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  • New Dragon Age III: Inquisition details and concept art revealed

    Some brand new details of Dragon Age III: Inquisition has been revealed by producer Cameron Lee. Dragon Age III will feature more expansive levels and more in-depth customization system.

    Dragon Age 3Check out the full list of details below, along with some brand new concept art for the game.

    • Cinematic designer Jon Perry said this is the longest pre-production he’s had on the game compared to any other BioWare project
    • Castle control teased
    • One level in the game is as big as all of Dragon Age II’s levels
    • Customization will have a better focus than in Origins
    • Will feature follower customization
    • When asked how much control you’ll have over your character, Mike said “you will be human”
    • “backgrounds will be in DA3 even though you will be human, it’s not playable but it does significant impact on the story”
    • Regarding save game imports, players will be able to bring choices across
    • The team is investigating some ways without save imports
    • Flemeth teased for the game

    Dragon Age III Concept Art 1 Dragon Age III Concept Art 2 Dragon Age III Concept Art 3

  • EA: Some fans were not happy with innovation in Dragon Age 2

    Electronic Arts has admitted that with the launch of the second game in the Dragon Age franchise, Dragon Age 2, the firm "lost some fans". Many fans of the franchise complained about the re-use of environments and the single city setting of Kirkwall.

    Dragon Age II

    EA Games Label boss Frank Gibeau in an interview to Eurogamer said, "We were clearly disappointed with some of the response from the fanbase, because we want them to be as excited about it as we are,"

    "We're very proud of the game. We tried to innovate and do some different things with the combat system and some of the way we told story. For some fans it worked well. In fact, we brought a lot of new fans into the Dragon Age franchise.

    "But to be honest, we lost some fans as well. They were not pleased with some of the innovations and things we'd done. We understand that and we're listening."

    The firm now promises to take on fan feedback for Dragon Age 3, "As we think about where we take the franchise next, we're going to take that into consideration and really engage them," Gibeau said.

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  • Bioware looking for environment artists for Dragon Age 3

    A very first proof that Bioware is working on third installment in Dragon Age series. Bioware is looking for an environment artists to work on Dragon Age III.

    Dragon Age 2

    Alistair McNally just few hours ago wrote on twitter: “looking for exceptional environment artists to join me at #BioWare Edmonton, Canada to work on DragonAge3.”

    This is the first official confirmation from Bioware or EA that Dragon Age III is in developement.