• NYKO CES 2011 Line-up features Move Assault Rifle and many more

    Nyko just a while ago revealed its complete line-up of peripherals for current year at CES, and going by the details in the list we get the feeling that Move user will be particularly pleased with what's on offer.

    Move Assault Rifle

    The line up includes "Move Assault Rifle" also known as "Perfect Shot for Move" is designed to be lightweight and ergonomic for comfortable one handed play, it is schedule to release in March.

    Other peripherals in the line-up are:

    • Raven Standard and Alternative controllers for PS3
    • Move and Xbox 360 controller charging station
    • Cooling fan for Xbox 360.

    On the basis of Move Perfect Shot for Move, Perfect Shot for Wii has also been revealed, it will launch in April for $20.

  • Toshiba announces first laptop with 3D display without glasses

    CES 2011 which kicks off in a couple of days in Las Vegas will be the first major event of the year for gaming industry, and the stage will be used by many of the big names in the industry to showcase their latest technology.

    One such name who will use the stage is Toshiba, at the event they will showcase first notebook with 3D screen, attention, does not require the use of special glasses for it.

    Toshiba 3D Laptop

    The technology used by Toshiba for the laptop is similar to that used in the next Nintendo handheld Nintendo 3DS, but with the ability to carry a larger screen.  

    In addition, the laptop will include a camera on the front that allows you to track the movement of our head, and adjust its position and adjust the 3D effect.

    For time being its these are the only details we have about it, release and price details is expected to be announced at CES 2011.