New Dragon Age Game To Have Live Elements Says Producer

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Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age Producer responded on twitter about some insight on the new title, said it is too early to talk but will have live elements.

Bioware’s Anthem Release Date In Fall 2018 Was Never Realistic, Delayed To 2019 [Updated]

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Anthem 2018

Anthem release was scheduled in Fall 2018 which was never too realistic, Bioware might push to the release to March 2019.

EA's New Matchmaking Patent Rumored To Be Used In Anthem

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EA Matchmaking Patent

EA was granted a new matchmaking patent that the company can possibly use in upcoming Sci-fi RPG game Bioware for pushing players to pay.

Bioware's Anthem Loot Boxes To Have Cosmetic Items: Analyst

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Anthem - How Electronic Arts Will Handle Microtransaction In It

According to Michael Pachter, Microtransactions in Bioware's Anthem are going to be cosmetic only, EA has learned their lesson after Star Wars Battlefront II controversy.

Bioware Confirms Anthem Beta For Xbox One

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Bioware's Anthem Beta

A Bioware developer on  Twitter confirmed Anthem beta. Sadly, no release window for Anthem beta was revealed, but the developer promised more information of Bioware's Anthem at right time.

EA Statement Indicates Mass Effect Andromeda's Too Much Criticism Was Little Unfair

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Andromeda Criticism

EA's Patrick Soderlund at Gamescom shared his views on Mass Effect Andromeda. According to him Andromeda criticism just went too far, otherwise it is still worth to buy.

Who Was Corey Gaspur And What Are The Games He Worked On [Short Profile]

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Anthem Lead Designer Passed Away

Anthem Lead Designer Corey Gaspur passed away today. Corey Gaspur joined Bioware in March 2007, Studied Game Design at Vancouver Film School.

Free Mass Effect Andromeda Demo Available For All

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Mass Effect Andromeda Demo Free

Bioware released Mass Effect Andromeda demo/trial for free to all. Also, the free demo of Mass Effect Andromeda is not locked to specific platform i.e. available on all platforms - PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Dev On Anthem vs Warframe Competition - You're Always Scared When There's A Presumed Competitor

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Dev Comments On Anthem vs Warframe Competition

Digital Extremes commented on upcoming Anthem vs Warframe competition. Warframe development team are not to worried about Anthem although both games fall in sci-fi co-op genre, the competition will help fan-base and genre.

Bioware Explains Under Which Genre ANTHEM Comes, In Development For 5 Years, Still A Lot Of Work To Do

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Anthem - Bioware Talks About Genre, Development Time

Bioware's Aaron Flynn talks about the genre of Anthem, for how long Anthem has been in development at the studio, and when exactly players will be able to get their hands-on it, and many other things.