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  • Bioware: More Dragon Age 2 DLC coming

    Dragon Age II "Legacy" DLC won't be the last downloadable content for the game, and the news is confirmed by none other than senior producer Fernando Melo while presenting "Legacy" DLC for Dragon Age II at EA’s Summer Showcase last week.

    Dragon Age II

    Melo said, players will be able to take new weapons in Legacy "outside of the DLC back into the main game", and here's is the good bit, "or into future content as well."

    Great news for all fans of Dragon Age 2.

  • Dragon Age 2 first console patch 1.01 will release tomorrow (Updated)

    Bioware's Rob Bartel, on company official forum has announced that the first patch update for Dragon Age 2 console version will release tomorrow i.e April 18.

    Dragon Age II

    Official patch notes for the update was not revealed, but Rob did released some sorts of information. Check out the details that Rob revealed

    • The effects of various follower talents and item properties are now being properly removed and re-applied when loading and saving.
    • Party members who are resurrected during a fight now rejoin combat properly.
    • Hawke no longer gains random spells or talents after using the Maker's Sigh potion, then saving and reloading.
    • The “Duty” plot will now appear on the Chanter’s Board even if the player accepted all of the board’s quests before installing the Exiled Prince premium content.
    • In the “Finders Keepers” plot, if the player leaves Woodrow’s Warehouse before finding the crate, it is now possible to return to the warehouse to complete the quest.
    • Merril no longer refers to the aftermath of “A New Path” before the plot has been completed.
    • Aveline’s final armor upgrade is now available during the “Favor and Fault” plot.
    • Varric is no longer confused about which character Hawke has been romancing.
    • Various other gameplay and story-scripting issues no longer appear.
    • The options menu now includes auto-attack.
    • Armor values now adjust correctly when changing shields.
    • Choosing a target at close range is now easier.
    • Cinematics are no longer distorted on certain standard-definition televisions.
    • Hawke no longer gains excessive coin and experience from rapidly and repeatedly completing a single sidequest.
    • Various technical changes should improve performance, limit crashes, and address memory-related issues.

    UPDATE: Bioware has just released patch v1.01 for PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Dragon Age II, more details here.

  • Buy Dragon Age II for any platform and get Mass Effect 2 PC for Free

    Bioware's Dragon Age II has managed to sell over one million copies in its first two week, and so to celebrate this feat developer is giving out a free copy of Mass Effect 2 to all those who buy Dragon Age II.

    Dragon Age II

    Purchased a copy of Dragon Age II (for any platform), and get a free download code for PC version of Mass Effect 2. The offers is for limited time period, and ends on April 30. It is applicable for those who have already purchased Dragon Age II or planning to buy it.

  • UK charts: Homefront beats Dragon Age II to take top spot

    This week UK Chart data has been revealed, and its Kaos Studio's Homefront that has taken the top spot.

    Homefront overtook last week's topper Dragon Age II. Bioware's RPG now ranked second. Rest of top five is completed by Pokemon White, Total War: Shogun II and Pokemon Black.


    Check out the top ten list below (Week Ending March 19):

    1. Homefront
    2. Dragon Age II
    3. Pokemon Black
    4. Total War: Shogun II
    5. Pokemon Black
    6. Fight Night Champion
    7. Just Dance 2
    8. FIFA 11
    9. Killzone 3
    10. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
  • Another Dragon Age 2 gamer got banned from EA

    Another day another gamer banned by Electronic Arts from playing Dragon Age 2 and its DLC. A user name tez20 has been banned by EA today, here is what tez20 said ater he received the ban.Dragon Age 2

    Hey guys, funny story here which mirrors another story that was present on these boards a few weeks ag but this one is actualy worse.
    My EA account has been permanently banned (tez19) and therefore like the other guy cannot access my DA2 game or DLC.
    Just would like to throw this out there for people to talk about.
    Unlike the poster before me i did not call EA the devil or insult EA or Bioware in any way. In fact I did insult other people who were insulting members of Bioware (The guy [Towering Fury] for wishing death on David Gaider and another poster who was typing racial remarks towards Stanley Woo).
    I am very disappointed as anybody would be that My games and DLC have been disabled and my EA account has been permanently banned. I guess people who said you shouldn’t register your games to your account were correct.
    Unfortunately it seems EA has lost another customer.

    Check out the screenshot of the email tez20 received from EA:

    tez20 email

    Couple of days ago user name VWARE received banned from EA for calling them Devil, check out details of it here.

  • Download Dragon Age II patch v1.01 for PC

    Bioware has released patch v1.01 for PC version of Dragon Age II which fixes number of minor gameplay issues and bugs in the game.

    Dragon Age II

    According to the details in the patch notes, issues regarding save games, and the one related to non existent drivers has been fixed. You can check out the complete patch note below:


    • Fixed save game issues on single core machines
    • Fixed game asking for non-existent drives
    • Fixed release control issues where some players were unable to unlock correctly
    • Fixed a Steam-specific issue related to VO not playing after switching languages

    You can download the patch directly from here.

  • UK Charts: Bioware's Dragon Age II takes top stop

    This week UK Charts data has been revealed, and its Bioware RPG Dragon Age II that has taken the top spot from Pokemon White.

    Dragon Age II

    Last week topper Pokemon White comes in second, whereas Fight Night Champion third and Pokemon Black fourth, Just Dance 2 completes the top five.

    You can check out the Top ten list below:

    1. Dragon Age II
    2. Pokemon White
    3. Fight Night Champion
    4. Pokemon Black
    5. Just Dance 2
    6. Bulletstorm
    7. Killzone 3
    8. FIFA 11
    9. Call of Duty: Black Ops
    10. uDraw Studio.
  • Dragon Age II glitch allows gamers to earn quick money and exp

    A glitch called as Money cheat and infinite EXP has been reported in Bioware's RPG Dragon Age II. This glitch is pretty unusual as it allows gamers to get some quicks cash as well as EXP in the game. Gamers needs to follow certain steps in order to take complete advantage of this money cheat and EXP glitch in Dragon Age II.

    Dragon Age II

    We have a complete guide of how you can make use of this Dragon Age 2 Money cheat and infinite EXP glitch, you can check out its details here.

  • Dragon Age II for PC gets High Resolution textures pack

    Bioware, Dragon Age II developer has just released an optional high resolution texture pack for PC version of the game. The pack is currently avaialble for download from Bioware Social Network, size of is 1.08GB.

    Dragon Age II screen

    The pack is jam-paced with high resolution texture, according to the details this will add the option to enable higher detail replacements for most textures in game. A big difference will be noticed on level art especially.

    Once its get downloaded and installed, gamers need to enabled the pack via game's "MENU" option. For better result and performance Bioware recommend has listed some system requirements for it 1024 MB graphics card and DirectX 11.

    You can get the pack here.

  • Dragon Age 2 is shorter in comparision to Dragon Age: Origins

    Yesterday at GDC 2011 during presentation on localization Bioware's Ian Mitchell revealed some important figure regarding the amount of content that will feature in Dragon Age II in comparision to the original game in the series Dragon Age: Origins.

    Dragon Age II

    The details revealed by Mitchell was really very surprising, check them out all by yourself:

    Dragon Age: Origins

    • 1,000,000 Words
    • 1,000 Cinematics
    • 1,000 Characters
    • 56,000 Spoken Lines
    • 60 Hours of Gameplay

    Dragon Age II

    • 400,000 Words
    • 2,500 Cinematics
    • 500 Characters
    • 38,000 Spoken Lines
    • 40 Hours of Gameplay

    Dragon Age II slated to release in United States on March 8, and on March 11 in Europe for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.