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  • Danny Bilson: Big Saints Row 3 Announcement Coming Soon

    Initially Big Saints Row 3 was supposed to be unveiled at VGA 2010 but publisher THQ at the last minute replaced its reveal with Guillermo Del Toro game, inSANE.

    Till now all we know about Big Saints Row 3 is its release window which is 2011. However according to Danny Bilson soon fans will have bulk of new details about the Big Saints Row 3.

    Big Saints Row 3

    Bilson said on twitter that fans can expect Big Saints Row 3 announcement soon, but when the announcement will be made is still not clear but hoping that it happens soon.

  • THQ: We will be announcing one Core Kinect game soon

    Danny Bilson THQ studio head has announced on its twitter account that THQ will reveal a new Kinect exclusive title soon. Here is what the tweet from Bilson reads "we will be announcing one Core Kinect game soon"


    No other details were given out like the date for the announcement, but it is rumored that its going out to be a VGAs affair and the title will be a epic sci-fic trilogy.

    Bilson also revealed that two more Playstation Move game title will also be coming out soon, one out of these two will be a mixture of PS3 motion controller and 3D.