• Nintendo: Wii U controller is yet to be named

    Mark Franklin, Nintendo US PR director has said that the new handheld console from the firm is called Wii U, but the tablet controller for is yet to be named, and at present it is just called as new controller.

    Wii U Controller

    Mark Franklin was asked if Nintend has decided any official name for the controller?, to this he replied, “Right now, we’re just calling it the new controller. Don’t have another name for it yet.”

    Any suggestions or idea guys for Nintendo on what they could name the new controller, let us know as a comment to this post.

  • Wii U controller specification and first details revealed

    Nintendo has finally revealed their new home console "Wii U which will feature table-like controller with built in 6.27 touch screen. The best part of this screen is that it can be used as a single screen for games, as well as dual screen with games on HDTV.

    Wii U

    Nintendo has confirmed that the controller will not be portable, and can only be used in proximity of the main Wii U console.

    The controller will feature D-pad, and two analog pads, and these are position high up on the controller rather than more traditional lower down positioning like PS3 and Xbox 360 controller. The Wii U controller will have two shoulder button and two trigger buttons.

    Gamers can make use of this controller for making video calls as well as it features speakers, a microphone and a camera.

    Check out the trailer below: