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  • CS: GO first PC patch out now, addresses glitches, sound levels and more

    Valve has just released first patch for PC version of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The patch makes many tweaks to game's sound level. According to the details revealed by developer, Smoke grenades will now more smoke cloud to make it more useful to use it to block places like double-doors in dust2.

    Check out the full changelog below.

    Addressed some stability issues.

    • Fixed perf issues when logging is enabled.
    • Added a convar (cl_crosshairgap) to control the gap of the classic crosshair.
    • The smoke grenade smoke is now taller so it's now more useful to use it to block places like double-doors in dust2.
    • Players can no longer interrupt another player defusing the bomb by standing in between them and the bomb.
    • Disabled sv_pure on listen servers.
    • Fixed an sv_pure bug that resulted in false inconsistent MD5s
    • Increased search iterations and time delay for keeping sessions in the ignored pool. mm_ignored_sessions_reset can now reset the ignored pool.
    • Fixed a case where MOTD prevents input to the team select screen.
    • Fixed occasional "server is full" error when matchmaking into classic casual games.
    • Fixed an exploit where a vote could be called for an invalid map.
    • added some sound mix settings suggested by pros
    • increased the volume of bullet impacts and ricochets
    • increased the volume of 3rd person footsteps
    • increased the volume of weapon foley sounds (reloads, etc.)
    • ecreased the volume of ambient sounds


    • Added steamcmd support to srcds_run. In order to have srcds_run auto-update when the CS:GO dedicated servers get patched, the srcds_run script must be run with the following options: -autoupdate -steam_dir STEAMDIR -steamcmd_script STEAMSCRIPT
    • where STEAMDIR is the directory to the steamcmd dir ( example: ~/Steam/ )
    • where STEAMSCRIPT is the name of the script that steamcmd should execute ( example: ~/Steam/csgo.txt )
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets release date

    Valve announced today the launch date of Counter-Strike: Global Offenive. The title will be available on PlayStation Network, PC and Mac, at priced $15, while on Xbox Live Arcade will be available for 1200 Microsoft Points. Will be released on August 21 this year.

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be released on PC, XBLA and PSN on August 21.

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • Best LAN Game in your Experience

    LAN games are one of the best modes of gaming where we enjoy playing games and competing with friends.

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive "Casual and Competitive Mode" Comparison

    After spending an hour or so in Counter Strike: Global Offensive beta tonight, i noticed that players playing through matchmaking system got matched into Casual games.

    CS: GO screenshot

    So many are curious to know what the actual difference between Casual and Competitive?. Here is the list of differences between Casual and Competitive in CS: GO.


    • Start with $2000 minimum.
    • Matches last 30 minutes.
    • Each round lasts 3 minutes.
    • You have 45 seconds to buy (NOT freeze time).
    • Free spectate either team.
    • Start with kevlar and helmet already bought.
    • Friendly fire slows down your teammates but doesn’t hurt them.
    • Can voice chat between teams (only when dead).

    Competitive (Classic)

    • Start with $800 minimum.
    • Matches last 30 rounds.
    • Each round lasts 2 minutes.
    • You have 45 seconds to buy.
    • You can only spectate your team and only in first person.
    • You have to buy kevlar and helmet if you want it.
    • Friendly fire is lethal; beware of trolls!
    • Voice chat will probably be limited to your team.
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive Beta Delayed

    Today, Valve has officially confirmed the delay of Counter Strike: Global Offensive Beta. It was expected to be release this month as stated by Valve earlier. The delay has occur after putting the Counter Strike: Global Offensive in hands of professional counter strike gamers and they have advice that games needs to improve more.

    CS Go screenshot

    Valve writer Chet Faliszek  said “They gave us a lot of feedback that was obvious, things that we should get in the game before we release [the beta], otherwise we’re going to be getting a lot of bug reports or a lot of feedback that would just be redundant,”

    He didn't said any words on the release date of Beta, however he has spoken on how the Counter Strike: Global Offensive server infrastructure and scalability should be. He added "The biggest thing of those first 10,000 is we have to look at percentage of crashes, You can argue with us on bullet-spray patterns and all kind of things, but crashes? There's really no argument for that. It shouldn't be happening." Faliszek went on to note that the beta will eventually enter an open beta phase, where "there will be no barrier to entry.".

