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  • 8GB RAM a must for PS4 and Xbox 720 to ensure maximum performance says Crysis 3 Dev

    Crysis 3 developer Crytek has stated that Xbox 720 and PS4 must have a minimum of 8 GB RAM in-order to ensure maximum performance.

    Crysis 3In a recent interview to VideoGamer, Crytek head Cevat Yerli console memory is "the single most important thing that is always going to be underbalanced – I’ve never seen a console where the memory was the right balance."

    Cevat was refering to Xbox 360 and PS3, but further stated that the reason behind was the high cost of memory in console production stage.

    Cevat then suggested that Xbox 720 and PS4 may arrive with 8GB RAM or even more. He said that both Sony and Microsoft could “quadruple (the) memory” of PS4 and Xbox 720 if they can find ways to cheapen the cost (of memory) to a degree.

    In this latest interview of Cevat Yerli, PS4 and Xbox 720 was a major talking point. You can read full interview HERE.

  • Crytek: Crysis 3 is a next-gen PC game, graphics unbeatable for atleast TWO years

    In a recent interview to VentureBeat, Crytek boss Cevat Yerli stated that Crysis 3 is next-generation PC game, and nothing will beat or even come closer to Crysis 3's graphics for at least two years.

    Crysis 3VB asked Cevat: "How do you think Crysis 3 is going to look compared to Unreal Engine 4 games or next-gen console games?"

    To this Cevat replied, "I honestly think that Unreal Engine 4 would not be able to do Crysis 3 on consoles right now. The PC version could do it, maybe, but it would call for a higher PC spec. CryEngine 3 is capable of doing anything Unreal Engine 4 can. We don’t need to tick up the number to CryEngine 4."

    "As far as next-gen console games, I think Crysis 3 on the PC will be very comparable. Because it’s a high-end PC title, implicitly it’s a next-gen game. It’s just a next-gen PC game"

    Do you agree with Cevat Yerli?, Let us know your views in the comment section below. Crysis 3 is schedule to launch February 19th in the U.S. and the 22nd in Europe.

  • Crysis 3 will "Melt PCs Down" says Crytek

    Cryrtek head Cervat Yerli in a recent interview to AusGamers said next installment in the Crysis franchise, Crysis 3 will "Melt PCs Down", and will revive the old and famous "can it run Crysis?" question for PC.

    Crysis 3Cervat Yerli said, "We will definitely make sure that Crysis 3 will resurrect the question again “Can it run Crysis 3?” and we will melt PCs down,"

    He further added, "Honestly, we will push the PC to its limit... to its boundaries,"

    "The idea is that PCs will be next-gen gaming, consoles will be current-gen maximising it. We can’t deliver next-gen per se on current-gen; we already did that with Crysis 2, you know. So it’s going to be maximising the current generation on consoles, and giving you a glimpse of next-gen -- or what it means in a visual, and a simulation, and a richness of a world -- on a PC."

    Do you agree with Cervat Yerli?, let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

  • Crytek commented on Crysis 2 PC development build leaked

    No doubt the recent leak of Crysis 2 PC development build all over the torrent site has been a huge set back to Crytek. The developer are deeply disappointed in this regards, and now focusing more of nailing the final game.

    In a statement on MyCrysis community Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said that they are completely overwhelmed from the fans and community response regrading the leak of unfinished Crysis 2 PC development build.

    Crysis 2

    Yerli said, “As you all have heard by now, an early, incomplete build of Crysis 2 has been leaked online. While we are deeply disappointed by these events, we are all completely overwhelmed by the support we have received from you, our community,”

    “Despite this unfortunate incident, we can assure you that PC gaming is very important to us and will always be important to Crytek in the future. We are all still focused on delivering a great gaming experience to our true and honest fans.

    “I hope you will enjoy Crysis 2 on PC, as we think it is our best PC game yet!”