• First Game Console from China "iSec" coming this December

    The price and launch date of China's first game console has been revealed. According to details in Chinese reports, The iSec, Lenovo's home game console will launch this December (limited release) in Mainland.

    iSec (previously known as eBox) features Kinect-style controls, and it will carry a price tag of 3,000 yuan (US$470). Check out the pic of the console below.


  • Lenovo Building New Game Console Ebox

    One of the largest PC Vendor Lenovo has decided to enter the video game market by developing a games console. Lenovo is a well know name in building a various gaming laptops and PCs but now they are aiming high and now wants a slice of console action.

    Speaking to China Daily the company said that they have already set a up a team of 40 engineers and named them Eedoo and they have started there work to build a console name "Ebox". No price for guessing where the idea is taken from and what it plan to compete with.

    Lenovo Ebox will consist of gesture control interface much like Microsoft Kinect which will use webcam for tracking gamers movements. Lenovo also hinted that the price will be much lower than Xbox 360 and they will most probably rolling out the Ebox in the Q1 of 2011.

    Here is what Eedoo President Jack Luo said to China Daily:

    "We are the world's second company to produce a controller-free game console, behind only Microsoft,"

    "Our product is designed for family entertainment. EBox may not have exquisite game graphics, or extensive violence, but it can inspire family members to get off the couch and get some exercise,"