• Crysis 3 Patch 1.3 Live Now for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, All Changes Detailed

    Crytek has just released a major patch 1.3 for Crysis 3. The update is now available for download across all platforms (i.e PC, PS3 and Xbox 360).

    Crysis 3You can check out the entire changelog of Crysis 3 Patch 1.3 below.


    • Reduction in bandwidth usage
    • Fixed issue where other player’s weapons may not be visible when joining the game
    • The “Scout” perk now saves progress correctly
    • Fix for rip & throw items occasionally entering a state where players cannot interact with them
    • Fix for Relay not capturing correct if the carrier is within the cap zone when the friendly relay is returned
    • End of round audio now works correctly
    • Fix for nanovisor becoming locked in some cases
    • Fixed crashes/freezes of the game after the boss fight (some save games still might not be functioning 100% so a restart of the last level might be required)
    • Fixed issue with boss not being triggered correctly and thus not appearing at all (some save games still might not be functioning 100% so a restart of the last level might be required)
    • Fixed extended magazine attachment of the SCAR to not lose 10 clips anymore after each death of the player
    • Fixed secret email not unlocking properly after collecting all Intel in the levels
    • Fix for after match award dogtags failing to unlock

    PC Exclusive

    • Option to turn off squad & clan support when balancing
    • Anti cheat improvements
    • Ability to customize ADS sensitivity through console commands
    • Fixes for weapon customization when bound to a non-default key
    • Fix for vsync not applying on first boot of the game (even if on in menus)
    • Fix drawnear fov being reset every player spawn
    • AMD feature updates for Eyefinity, DBT and HD3D support
    • Improvements made regarding the SLI performance issues
    • Additional Fix for Limit number of muted DX debug runtime error to bare minimum to help tracking issues early

    XB360 Exclusive

    • Minimised risk of crash when transitioning from SP to MP when in a party with active VOIP
    • Fix for aim assist not working correctly in some areas of maps
    • Fix for an issue that could cause host migration failures
    • Potential fixes for issues related to audio stuttering
    • Dog tags now unlocking properly

    PS3 Exclusive

    • Fix for aim assist not working correctly in some areas of maps
    • Fix for an issue that could cause host migration failures
    • Dog tags now unlocking properly
  • Crysis 3 patch 1.2 and Data Patch C Available Now, All Changes Detailed

    Crytek has released a new updates for Crysis 3. The developer released new patch 1.2 as well as Data Pack C for Crysis 3 multiplayer mode. According to details revealed by Crytek, Crysis 3 patch 1.2 fixes particle shader causing black squares/broken shading on some graphics cards, shadering issue with underwater fog, as well as the root cause of some graphics driver crashes.

    Crysis 3Both these new patch will be auto-downloaded. You can check out the entire changelog below:

    Crysis 3 PC Patch 1.2 Changelog:

    • Fixed after-match award dog tags from not loading from the profile correctly
    • Fixed root cause of some graphics driver crashes
    • Fixed particle shader causing black squares/broken shading on some graphics cards
    • Fixed shadering issue with underwater fog
    • Fixed issues with non-default controls for weapon customization
    • Fixed some issues with binding non-default vehicle controls

    Crysis 3 Data Patch C Changelog:

    • Developers Choice playlist updated to new game mode variation
    • Jackal fire rate decreased slightly
    • Jackal per pellet damage fall off increased
    • Fixed an issue where the Takedowns spread escalated too quickly in certain zoom modes
    • Grendel fall damage fall off reduced for better long range impact
    • FY71/SCAR damage fall off increased to reduce their effective range
    • Further matchmaking tweaks for X360 and PS3 to increase chance of local sessions being found
    • Foregrip and Muzzle Brake effectiveness reduced slightly
    • Laser sight effectiveness reduced slightly


  • Crysis 3 Multplayer Patch 1.1 Live Now for PC, All Changes Detailed

    Crytek has just released first patch 1.1 for multiplayer portion of Crysis 3. The patch is live now on PC, and is will arrive on PS3 and Xbox 360 soon.

    Crysis 3As per the details revealed by Crytek, Crysis 3 patch 1.1 carries number of fixes and tweaks such as crosshairs becoming invisible, players being unable to fire or reload occasionally as well as tweak weapons like the Typhoon, Predator Bow, SCAR and more.

    You can check out the complete changelog below.

    • Fix for users getting stuck in the Pinger
    • Fix for Flashbang/Smoke grenade reactions not displaying in Kill Cam
    • Fix for crosshair becoming invisible after certain actions
    • Fixes for squads joining and disconnecting from servers
    • Fix for players being unable to fire or reload occasionally
    • Fix for users occasionally being able to hear VTOL damage siren constantly
    • Weapons retrieved from the ground now have the correct attachments
    • Fix for players getting stuck if ripping HMG off VTOL during destruction
    • Fix for being unable to detonate C4 after host migration on consoles
    • Fix for game not ending correctly if last opponent triggers a host migration
    • Fix for issue where sometimes rip and throw weapons would not deal damage in smoke grenades
    • Fix for relay in CTR becoming stuck if picking up relay during shotgun reload
    • Fix for icons disappearing occasionally in CTR
    • Fix for players occasionally spawning with wrong loadout in Assault (PC Only)
    • Last Man Standing no longer displayed in Hunter for players that have just died
    • Fixed issue with teams during host migration in Hunter/Assault
    • Significant optimisation to Medium detail settings (PC Only)
    • Particle optimisation (PC Only)

    Data Patch B

    A “behind the scenes” update that will automatically download when entering multiplayer.

    • Melee whilst sliding damage reduced to match patch A’s melee damage
    • Typhoon mid range damage reduction
    • Bow sensitivity reduced to match Assault Scope values on PS3/X360 as they have similar zoom values. PC remains as before
    • SCAR+Laser long distance effectiveness reduced.
    • Threat Awareness module levelling targets reduced to 3/10 enemy C4's destroyed
    • Potential fix for “Incoming!” Skill Assessment not levelling up correctly
    • Fix for Social Challenge skill assessments not being tracked correctly

    The multiplayer portion of Crysis 3 should reads something like this "[ ONLINE ] [ PATCH_B ]". This is an indication that the patch has been applied on Crysis 3. If you don't get the message, re-enter Crysis 3 multiplayer until it is present.


  • Gamers report disappearance of Crysis 3 from Origin Download List, EA investigating

    A rather strange and embarrassing situation is brewing on official EA forums related to Crysis 3. Numerous gamers are reporting that Crysis 3 has disappeared from their Origin download list.

    On this strange issue, EA has stated, "We are currently looking into this issue, and will get back to you as soon as we have more information. Sorry for the inconvenience."

    We will update the post as soon as we get to hear more from EA. So Stay tuned.

    Let us know in the comment section below, are you facing this same issue?.

  • Crysis 3 PC Graphics Comparison on Low, Medium, High and Very High Setting

    Crysis 3 is out in few region across the globe. We already know that PC version of Crysis 3 looks and play much much better than its console counterparts. YouTube user "Reset Load" has uploaded a new comparison video footage of Crysis 3 PC version between between the various graphical preset options (Low, Medium, High and Very High).

    Crysis 3ResetLoad is running on PC with this specification (Core i7 Sandy Bridge @ 4.5ghz, NVidia Geforce GTX 690, 8gb Vengeance RAM). Check out the comparison footage below.