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  • David Jaffe comments of God of War: Ascension multiplayer

    God of War: Ascension is one of the most awaited and highly anticipated game of 2013. For the first time in the popular PS3 exclusive franchise history, God of War: Ascension will feature multiplayer.

    God of War: AscensionDavid Jaffe (known for his work on first God of War game) has commented on this new addition (multiplayer mode) to God of War: Ascension. The comments made by Jaffe on his personal twitter account are interesting one. Check it out below.

    Jaffe first gave his thoughts on God of War: Ascension multiplayer mode. He said, "I think the MP they showed for GOW looks fun. IDig putting class based FPS team design in a brawler. If it wrx it'll play fresh. I get some peeps upset IF MP comes@expense of SP, but there's no evidence of that so not sure why some peeps whining about it."

    Jaffe was then quizzed whether the addition on multiplayer mode affects over all budget and efforts of development team. To this he replied, "Not saying UR wrong but a) no evidence of that at all and b) sad state of the industry(and the medium?) to assume more money to throw at a game is what makes it better. I'd rather have a 5 hour GOW that chose 5 hours because it allowed the game to stay fresh and be filled with meaningful storytelling-thru-gameplay moments than have a 12 hour game that is a simply filled with set piece after set piece. Would RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK or THE DARK KNIGHT be better with a longer running time or more pages? Would Tetris be better with five extra shapes?"

    Jaffe further added, "If the new GOW has a meh campaign there will- and should be- much anger. My point is: have faith in the team at least enough to give them the benefit of doubt until y'all see/play some SP. Dont you think this team has earned that?

    If a game let's you down in anyway- and Lord knows the last TM let some folks down:(- the game makers deserve to be judged and their decisions scrutinized. But if a team feels they CAN do amazing MP and SP (aka Goldeneye, Modern Warfare) who cares if the motivation behind adding SP or MP was a business motivation The fact the game exists AT ALL is in large part a biz motivation.

    I'm not saying gamers should not be skeptical and not look4best deals4their hard earned cash. Just suggesting folks give it a chance before they jump all over one of the most talented teams in the ENTIRE GAME BIZ. Seems pretty arrogant/snobby 4gamers to act as if such a talented team- that has delivered4so long- hasn't thought it thru. If they have not, read some reviews and then skip the game. But until that happens, I say they've earned our faith.

    God of War: Ascension is schedule to launch in Spring 2013 for PS3.

  • David Jaffe to Game Revloution: "You Suck at your jobs"

    It seems like Game Revolution has upset Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe very BADLY. The site recently carried a story with title "Jaffe Calls For Uncharted To Add Some Sandbox Elements".

    David JaffeThis has upset Jaffe as he says that he "Never suggested the amazing Uncharted should be given sandbox elements. Come on journalists out there- have some pride in your work"

    Jaffe further lashes out at Game Revolution and said, "don't literally make stuff up and attribute it to someone else). Thanks!"

    He went on further sending out tweets after tweets. You can check them all below:

    Tweet 1: "You guys suck at your jobs. I never EVER 'called' for anything of the sort. Please re-read the article from EDGE that you"

    Tweet 2: "Game_Revolution are ripping off-with zero payment to EDGE, I am sure- in order to generate your 'content'. Damn, if you are not even"

    Tweet 3: "Game_Revolution gonna do your own reporting, at least make sure you are 'reporting' accurately on the shit that you steal."

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  • Jaffe: Twisted Metal Matchmaking issue fix coming out in few hours

    Eat Sleep Play's David Jaffe has announced on Twitter that fix for Matchmaking in Twisted Metal will be deployed in few hours time. PS3 gamers are having hard time with Twisted Metal just because of this matchmaking issues, but now thanks to development team, this all is going to change.

    Twisted Metal screenOn Twitter, Jaffe stated, "It looks like they’ve solved all (or at least a very big portion) of the matchmaking issues with Twisted Metal. I’ll explain best I can in my layman’s terms: quick online and select a match are pulling from the same pool. So if you are browsing, by the time you pick a game none of those players are available anymore. You only get in a game really if you get into quick match. At least I was told this (although I know some players have struggled to get into a fast match as well). Either way, progress! They say they expect to have a fix deployed in a few hours. I will keep you informed. Also, looking into the crash issue- will do my best to get some feedback on that sometime today. Thanks all!"

    Did you receive the fix, share you experience of matchmaking after installing the update in the comment section below.

  • Jaffe comments on G4TV's Twisted Metal review

    Twisted Metal Creator David Jaffe has issued a lengthy statement on controversial G4TV's review of the game. Jaffe said that he had no issue whatsoever with the review of Twisted Metal, but the way reviewer responded to to critics in the comment section was not acceptable.

    Twisted Metal screenYou can check out, David Jaffe response below.

    Hey @g4tv - I had/have ZERO problems with your review of our game. You are entitled to that opinion and I respect it and appreciate it. As ya'll know, I dig your network and am always honored and excited when I get to do stuff with you guys. 5/5 or 1/5, that won't change. So with all that out of the way, let's be clear: the review your guy wrote was fine, but his insults and attitude and response to folks on the comment section makes it pretty obvious: y'all got an ill informed d**k on the payroll who admits to bringing an agenda to his review process. Am higher G4. I'd rather get a 1/5 from someone who knows his s**t like @AdamSessler than this 3.5/5 from his guy who would rather pick a fight and push his agenda that do his job. Anyway, much love g4. I remain a fan. But f**k that guy. What a d**k. :)

    The comment in question here by the reviewer has been deleted, but we have it for you below.

