crackdown 2 DLC

  • Crackdown 2: Deluge DLC Release Details Revealed

    The details about the second DLC pack for Crackdown 2 are out now.

    Microsoft revealed that Deluge pack will be coming out on November 16 and it will be available for fans for 560 Microsoft Points.

    Crackdown 2: Deluge Pack will include:

    • Improvements to Weapons and Vehicles
    • New Multiplayer Mode called Capture the Orb
    • Co-op Mode Deluge

    First screensht for DLC was also release here it is below:

    Deluge Screen 1

  • Crackdown 2 first DLC 'Toy Box' announced

    Microsoft announced that the first additional content for Crackdown 2 coming soon. The free DLC named as 'Toy Box', will land soon on XBLA. It includes the "Keys to the City," a mode which appeared in the first Crackdown and unlocks cheats like God Mode, Infinite Ammo, Fly Cam, the ability to freeze the time of day, and others. It also adds a Level 6 reward, Thruster Ability, which is essentially a jet pack, and a new multiplayer mode called Vehicle Tag.

    Crackdown 2 screenshot

    Free Additional Content :

    • Vehicle Tag: A new multiplayer mode for up to eight players.
    • Level 6 Reward: Those who bring their agents to the maximum, will be provided with a vertical drive new skill
    • Keys to the City: A huge arsenal of tricks , including God mode , infinite ammo , camera flying , freeze time of day ...

    Paid Additional Content: (560 Microsoft Points)

    • Two new vehicles : ATV Agency and Chopper Squad
    • Five new gadgets: Mass Driver, Portable Launch Pads, Stickler Grenade, Thrusters and Mags on Characters
    • Two Avatar Awards : green helmet and suit
    • Ten Achievements
    • Eight Agent Suit Colors for staff
  • Proper Games will create Crackdown 2 DLC

    Proper Games, the award winning games developer based in Dundee, has been tapped to create the Premium Downloadable Content (PDLC) for the upcoming Microsoft release of Crackdown 2.

    The team from Proper Games will be collaborating with Crackdown 2 developer, Ruffian Games, to build the PDLC for this greatly anticipated title.

    "We are very excited and honoured to be working with Ruffian and Microsoft on Crackdown 2 PDLC," said Chris Wright, COO at Proper Games,"The original game pushed the PDLC and set the benchmark for what is now expected. Our aim is to continue this tradition and deliver extra content that meets and exceeds the fans’ expectations."

    According to Gary Liddon, CEO at Ruffian Games,"Proper Games have shown their ability to extend an existing franchise, we are excited to be working with these guys."

    Both companies are based in Dundee, Scotland where there is a robust games development industry.

    "Our collaboration with Ruffian demonstrates the depth of talent and resources in Dundee," said Proper Games CEO, Paddy Sinclair,"There are good reasons why publishers turn to the Scottish games industry for projects like Crackdown 2 and we are very proud to be part of this great franchise."