• Most Disappointing Games of 2011

    While 2011 was filled to the brim with fantastic games, it also had its fair share of disappointments. Some games mislead us, at first looking fantastic, amazing, and super fun, but by the time we sat with controller in hand and a day’s worth of soda and snacks we found that these games just didn’t live up to our expectations.

    Some of these were half decent in their own right when not taking things such as previous games in the franchise into account. Others were just downright awful. Here’s our list of makes the cut and what simply didn’t.

    Games in 2011

    Dragon Age II

    One of the most disappointing games by far was the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II. Maybe if we hadn’t had such high expectations we wouldn’t have been so vastly disappointed. But the truth of the matter is that Dragon Age II didn’t live up to its predecessor in any way. Story was sacrificed for having the main character speak. Less time spent traveling meant no world exploration and the same levels and areas seen over and over again. The plot was rather scattered and tied together only loosely in the end. Dragon Age fans and fans of the western RPG were all disappointed, wishing their new favorite franchise had at least made it up to par with the first game. But with the end the game felt more like a teaser for some yet to be announced next game, the ending not even feeling like a cliffhanger, but a trailer for another game.

    Dragon Age 2

    Duke Nukem Forever

    It isn’t surprising that this game made the most disappointing list. After all, it was in production for so long that another generation of gamers came around with little to no experience with the previous Duke Nukem titles. Both engine, graphics and storyline felt as disjointed and drawn out as it really was. It wasn’t very difficult to see that multiple teams worked on Duke Nukem Forever, or that it was put down, handed over to new teams and eventually picked back up again multiple times. That didn’t mean that we didn’t try it out though. But even though we all wanted it to be as great as our hopes were calling for, no amount of wishing could change the fact that Duke Nukem Forever were sorely lacking in just about every area.

    Duke Nukem Forever

    Dead Island

    Admit it. You were jumping up and down waiting for the game to release after seeing that initial trailer with the little kid that turned into a zombie, weren’t you? Unfortunately gameplay couldn’t have been more different from the trailer. The beautiful paradise was only seen in initial stages. Quests were frustrating and felt more like those annoying side quests found in poorly designed MMOs. Characters were also very flat. Perhaps most disappointing was the fact that the amazing destruction we were promised in game turned out to be practically non exsistent. Zombies didn’t react to hits on individual body parts. The weapons themselves broke faster than you could find a new one and tended to do less damage than they should have. Dead Island, while at first seeming like the perfect addition to the zombie video game world, turned out to be just another flat, want to be gaming favorite.

    Dead Island


    This is a case of okay, but definitely not what we were expecting. RAGE was supposed to be amazing, super, everything anyone could want in a game. But in the end it was buggy and sorely lacking in many of the things we were promised. Graphics weren’t nearly as good as they were supposed to be. A major update had to be released not very long after the initial release of the game. But maybe the most disappointing aspect of RAGE was that the storyline that we were so looking forward to just wasn’t there. It didn’t make you want to keep playing or care for the world and its inhabitants. All that kept us going was that hopefully the game would improve and magically turn into the exciting game that we saw in trailers.



    This was another game that I had high hopes for. Sadly I found myself saying more of ‘Oh, hey. Unreal Engine,’ more than ‘Man, what a great game.’ The story was pretty much nonexistent. And while doing trick shots and other crazy things was fun for a while, we didn’t really have a reason to keep coming back and playing more. The fantastic, amazing, best game of the year we were hoping for when trailers first aired never happened, leaving us disappointed and hoping that, maybe someday, a similar game will be released with the same basic concept but have unity and cohesion to make all the elements stick together and feel like a well-planned, well thought out game instead of feeling like there was something that got left behind in the developing stage.


    There were many games that were released over the course of 2011 that we loved, some that were disappointing and others that we’d all just like to sweep under the bed and forget. Every gamer will naturally have different opinions and hold games to different standards, but those shown here are some of those that simply can’t be completely saved by any amount of ‘but it wasn’t too bad.’ For better or worse, these were too bad. Hopefully developers everywhere will take some notes from these games and not make the same mistakes they have. All we can do is wait and see what 2012 will bring.

  • Bulletstorm Blood Symphony DLC available now for Xbox 360 and PC

    The Blood Symphony DLC for Bulletstorm is available now for download for Xbox 360 and PC. On Xbox Live it carries a price tag of 800 MSP, and for PC price tag reads as $9.99.


    The Blood Symphony DLC features two new Echoes maps, the Monorail factory, and Mean Streets. It will launch soon for PS3.