    Source: Gamespot
    Also see: Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) screenshots

  • Counter-Strike: Source Updated, Available for the Mac

    The 1 online action game in the world, Counter-Strike: Source (CSS) has received a major update and is available now for the Mac. CSS is a Steam Play title, so if you own it on the PC - you own it on the Mac. Besides PC Vs. Mac cross-platform play, this update also adds achievements, stats, engine updates and more.

    To celebrate this launch, CSS is being offered at 66% off its regular price on Steam for a limited time.

    The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:


    • 144 achievements added
    • New lifetime player stats and summary screens
    • New match player stats and summary screens
    • New end of round display with MVP and interesting fact about a player
    • Updated scoreboard with new icons, visual style, MVP stars, and avatar pictures
    • New cinematic death camera
    • New domination and revenge system
    • Added avatar icons to voice chat, scoreboard, and end of round display
    • Incorporated many source engine updates
    • Disallowed the use of arbitrary command strings for the message of the day screen. Now only a specific list of commands is allowed.
    • Addressed issue in which AWPs and Scouts sometimes did not make the zooming sound.
    • cvar mat_showlowresimage is now a cheat command.
    • Many development console commands which would crash the server removed.
    • Updated source engine addresses many issues:
    • Better flashlight effect
    • Better HDR behavior
    • Multicore rendering support
    • Added sv_disablefreezecam cvar to turn off the freezecam on a server.
    • Added sv_nonemesis cvar to turn off domination/revenge on a server.
    • Added sv_nomvp cvar to turn off MVP stars on a server.
    • Added sv_nostats cvar to turn off stats on a server.
    • Removed -tickrate command line option and defaulted tick rate to 66 rather than 33. This addressed a number of issues, including:
      • Tick rate affecting how fast doors open / close
      • Tick rate causing players hitting the ground to stutter
      • Tick rate affecting the firing mechanisms of certain guns


    • Added the following cvars to allow players to customize their scoreboards.
    • cl_scoreboard_ct_color_red
    • cl_scoreboard_ct_color_green
    • cl_scoreboard_ct_color_blue
    • cl_scoreboard_t_color_red
    • cl_scoreboard_t_color_green
    • cl_scoreboard_t_color_blue
    • cl_scoreboard_dead_color_red
    • cl_scoreboard_dead_color_green
    • cl_scoreboard_dead_color_blue
    • Changed the screen that appears when the message of the day fails to load to display proper error text.
    • Made the CT silhouette for the auto-select option in the Choose a Class screen smaller and corrected its aspect ratio.
    • Addressed a problem that occasionally caused characters to be colored incorrectly on the Change a Class screen.


    • Made ladders easier to climb. Added cvars sv_ladder_dampen and sv_ladder_angle.
    • Fixed issue that awarded three points when the bomb explodes after the round ends by elimination criteria instead.
    • Fixed issue in which you weren’t given credit for grenade damage if you fired a weapon at someone then hit them with a grenade (in that order). Also fixed problem in which grenading a player and then killing them with another weapon showed as ‘*** in 1’ on console.
    • There’s now a priority order for displaying win conditions when multiple win conditions are set.
    • If timelimit exists and is not 0, then show timelimit.
    • If timelimit does not exist, show maxrounds if not 0.
    • If both timelimit and maxrounds are 0, show winlimit.
    • If timelimit, maxrounds, and winlimit are all 0, show nothing.
    • Added a cvar to ignore win conditions: mp_ignore_round_win_conditions.
  • Counter Strike Source for Mac Next Week

    On Wednesday of next week Counter Strike: Source will finally have a version for Mac. This has been confirmed from Valve during the show at E3.

    As we all know this multiplayer FPS consist of terrorists and terrorism teams. Best thing to notice is, it  will also allow Windows users to play and access to the Mac servers without having to pay any extra fee.

    It was confirmed that Counter Strike: Source game will now allow cross access between Windows and Mac versions thus users of a Mac can play with the extensive community of fans to the game from the beginning.

    Counter-Strike is still a ludicrously popular game - the official Steam stats page currently has CS: Source listed as the most popular game in terms of peak number of players - 77,279 today.

  • DreamHacks Counter-Strike 1.6 Tournaments

    MSI, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products, and DreamHack will join forces to host DreamHacks Counter-strike tournaments at DreamHack Summer 2010 (19-22 June).