Bioware also hinted about the things fans will see about Anthem at EA Play.

Dragon Age 4 Is Being Built At "A Small Skeleton Crew," Tough Times For BioWare?

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Dragon Age 4 Development Update From Ex-Bioware Writer

An Ex-BIoware Writer has revealed update on the development of Dragon Age 4. Mike Laidlaw stated that a small "Skeleton Crew" is working in Dragon Age 4 at Bioware.

BioWare Says Anthem PC Version Won't Disappoint, Discusses Weapon Progression

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Bioware's Anthem - PC Version Will Live Up To Expectations

A Bioware developer on Reddit clarified that Bioware PC version won't be a simple port from PS4 and Xbox One version, in fact, a the development team is putting an extra effort to build Anthem for PC.