  • Epic releases new patch for PC version of Bulletstorm

    Epic has released a new patch update for PC version of their FPS Bulletstorm. This new patch carries fix for large number of issues face by gamers, but the most noticeable changes are, gamers can now exit the game from the title screen by using the ESCAPE key and allows matchmaking for users purchasing downloadable Anarchy maps.


    To download the patch all gamers need to do is restart the Steam Client. Check out complete patch note below:

    • Allows matchmaking for users purchasing downloadable Anarchy maps (Gun Sonata DLC Pack)
    • Fix for experience gains bar sometimes overlapping its UI space after matches during XP Multiplier Events
    • Fix for the Team version of the Double Penetration skillshot not appearing when used against Challenge enemies in some cases
    • Fix for the MOTD sometimes scrolling too fast after game launch
    • Anarchy Environmental Skillshot points are now accurate in the Multiplayer Skillshot Database
    • A player's Quick Match lobby will now properly recover to display "Searching" if the other players in the lobby leave during the map vote tally
    • Fix for extra points appearing in HUD during the Collapsed Building Echo (was causing it to appear as if the player "lost" points when falling through the doors in that Echo)
    • Fixed an instance of a crash while the game is reloading checkpoint after player death
    • Players can now exit the game from the title screen by using the ESCAPE key
    • Fix for certain resolutions lowering performance (FPS)
    • Fixes to enforce 2-way muting rules that were not being respected under different circumstances
  • Bulletstorm "Gun Sonata" available for download

    Epic has just launched the first DLC titled "Gun Sonata" for Bulletstorm. The DLC features two new Echoes maps (Guns of Stygia and Crash Site), three new anarchy maps (Hotel Elysium, Villa, and Sewers) and two new leash variants to assist player with all new creative ideas to kill that see you harmed.


    In addition to all these the DLC also add 250 gamerscore to Xbox Live and new trophies to PSN. So don't waste you the DLC is now available for download on PSN and Xbox Live for S10.

  • UK Charts: Pokemon Black and White on top, Bulletstorm beats Killzone 3

    This week UK charts data is out now, Chart-Track's just a while ago announced that Pokemon Black and White has taken top two position. Another new release, EA's Fight Night Champion comes in third.

    Pokemon Black & White

    Last week topper Killzone 3 slips to fifth spot, whereas Epic's Bulletstorm leapfrogs its Guerrilla counterpart and is currently placed fourth.

    You can check out the top 10 list below (week ending March 5):

    • Pokemon White
    • Pokemon Black
    • Fight Night Champiom
    • Bulletstorm
    • Killzone 3
    • Call of Duty: Black Ops
    • Just Dance 2
    • FIFA 11
    • Dead Space 2
    • Wii Party
  • Bulletstorm Complete Secret Skillshots Guide

    One of the main objective in People Can Fly latest release "Bulletstorm" is killing the enemies, and killing them in style is the other one. The more stylish way the gamers kill an enemie the more points they earned that can be used for upgrading the weapons and more.

  • U.K Charts: Killzone 3 beats Bulletstorm to take top spot

    Guerrilla Games latest release and Playstation 3 exclusive Killzone 3 has topped this weeks UK all-format chart. Sony's first person shooter comprehensively beat People Can Fly's Bulletstorm which came in second.

    Killzone 3 screen

    Last week topper Call of Duty: Black Ops slips down two places to take third spot, FIFA 11 and Just Dance completes the top five. You can check out this week top 10 below:

    1. Killzone 3
    2. Bulletstorm
    3. Call of Duty: Black Ops
    4. FIFA 11
    5. Just Dance 2
    6. Dead Space 2
    7. Marvel vs. Capcom 3
    8. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
    9. Wii Party
    10. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

    You can check out last week U.K chart data here.

  • Bulletstorm paid DLC "Gun Sonata" coming this Spring

    Epic Games has announced very first DLC pack for their latest release FPS game, Bulletstorm. The DLC will be called as "Gun Sonata Pack", will add three new maps for game's co-op Anarchy mode. These three new maps are Sewers of Stygia, Hotel Elysium and Villa.

    It will also included two new maps, “Crash Site” and “Guns of Stygia”, for game's Echo mode. Bulletstorm: Gun Sonata Pack is slated to release this Spring, exact release date will be announced in coming days.


    Bulletstorm: Gun Sonata Pack will cost Xbox 360 gamers 800 Microsoft Points, PS3 gamers $9.99 and PC gamers $10.