catherine demo

  • Catherine demo is now available on Xbox Live

    Atlus has released a demo for Catherine. The demo is now available for download for Xbox Live but only for Gold subscriber. It will be available for Playstation 3 gamers later today.


    Catherine demo weighs in 845MB. The game is all about a man named Vincent and a mysterious woman named Catherine.

  • Catherine english demo launch date announced

    Atlus (US) has confirmed on its official Twitter account that the Englist demo for the game will launch next week. The demo will be out on July 12 for both PS3 and Xbox 360.


    The developer has also released a new trailer in which they explaind some of the story of the notoriously difficult puzzler. Catherine will launch on July 26 in US, no details yet regarding European launch date.

    Watch the trailer below:

  • Catherine launch date for US announced, demo also confirmed

    Atlus has announced a United State launch date for their erotic horror puzzle-platformer adventure game "Catherine". It will launch in the country on July 26.


    The publisher also confirmed that english demo for the game will also be coming to PSN and Xbox Live Market place, more details about it will be revealed in coming days.

  • Catherine Demo back on PSN once again

    Earlier this month Atlus pulled out the Catherine demo from Playstation Network without any prior notice to the fans, and the reason at developer gave at that time, "the taster was in limited quantity".

    Many PS3 gamers were disappointed by this step of developer, as they were desperately wanted to try out their hands on the taster, before going out for full game.

    Now to celebrate the game's launch today in Japan, Atlus has put back the demo for download on PSN, this time also it will be available for limited time period, here is the deadline "Midnight on the eve of Feb 20" (Tokyo Time).


    Catherine will launch in Japan today on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, international release date is yet to announced.

  • Catherine Demo no longer available for Playstation 3

    Sad news for PS3 owners, as Atlus, developer of Catherine has announced on Twitter that demo of the game for PS3 is no longer available for download. The reason given out by the developer for this decision was that the taster was in limited quantities.

    On twitter Atlus said that PS3 demo downloads have hit the planned number so they are now pulling it out, and it will no longer be available. No such decision for Xbox 360 demo, and its still available on Xbox Live.


    Full Catherine game will release for PS3 and Xbox 360 on February 17 in Japan.