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  • Dark Souls II highlights from EDGE preview : no confirmed PS4 and Xbox One version

    EDGE preview for Dark Souls II has been released and plenty of information on Dark Souls II is revealed now. This is the biggest game of FromSoftware as of now. For development of Dark Souls II, FromSoftware development team size has been almost doubled.

    Dark Souls II

    As most interesting highlights from this EDGE preview for Dark Souls II are posted on NeoGAF by a member Darth Zandatsu, following information of Dark Souls II we are aware of:

    • Dark Souls II map size is almost same as Dark Souls except this time players will have more freedom to choose how they wanna proceed throughout the game.
    • Higher difficulty, expect Dark Souls II journey to be more difficult this time.
    • Dark Souls II bosses will have more challenging fighting styles.
    • We can expect to see opening cinematic next month i.e. January.
    • Members of the Brotherhood of Blood and Blue Sentinels can fight PvP battles within their own Covenants.
    • No confirmation for PS4 and Xbox One version.
    • Game is being developed based on PC, we can expect a good PC version game.

    Source: NeoGAF

  • PS2 is Edge's "Best Consoles of Past 20 Years", X360 in Second Place and PS3 in Seventh

    Edge Magazine Issue 258 will go on sale in just few days time, but details regarding what it will feature has already arrived.

    Edge MagazineIn Edge #258, the publication has awarded Playstation 2 as "Best Consoles" in a special coverage on "10 best consoles of the past 20 Years". Microsoft's Xbox 360 comes in second place with original Playstation console in third place. Playstation 3 is way behind in seventh place.

    You can take a look at the Top Ten List below.

    1. PlayStation 2
    2. Xbox 360
    3. PlayStation
    4. Nintendo 64
    5. GameCube
    6. DS lite
    7. PlayStation 3
    8. Wii
    9. Xbox
    10. Dreamcast

    Do you agree with this Top Ten list from Edge Magazine?, if you share your personal 10 best consoles of the past 20 Years with us in the comment section below.

    Other Details That Will Feature in Upcoming Edge Magazine Issue 258 Are Listed Below.


    • An audience with Mark Cerny
    • The ten best consoles of the past twenty years
    • The ten amendments
    • An audience with Katsuhiro Harada
    • The next 20, what lies ahead for videogaming two decades into the future
    • An audience with David Braben
    • The making of Year Walk


    • The Sims 4
    • Hawken
    • Ultra Street Fighter IV
    • Cube World
    • EverQuest Next
    • Sonic Lost World

    Source: NeoGaf

  • EDGE unveils Fifteen Games to get perfect review score of 10 in last Two Decades

    Edge Magazine has revealed the list of fifteen games that received a perfect review score of 10/10 from them (in Edge's Magazine history/two decades).

    Edge MagazineEdge Magzine stated, "As we approach our 20th anniversary, allow us a moment to reflect. When we reviewed The Last Of Us earlier this year, it became the fifteenth game in Edge’s history to be awarded a ten, joining a small group of landmark releases; important, brilliant, inspiring games which each defined a specific moment in the evolution of play."

    Here is the list of 15 Games that received 10/10 review score from Edge Magazine (in last two decades).

    • Super Mario 64
    • Gran Turismo
    • The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
    • Halo: Combat Evolved
    • Half-Life 2
    • Halo 3
    • The Orange Box
    • Super Mario Galaxy
    • Super Mario Galaxy 2
    • GTA IV
    • LittleBigPlanet
    • Bayonetta
    • Rock Band 3
    • The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    • The Last Of Us

    Source: Edge Magazine

  • Edge Magazine Issue 257 Cover Revealed, Features Bungie's Destiny

    The cover of Edge Magazine latest issue (#257) has been revealed, and guess what it features Bungie's upcoming shooter "Destiny" with a tagline "The Next Generation of Multiplayer Gaming".

    Edge Magazine Issue 257 CoverThe latest issue features a details article explaining the "How Bungie is handing control over to the player in its new epic, Destiny".

    Previews for games such as "Watch Dogs, Titanfall, Puppeteer, Batman: Arkham Origins, DriveClub, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Super Mario 3D World" are also included.

