Battlefield V: Visual Customisation For Vehicles Comng After Launch, says DICE

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Battlefield V: Tanks And Vehicles Customisation Won't Be Available At Launch

DICE via Battlefield official website announced that Battlefield V vehicles customisation option won't be available at launch. It will be made available to the Battlefield V players "after launch". Sadly, no release window was provided.

Battlefield V Vanity Items Won’t Feature Things That Weren’t Used In World War II

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battlefield v

Battlefield V debut trailer has generated a lot of controversy among the members of the community because it featured female soldiers and fancy vanity items that many thought would harm the series’ historical accuracy.

Battlefield V Confirmed Weapons, Gadgets And Vehicles Leaked

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Battlefield V Weapons And Vehicles List

A partial list of Weapons, Vehicles, and Gadgets that will be present in Battlefield V at launch has been leaked. A list looks legit as it first appeared on the Battlefield Blog (now deleted) and then made its way on to the Reddit.

EA: Don't Buy Battlefield V If You Don't Like Female Characters In It

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EA Responds To Battlefield V Female Soldier Controversy

Electronic Arts has responded to the Battlefield V Female Soldiers controversy. The publisher made is very clear that those who don't like female soldiers in Battlefield V should not buy the game.

Battlefield V Minimum PC System Requirements Removed From The Origin Store

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Battlefield V Minimum PC Specs Requirements Deleted

Electronic has updated Battlefield V's listing on Origin and removed the Minimum PC System Requirements that was identical to the Battlefield 1's Minimum PC System Requirements.

Battlefield V Title Explained, Why DICE Used Roman Numeral Instead Of The Number

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What Does V Mean In Battlefield V?

One of the things we were more curious about was, and still is, the name of the game, Battlefield V. It's the fifth title in the main Battlefield series, but the first to be named with a Roman number instead of the Arabic. Why?

Battlefield V Won't Feature Battlepacks, Here's How Players Will Get Their Rewards

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Battlefield V Won't Feature Battlepacks

Battlefield V won't feature battlepacks, as confirmed by developer DICE on Twitter. As part of the revisited internal economics, the studio has revealed a more direct system will be in place, Instead, players will be able to choose their rewards directly or through rank up events

Battlefield V Might Feature Two Maps From Battlefield 1942

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Battlefield 1942 Map Coming To Battlefield V

Aleksander Grondal (Executive Producer) at DICE has hinted that the upcoming Battlefied game, Battlefied V might feature two maps from Battlefied 1942 - "Omaha Beach and El-Alamein".

Battlefield V Concept Art Confirms Norway And North Africa As Locations

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Battlefield V Is An Alternate On World War II

DICE has shared some new Battlefield V concept arts confirming Norway and North Africa as some of the locations that will feature in the game. When asked by a fan on Twitter, DICE also clarified that Battlefield V's World War II setting is not an alternate reality.

Battlefield V Dev Claims Battle Royale Is "A Natural Fit"

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Battlefield V Dev Comments On Battle Royale Mode

Battlefield V is not including a battle royale mode and, also considering what Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is doing with the Blackout mode later this year, this was a bit surprising for many of the fans of the shooter series.