E3 2010

  • Darksiders 2 scheduled for 2012

    Not long ago, THQ said that Darksiders will have second part in series. Now the company has returned to pronounce on the matter.

    "Darksiders 2 is coming," said Bilson (via 1UP). "We've green lit that. It's well into production now, it's out two years from now."

    In addition, Bilson has assured itself that the original title had a good response from the public, and that his intention is to convert Darksiders in a saga lasting several deliveries. We will inform you when more details are known.

  • E3 2011 from June 7 to June 9?

    E3 2010 ended, it saw lots of exciting announcement such as Kinect, Xbox 360 Slim from Microsoft, Playstation Move, Playstation Plus from Sony, Assassins Creed: Brotherhood from Ubisoft and many more.. Now that E3 2010 ends planning for the next one has started.

    The dates for E3 2011 is June 7 to June 9, 2011.

  • Saints Row 3 Will Reveal be in December: THQ

    THQ's Saint's Row 3 which was expected to be reveal and showcase at this year E3, now will be reveal at VGAs in December 2010. Danny Bilson of THQ said that, “I’m not going to show it to you today,” Bilson said. “This is the only room we’re talking about Saints Row 3. We’re not showing it on the floor because the rollout starts in December on Saints Row 3. The game is still in the development and gonig by the wording of Bilson its going to be the game to watched out for.

    “We’ve spent an extra year rebuilding the technology for this game. It is absolutely gorgeous and still completely insane, we’re also going to have a collectible card game, we’re going to have books, we’re going to have merchandise – we’re going to build this thing out into the biggest trans-media blowout ever seen".

    “Most of these deals are already in place. I believe we’re going to announce this at the Spike awards in December.

    “It’s really, really exciting what’s going on with Saint’s Row and when we launch this it’s really going to turn heads to what we’ve done with this brand.

    “Saints Row is going to be a monster for us.”

    From the statements, gamers can hope that THQ are having something big in store for them with Saint's Row 3, it will be only reveal in december so till than we have to wait and watch.

  • THQ Announced Darksiders 2

    Darksider 2 is officially announced, THQ made this announcement at their E3 press conference, at their E3 press conference THQ said that the sequel is currently in development and it will be releasing in 2012.

    Danny Bilson at THQ E3 analyst said, “Darksiders 2 is coming. We've green lit that, the game is well into production and will be released two years from now." He further added, It sold about twice as much as Red Faction so it has done pretty well, the second one will be twice as big as the first one and the third one you get to big numbers. That’s my strategy".

    So it going to be a big blast with Darksiders 2.

  • Rebellion's NeverDead announced by Konami at E3 2010

    The Kids Rebellion (Aliens vs Predator) And Konami have joined forces to develop a new title, announced the NeverDead in E3.

    The game in question is called NeverDead will be set in a city ravaged by a terrible creatures. Luckily, the players will have the ability not to die by his powers of regeneration.

    As we saw in the first trailer, the game is clearly focused on the action, and will have a spectacular development. It will go on sale for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 .

    Finally, although its leaders are going to be, as we said, Rebellion, himself Shinta Nojiri personally oversee the project.

  • Secret of Mana Announced by Square Enix for iPhone

    Square Enix has something in store for iPhone also at E3, they announce a 16-bit RPG Secret of Mana for iPhone. iPhone user will be able to get their hands on Secret of Mana sometime this year. The game will be avaialble on App Store.

    About Secret of Mana:

    Secret of Mana was first released on Super Nintendo way back in 1993. The Secret of Mana reveals an epic story with the help and use of colorful sprites, and the battles that take place in Secret of Mana take place in real time like in Legend of Zelda Series.

  • Knights in the Nightmare coming for PSP - E3 2010

    Knight in the Nightmare will be coming out of Playstation Portable (PSP), Kinght in the Nightmare is slated to hit the PSP on 19th October 2010.

    Playstation Portable gamers has to shell out $29.99 from their pocket for the game and it will be available through Playstaion Network (PSN) and in stores.

    Knight in the Nightmare will features optimized controls, upgraded visuals and sound and many more.

  • Infamous 2 on Playstation 3 Next Year: Sony

    Sony announces a release detail for Infamous 2 at their E3 press Conference, the reveal that the Infamous 2 will be releasing on Playstation 3 by next year, however the exact date is yet not given out by them.

    This announcement was made by Sony and they also reveal a teaser trailer for the game.

  • Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Announced for wii at E3

    Well Nintendo's E3 conference has started, and the first thing out from it is a trailer of Zelda franchise, it has been named as Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

    Legand of Zelda: Skyward Sword is a title exclusive for Wii which wil be able to integrates the Wii remote along with amotion plus for the purpose of sword and for shield a nunchuck.

    Other details is still be reveal we will update you with it as soon as possible.