• Bodycount demo available now

    Codemasters has release a demo of Black's spiritual successor, Bodycount. The taster is now available for download on Xbox Live Marketplace.

    Bodycount packshot

    The demo size is whooping 1.45GB, so be prepared for it. The PS3 version demo is on its way, and it will be available soon. Bodycount will launch on September 2.

  • Bodycount demo officially confirmed

    Bodycount Art Director Max Cant in an interview to Gamer's Guide has confirmed that a demo for PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game will be released just before the launch of the game.

    Bodycount packshot

    In the same interview, Max was quizzed regarding the sequel of Bodycount, to this he replied:

    "Obviously, I hope that! [Laughs]. I have a lot of ideas that I would like to put in another one or something very similar; there's a lot of mileage in this style of gameplay. I'd love to make another one, personally, but obviously as I say there's no confirmed plans and we're just focusing on this one."

    Bodycount will launch on September 2.

  • Codemasters release Bodycount developer diary 2

    Codemasters has released second developer diary for their upcoming shooter "Bodycount". In this new developer diary of the game, the developer explains how Bodycount goes past guns, as it also features interesting sounding story full of twist and turns.

    Bodycount packshot

    Codemasters also adds that this great storyline, is also back up with detailed environments. Bodycount will launch on August 26. Watch the second developer diary below:

  • Bodycount launch date and official packshot revealed (Updated)

    Codemasters has just announced the launch date of its upcoming first-person shooting game title "Bodycount".

    According to the details revealed by the publisher, Bodycount will launch in North America on August 30 and in Europe on September 2.

    Bodycount screen

    The publisher also revealed the official packshot of the game, you can check it out below.

    Bodycount packshot

    Update: Official Box Art

    Bodycount Xbox 360 box art Bodycount PS3 box art

  • Black Wanted Co-Op In Bodycount

    Stuart Black, director of bodycount, says it intends to include the option cooperative campaign mode until the end. Also admits that at various times in the history of the game is vital that the player acts on its own.

    "It became really obvious -- and it pained me -- that there were key moments, two or three key moments, where it was absolutely vital that you were by yourself to feel that sense of isolation" Says Black.

    Despite the problems, the shooter still has cooperative Codemasters, and as Black says, will be missions such as in Modern Warfare Spec Ops 2, but longer. Bodycount is expected early next year for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.