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  • Crackdown 2: Deluge DLC Release Details Revealed

    The details about the second DLC pack for Crackdown 2 are out now.

    Microsoft revealed that Deluge pack will be coming out on November 16 and it will be available for fans for 560 Microsoft Points.

    Crackdown 2: Deluge Pack will include:

    • Improvements to Weapons and Vehicles
    • New Multiplayer Mode called Capture the Orb
    • Co-op Mode Deluge

    First screensht for DLC was also release here it is below:

    Deluge Screen 1

  • Crackdown 2 DLC Toy Box Bug Fix (Temporary)

    Many Gamers who played the recently release DLC Toy Box of Crackdown 2 has reported many major issue. It has been official admitted also that both the free and paid version of DLC has many major bugs in it.

    Here is the issue that many gamers reported:

    1. Stalling of Game on title Screen
    2. Unlocking of many achievements leads to achievements voiceover which goes on for a infinite loop time.
    3. Down of Frame Rate to an unplayable state and many more.

    Gaz Liddon, Ruffian co-founder said in this regard "We have confirmation of what the issue is now. The paid part of the DLC was incorrectly configured when mastered".

    He further adds, "What needs to happen is the correct configuration files get put on Marketplace and everyone who've paid for the DLC gets the update.", "How that will happen or when I don't currently know. It has to be quickly obviously."

    Here is certain solution listed for gamers (Temporary Solution):

    • Delete Toybox DLC
    • Delete your profile (just the profile, not the items attached)
    • Recover your profile
    • Redownload DLC
  • Crackdown 2 first DLC 'Toy Box' announced

    Microsoft announced that the first additional content for Crackdown 2 coming soon. The free DLC named as 'Toy Box', will land soon on XBLA. It includes the "Keys to the City," a mode which appeared in the first Crackdown and unlocks cheats like God Mode, Infinite Ammo, Fly Cam, the ability to freeze the time of day, and others. It also adds a Level 6 reward, Thruster Ability, which is essentially a jet pack, and a new multiplayer mode called Vehicle Tag.

    Crackdown 2 screenshot

    Free Additional Content :

    • Vehicle Tag: A new multiplayer mode for up to eight players.
    • Level 6 Reward: Those who bring their agents to the maximum, will be provided with a vertical drive new skill
    • Keys to the City: A huge arsenal of tricks , including God mode , infinite ammo , camera flying , freeze time of day ...

    Paid Additional Content: (560 Microsoft Points)

    • Two new vehicles : ATV Agency and Chopper Squad
    • Five new gadgets: Mass Driver, Portable Launch Pads, Stickler Grenade, Thrusters and Mags on Characters
    • Two Avatar Awards : green helmet and suit
    • Ten Achievements
    • Eight Agent Suit Colors for staff
  • Crackdown 2 Demo Available for Xbox 360

    Microsoft and developer Ruffian Games have released the demo for Crackdown 2 on Xbox LIVE. The demo introduces players to some of the core tenets in Crackdown 2, including the single player campaign, 4-player co-op with friends and an inventive sandbox style. Achievements players earn in the Crackdown 2 demo will be counted if and when the purchase and play the retail game.

    Featuring the high-flying action and entertainment that are hallmarks of the “Crackdown” franchise, the demo introduces players to some of the core tenets in “Crackdown 2,” including the single player campaign, 4-player co-op with friends and an inventive sandbox style that lets you play how you want, when you want. You’ll get a taste of power thanks to the demo’s accelerated leveling and if you’re a fan of Achievements, the ones you earn in the “Crackdown 2” demo will be counted and deferred when you purchase and play the retail game.

    Watch Crackdown 2 Demo Gameplay

    The fun doesn’t stop there. Log on to to participate in “Chuck’s Ducks 2,” an interactive Facebook game tied to “Crackdown 2” and Xbox LIVE. This carnival-inspired game allows players to earn and activate a daily supply of explosive Quackers in the retail version of “Crackdown 2” and unlock an extra difficulty level in the “Crackdown 2” demo. Quackers are exploding sticky bombs in the form of rubber ducks that players will need to locate to use in the campaign mode in the retail version. By joining in on the Facebook experience, fans are granted exclusive access to the Quackers they’ve earned for use in the multiplayer mode when the game launches on July 9th in Europe.

  • Proper Games will create Crackdown 2 DLC

    Proper Games, the award winning games developer based in Dundee, has been tapped to create the Premium Downloadable Content (PDLC) for the upcoming Microsoft release of Crackdown 2.

    The team from Proper Games will be collaborating with Crackdown 2 developer, Ruffian Games, to build the PDLC for this greatly anticipated title.

    "We are very excited and honoured to be working with Ruffian and Microsoft on Crackdown 2 PDLC," said Chris Wright, COO at Proper Games,"The original game pushed the PDLC and set the benchmark for what is now expected. Our aim is to continue this tradition and deliver extra content that meets and exceeds the fans’ expectations."

    According to Gary Liddon, CEO at Ruffian Games,"Proper Games have shown their ability to extend an existing franchise, we are excited to be working with these guys."

    Both companies are based in Dundee, Scotland where there is a robust games development industry.

    "Our collaboration with Ruffian demonstrates the depth of talent and resources in Dundee," said Proper Games CEO, Paddy Sinclair,"There are good reasons why publishers turn to the Scottish games industry for projects like Crackdown 2 and we are very proud to be part of this great franchise."

  • Crackdown 2 Exclusive Rocket Tag Gameplay

    While not officially confirmed, Crackdown 2 would most likely follow in the wake of its highly popular predecessor; A third-person shooter that combines unparalleled platforming with total destruct