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  • Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC re-announced by Tecmo Koei in a unique way

    Tecmo-Koei European Community Manager has just re-announced a third DLC pack for Dynasty Warriors 7 in a very unique fashion. For me this is the best way to re-announced a DLC pack for the game, and i like it very much.

    Dynasty Warriors 7 screen

    This third DLC pack for the game will feature Wu and Shu school uniforms and the new weapon ‘Great Axe’. In Europe the DLC will launch on July 27 on XBLA and PSN. No US launch date yet.

    Check out the unique way of announcing a DLC for Dynasty Warriors 7 below, and let us know did you like it or not as a comment to this post:

    Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC announcement

  • Tecmo Koei announced free DLC for Dynasty Warriors 7, will add Japanese Voice Track

    Tecmo Koei has announced that for North America they will release many DLCs for Dynasty Warriors 7 soon including the one which will add a Japanese voice track.

    Dynasty Warrior 7 screen

    According to the developer, English voice track in Dynasty Warriors 7 at times are annoying fans, and its also not as good as the original. So to overcome these issues with English voice track a free DLC will be made available that adds Japanese voice track to the game.

    Tecmo Koei promises to revealed more details on this soon. Dynasty Warriors 7 is now available for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

  • Dynasty Warriors 7 post launch DLC details revealed

    Tecmo KOEI is planning to make Dynasty Warrior 7 a big hit by releasing a series of post launch DLC for the game containing costumes, weapons and many more things. Some of these post launch DLC will be free of cost.

    The very first DLC will be free for all gamers and it will consist of all the costume from Dynasty Warrior. Later DLC will include bulk of DLC along with new weapons and new stages.

    Dynasty Warriors 7

    On its launch day Zhao Yun costume will be available exclusive for Japanese gamers, whereas those who preorder the game from GEO will get Lu Bu’s outfit.

    Dynasty Warrior 7 launches on March 25 for PS3 and Xbox 360.