destination arcade

  • New Xbox Live Destination Arcade delayed

    The New Xbox Live Arcade browser (Destination Arcade) which was announce to go live this week has been delayed, it has been delayed until next week (Wednesday).

    Major Nelson has confirmed this "I wanted to let you know that the Destination Arcade release date has been moved to next Wednesday to kick off the launch of the Summer of Arcade."

    Destination Arcade allows gamer "discover new games and content you enjoy through an easy-to-use visual browser"

  • The Xbox Live Arcade interface changed - Destination Arcade

    Microsoft has announced via Major Nelson's website, Xbox 360 dashboard updated to be next week. It will include a new menu for Xbox Arcade games,Destination Arcade.

    It is, in the words of Nelson "easy-to-use visual browser ", Which will have many advantages over its predecessor.

    With the new application, users are able to sort games by several new categories, such as price or valuation of the community, keeping track of the release through a news service arcade.

    This new interface will be available in time U.S. from July 14 while not yet have the confirmed date for Europe.