• 3DS touches 19 million hardware sales mark, DS software sales just under 1 billion

    Nintendo has just shared life-to-date sales figure details of their current platforms. These details were part of firm's Q1 earnings. According to the details revealed by Nintendo, DS and Wii saw a massive increase in software sales.

    NintendoTill today Wii sold 826.93 million games, whereas DS sold 908.79 million games. 3DS hardware sales currently reads 19 million units, while software sales reads 52.81 million since the handheld released last spring.

    These are some excellent sales figure for Nintendo. More details in the image below.

    Nintendo Sales Figure Details

  • Finally New Pokemon game revealed, includes samurais

    Whenever fans think of a Pokemon Games, the first thing that comes to their mind is traditional turn-based JRPGs that completely revolves around catching each and everyone of them.

    New Pokemon Game

    Now it seems like Nintendo has decided to turn away from this old formula, as the next game sees firm collaborating with Tecmo Koei that will feature samurai warriors titled Pokémon Plus Nobunaga’s Ambition.

    According to details revealed by Famitsu, this new Pokemon game will be a historical simulator set during the Sengoku feudal period in Japan. It will launch for Nintendo DS next Spring.

    For more screenshot click HERE.

  • NPD September 2011: Hardware, Software data and Sony's response

    All thanks to three big guns in gaming industry Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, we have the complete list of NDP hardware data, software sales (September month) for PS3, Xbox 360, DS and 3DS.

    NPD Group

    Check out the complete details below:

    • Xbox 360: 438K
    • Playstation 3: 364K-374K
    • Nintendo 3DS: 260K
    • Wii: 240K
    • Nintendo DS: 145K

    September 2011 NPD rankings

    • Madden NFL 12 (360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP)** 1 Electronic Arts
    • Gearsof War 3 (360)** 2 Microsoft (Corp)
    • Dead Island (360, PS3, PC) 3 Deep Silver
    • FIFA Soccer 12 (360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP, 3DS) 4 Electronic Arts
    • NHL 12 (360, PS3) 5 Electronic Arts
    • Deus Ex: Human Revolution (360, PS3, PC)** 6 Square Enix Inc
    • Resistance 3 (PS3) 7 Sony (Corp)
    • Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (Wii, NDS, 360, 3DS, PS3, PSP, PC) 8 LucasArts
    • Call of Duty: Black Ops (360, PS3, NDS, Wii, PC)** 9 Activision Blizzard
    • Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine (360, PS3, PC) 10 THQ

    SCEA has responded to Sony NPD September 2011 report. Check out below what they said:

    NPD’s September report saw double-digit growth for both PS3 software (52%) and hardware (20%), as increasing brand awareness continues to fuel interest with consumers. First-party software sales remained strong this month, with boosts from blockbuster titles like Resistance 3. The lower PS3 console price point and the upcoming release of exciting titles – Uncharted 3, Everybody Dance and Ratchet and Clank – will continue PlayStation’s momentum into the holiday season.

  • Amazon kick off "buy one, get one 50% off" sale for DS and 3DS games

    Amazon has just started a new "buy one, get one 50% off" sale promotion for few Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS games. There are intotal 242 games eligible for the deal, out of these 218 are Nintendo DS games while rest 24 are Nintendo 3DS games.

    Nintendo 3DS

    The list features few notable titles that were recently released like Dead or Alive: Dimensions and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. The promotion has a limit of one per consumer. Check out the deal from Amazon HERE.

  • Differences between Pokemon Black & White Version revealed

    Pokemon Black & White Version launch on Nintendo DS is just around the corner, however fans are not yet aware of what's the exact difference between these two version.

    First of all let me clear you that there isn't any difference between these two version, the main thing is that each version have its own exclusivity of pokemon that trainers can catch, events, different legendary pokemon.

    Pokemon Black & White

    We have listed below every minute details in this regard to help, check it out:

    Content exclusive to Pokemon BLACK Version:

    Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Murkrow, Houndour, Houndoom, Shroomish, Breloom, Plulse, Volbeat, Honchkrow, Cottonee, Whimsicott, Gothita, Gothorita, Gothitelle, Vullaby, Mandibuzz, Tornadus, Reshiram

    Black City:

    There are many NPCs available in Black City that you can engage to a Pokemon battle. A shop is also available where you can buy items that can’t be bought from other PokeMart.

    Rotation Battles:
    Black version focuses more on the rotation battles rather than Triple Battle.

    Different Gym Leader for Opelucid:
    Drayden will be the Gym Leader for Opelucid City instead of Iris (White version).

    N Castle:
    You’ll get to fight Zekrom in the N castle after defeating the Elite Four and capturing the legendary Pokemon

    Content exclusive to Pokemon WHITE Version:

    Caterpie, Metapod, Butterfree, Paras, Parasect, Misdreavus, Poochyena, Mightyena, Minun, Ilumise, Mismagius, Petilil, Liligant, Solosis, Duosion, Reinclus, Rufflet, Thundurus, Zekrom

    White Forest:
    The White Forest has a variety of wild Pokemon that you can catch.

