Star Wars Battlefront II Support To End Soon, According To A New Rumor

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EA Ending Star Wars Battlefront II Support Soon

A new and interesting, although disappointing, rumor involving Star Wars Battlefront II has recently shown up on Reddit and, even though we can't confirm the information included, it looks worth reporting it because it says - Battlefront II Support/Development is ending soon.

Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Leads To New Battlefield Teaser Website, Announcement On May 23

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Battlefield V Reveal Taking Place On May 23

The Isolement Easter Egg of Battlefield 1 has been completed. It leads to a new Battlefield teaser website which carries a message: "On May 23, Battlefield will never be the same".

Rumor: Battlefield V Reveal Teaser Trailer Coming This Week

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Battlefield V Reveal Teaser Coming This Week

YouTuber AlmightyDaq has revealed that Battlefield V (2018) reveal teaser trailer will be released at some point this week.

Battlefield V Dev Working On A Battle Royale Prototype?

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DICE Working On A Battle Royale Protoype For Battlefield V

According to sources close to the matter, DICE might be prototyping a battle royale mode for the next Battlefield experience, reportedly named Battlefield V and set in the World War II.

Star Wars Battlefront II Was Not Intended to Be "A Slot Machine", EA Says

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Star Wars Battlefront II Is Not A Slot Machine

EA's Patrick Soderlund in a recent interview with The Guardian talked about the Battlefront II microtransactions controversy. He stated that Star Wars Battlefront II was not intended to be a "Slot Machine".

Battlefield V's AI Could Learn From Our Behavior, Thanks To New DICE & SEED Tech

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Battlefield V's AI Information

DICE and SEED are working on a new tech that will allow Battlefield V AI's to learn from the player's behavior. A demo of this new AI system was showcased at recently concluded GDC 2018.

Rumor: EA Play 2018 Banner Reportedly Leaks, Features Battlefield V

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Battlefield V: EA Play 2018 Banner Leaked

The first EA Play 2018 poster has been leaked and guess what it features - only ONE game logo - Battlefield V. Sadly, the banner doesn't reveal anything about the game, it features just the logo of the game.

Battlefield V Will Feature Battlefield 1 Like Campaign Mode, Co-Op Conquest

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Battlefield V Singleplay Campaign Details Leaked

The campaign mode of Battlefield V is going to be similar to the one we saw in Battlefield 1, according to a new rumor on the internet.

Battlefield V Microtransactions Are Not Going To Be "Pay-To-Win Anymore"

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Battlefield V Microtransaction Won't Be On Pay-To-Win Model

A developer working on Battlefield V (scheduled to release in 2018) has revealed that the game will have microtransactions support, but it won't be a Pay-To-Win Anymore.

Battlefield V Leak Hints At World War II Setting, Loot Boxes

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Battlefield V Details Leaked: World War II Setting And Loot Boxes

Ahead of Battlefield (2018) official reveal, a new rumor states that Battlefield V is going to be set during WWII and it will feature loot boxes.