    In case you didn't know, I'm the guy who wrote the review (not Adam, so leave the poor guy alone). Without going blow-by-blow, I'll say a few words on the matter.

    First off, 3 was my optimistic score. If you're happy playing a game that's nearly 20 years old, more power to you. Most gamers, I believe, expect there to be some kind of evolution in gameplay and Twisted Metal doesn't have any. Seriously, if you just want the same damn thing you got when you were nine, that's fine. More power to you, as the developer has given you exactly that.

    Twisted Metal is a game built on the homage to the sort of heavy metal slasher-themed B-movies one might assume the developers loved, but the problem with this genre--be it games or movies--is that it's really hard to do well. TM gets the atmosphere right with its cinematics, but just feels cheap in most other places. The graphics are completely lackluster and there's just bits of laziness throughout. The handbrake is a perfect example--go ahead and hold it down without pressing any button, then steer. The car magically goes in a circle. Lame.

    Also, to all those who are so adamant that the driving mechanics don't matter... What? This clearly isn't a racing game--as the racing levels vividly prove--but just because the gameplay focuses on shooting is no excuse whatsoever to not have a decent driving model. To suggest it doesn't matter is ludicrous. No matter what you want to believe, this is a driving game... it's a CAR combat game, and driving is the activity you constantly engage in. Shooting is the activity you engage in as much as possible, but the odds are if you're shooting you're also driving... The driving model feels 20 years old.

    I love car combat games. Love them. And I've played a ton of them, including all the old Twisted Metal games. They were decent, if unexceptional games, period. Fun, shallow, and dumb. Much as we all like to jump aboard the nostalgic retro train the simple fact is this: games are better now. Technology and design have come a long way, and I'm sick to death of developers (particularly those from the 90's) who feel content to just shove out the same old crap they always did. It's a particular issue I have with most of the AAA-shooter houses from the 90's. And they don't like me much either.

    Finally, give it a rest with the "G4 is biased against Sony" or "paid off by Microsoft". Many of us who review these games don't even work for G4 directly, we just happen to love and care about games and the industry. I divide my time pretty heavily among all platforms and most of my favorite games of last year I personally played on my PS3(s)--Killzone 3, Batman: AC, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, LBP2... just to name a few. The system we, as reviewers, play on is virtually irrelevant.

    Just because our opinion doesn't match up with yours does not mean we're on some mythical take. Eventually, you'll have to understand that different people have different opinions and that doesn't mean you can act like an idiot over it. Unless you actually do want to keep living in your mom's basement wondering why real girls won't talk to you.

    Also, and for the record, I really can't stand the Call of Duty games. So comparing any of those damn games to a review I write is pointless. I'm not that fond of Halo either.

    Thank you and good night.

    Let us know what you guys think on all this?

  • Twisted Metal: Matchmaking and other issue reported by gamers, fix coming soon

    Eat Sleep Play recently released game Twisted Metal for PS3 is off to a rough start, especially the multiplayer portion of the game. Many gamers are reporting that they are unable to join a game, due to some sort of network error.

    Twisted Metal screenOther report said that even after joining the game, players are kicked out stating the reason as poor connection. The development team at Eat Sleep Play and David Jaffe are aware of these issues, and are working to fix it as soon as possible.

    On Twitter, Jaffe said, "Matchmaking update: matchmaking going offline for 10-20 min, so Sony can install code that when servers return will make matchmaking much more stable."

    Some Twisted Metal gamers also report freezing and overheating issue of PS3.

    What issue you are experiencing with Twisted Metal. Let us know in the comment section below.

  • Twisted Metal demo will now expiring on February 13

    Great news for PS3 gamers, Twisted Metal demo which was scheduled to expiry on February 7 has been extended until February 13. Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe confirmed the news on his personal Twitter account.

    Twisted Metal screenOn Twitter, David Jaffe wrote, "just got word from Sony: Twisted Metal demo up until Feb 13th,". This means that demo will now expiry just a day before full game launch.

    Jaffe further added that the matchmaking issue in the demo is "getting much better and we are still banging on it!". Twisted Metal will launch exclusively for PS3 on February 14.

  • Jaffe comments on his departure from Eat Sleep Play and future plans

    Twisted Metal Creator David Jaffe has commented on reports of his departure from Eat Sleep Play. On his personal Twitter account Jaffe officially confirmed that he is leaving Eat Sleep Play.

    David Jaffe"But if I may clear this up," Jaffe Tweeted. "I was not laid off. I co-own the company. There were a few lay offs and they were very painful to do for all involved. I’m leaving because- again- games are just getting2big to direct from 300 miles away&I miss the day2day of working direct w/team."

    About his new project Jaffe said, "I WILL be leaving2start new game studio. Talking2peeps about some big, huge next gen game ideas I’d love for us2make, as well as cool stuff in the browser space (action oriented, gamer centric)& a few things in between. Once DICE wraps& game launches, it’s company building time!Any game devs that want to chat joining a new SD action game co, please gimme a shout! Talk soon!"

    The departure of Jaffe comes at a wrong time, as Twisted Metal for PS3 is schedule to launch in US on February 14.

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