    Triple Battle:
    White version will be more focused on Triple battle rather than Rotation battle.

    Different Gym Leader for Opelucid:
    Instead of Drayen in Pokemon Black, Iris will be the gym leader in Opelucid City.

    N Castle:

    You’ll get to fight Reshiram in the N castle after defeating the Elite Four and capturing the legendary Pokemon.

    Pokemon Black & White will launch in Europe on March 4, in Noth America March 6, and in Australia on March 10.

  • Nintendo Revealed Q1 release schedule for DS and Wii

    Nintendo has revealed its complete first quater line up for Wii and DS. The list is long and feature some of the much awaited game titles like LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars,  de Blob 2 and many more.


    Here is the complete list for you:


    •     Family Party: 90 Great Games Party Pack – February 11 (D3P)
    •     Kirby’s Epic Yarn – February 25 (Nintendo)
    •     de Blob 2 – February 25 (THQ)
    •     Williams Pinball Classics – March (Systems 3)
    •     Pictionary (uDraw) – March 4 (THQ)
    •     Dood’s Big Adventure (uDraw) – March 4 (THQ)
    •     uDraw Studio with uDraw GameTablet – March 4 (THQ)
    •     Fitness Coach Club – March (Ubisoft)
    •     Challenge Me: Word Puzzles – March 11 (O-Games)
    •     National Geographic Challenge! – March 18 (Black Bean Games)
    •     LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars – March 25 (Activision/LucasArts)


    •     Beauty Academy – February 4 (Tivola Publishing GmbH)
    •     Lost Identities – February 18 (dtp)
    •     The Mysterious Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde – February 18 (O-Games)
    •     de Blob 2 – February 25 (THQ)
    •     Nintendo DSi Pokémon Black Version Limited Edition bundle – March 4 (Nintendo)
    •     Nintendo DSi Pokémon White Version Limited Edition bundle – March 4 (Nintendo)
    •     Pokémon Black Version – March 4 (Nintendo)
    •     Pokémon White Version – March 4 (Nintendo)
    •     Bibi & Tina – Jump & Ride – March 4 (Kiddinx Entertainment GmbH)
    •     Challenge Me: Word Puzzles – March 11 (O-Games)
    •     Hop – March 18 (505 Games)
    •     Okamiden – March 18 (Capcom)
    •     Plants vs Zombies – March 18 (Mastertronic)
    •     Emily Archer & the Curse of Tutankhamen – March 18 (Mastertronic)
    •     Johnny Test – March 25 (Mastertronic)
    •     LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars – March 25 (LucasArts)
    •     Peppa Pig Theme Park Fun – March 25 (P2 Games)
    •     Pucca Power Up – March (Rising Star Games)

    Earlier this week, 3DS line up was also revealed by Nintendo for United Kindom. Check out its details here.

  • New Super Mario Bros cross 6 Million sales figure mark in Japan

    According to data provided by Enterbrain, sales of New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo DS have overcome the barrier of the six million units in Japan, to be more precious till December 26 it accounted for no less than 6,015,255 units. 

    New Super Mario Bros.

    It took New Super Mario Bros. four years and seven months in overcoming these figures. It is estimated that worldwide sales of the game have already exceeded 20 million units. 

    The Wii version of the game was also not behind and has also been successful in Japan selling more than 4 million units.

  • Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation Coming out in US on February 14

    Nintendo of America has announced that Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation will be coming out for the first time in US in February. The Japan only RPG will be hitting the US retail shelves on February 14.

    Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation was originally released on Super Nintendo almost one and half decade ago in Japan.

    Dragon Quest VI

    Marc Franklin, Director of Public Relation, Nintendo America said "Millions of players around the world have discovered the timeless fun of DRAGON QUEST,"

    "The arrival of DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms of Revelation in North America will give fans unique access to a classic game in the series for the first time, offering new ways to explore and enjoy the DRAGON QUEST universe."

    European released details is not yet confirmed.

  • 3DS Battery Life is Shorter in Comparison to DS

    Nintendo upcoming handheld 3DS will required a frequent charging in comparison to DS as it will have shorter battery life.

    Satoru Iwata

    Speaking to the investor during Q&A Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said

    "As for the battery, it is inevitable that Nintendo 3DS will be a device which requires more frequent recharging than Nintendo DS, This is why we are going to include the cradle, which is a dedicated battery charger.

    Perhaps we may need to dispatch to our consumers a message, something like, 'Please place your Nintendo 3DS on the cradle as soon as you return home with it'."

    There isn't any details about how much battery life did 3DS have, the only confirmation made is that it will consist of Lithium battery