      In addition to this, Edge Magazine #257 also review scores for following games:

      • Pikmin 3 - 8
      • Dota 2 - 9
      • Tales of Xillia - 7
      • Deus Ex: The Fall - 6
      • Deadpool - 3
      • Dark - 3
      • Rogue Legacy - 8
      • Layton Brothers: Mystery Room - 7
      • Mighty Switch Force! 2 - 6
      • Capsule - 7

      Take a look at the cover below.

      Edge Magazine #257 Cover

    • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt New Details unveils via Edge Magazine

      Edge Magazine latest issue is out and guess what it carries tons of new details about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the third installment in popular The Witcher series.

      The Witcher 3 Edge Magazine CoverAccording to details revealed by Edge Magazine, CD Projekt RED aims for 30FPS experience on consoles and will ‘Witcher sense’ that will be similar to Batman’s detective mode.

      You can check out all new details about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt below along with the cover of Edge Magazine latest issue.

      • There will be no overt tutorial instead mechanics will gradually be introduced.
      • Combat system now has dodge in order to be closer to the pirouettes found in the books.
      • Geralt can choose to execute or spare bandits, though he can loot them either way.
      • They are targeting 30fps on console.
      • Geralt will change his stance according to the task he is faced with e.g. wary if surrounded by a pack of monsters.
      • They added Witcher sense similar to Batman’s Detective mode so you can see weak points on monsters like The Fiend’s lungs, or outside of battle to re create events like tracking a murderer.
      • Main storyline is 40-50hrs, and another 40-50 in the open world.
      • No “Fedex Quests.”
      • Choice and consequence will ripple across the world.
      • Don’t want to build a sandbox experience, storytelling is still the main goal.
      • Some locations: Skellige: Nordicstyle archipelago, Slaviclike No Mans Land and city of Novigrad.
      • Geralt can jump. Inhouse motion capturing, though the horse was done somewhere else.

      The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edge Magazine Lastest Issue Cover

    • PS4 Special Coverage in Edge Magazine Issue 253

      Issue #253 of Edge Magazine will be available soon and guess what it will feature as a big cover story, a massive TEN page article on PS4 that includes an interview with Sony Worldwide Studios’ Head Shuhei Yoshida and behind the scenes insights from Guerilla Games and Evolution Studios.

      Playstation 4The issue also features review score of few latest games including BioShock: Infinite, God of War: Ascension and more. You can check out the Edge Magazine Issue #253 cover below.

      Review scores

      • Bioshock Infinite 9
      • SimCity 6
      • StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm 9
      • God of War: Ascension 7
      • Gears of War: Judgement 8
      • Fire Emblem Awakening 9
      • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 8
      • Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine 8
      • Sonic Dash 5
      • Ridiculous Fishing 9
      • Monster Meltdown 7


      • Thief
      • The Elder Scrolls Online
      • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
      • Arma III
      • Card Hunter
      • Saints Row IV


      • PS4 developers and hardware leads (Killzone, Drive Club..)
      • Definition of a video game
      • An audience with Kojima
      • Making of… The Walking Dead (Telltale)
      • The art of… Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed

      Edge Magazine Issue 253 Cover


    • Far Cry 3 Edge Magazine Scans released

      Yesterday we revealed tons of new details from the latest issue of Edge Magazine about Ubisoft next game in Far Cry franchise, Far Cry 3. These details were about Far Cry 3 missions, characters, specific gameplay information and many many more.

      Far Cry 3 screenAnd now the scans for magazine has just arrived on internet as well. We have it for you below. Check it out. A brand new trailer of Far Cry 3 is also schedule to release at somepoint this week.

      Far Cry 3 Edge Scan 1 Far Cry 3 Edge Scan 2 Far Cry 3 Edge Scan 3 Far Cry 3 Edge Scan 4 Far Cry 3 Edge Scan 5 Far Cry 3 Edge Scan 6

    • New Skyrim info on quests, perks, factions and game world

      The latest issue of Edge Magazine features some fresh and new details about Bethesda's upcoming RPG "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

      Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

      The new that surfaced are on quests, perks, factions, the game world. Check them out below.

      • There is an Ice Golem creature.
      • By befriending faction leaders, those positioned at a lower rank will be less harsh.
      • You are able to make factions fight each other.
      • Newly-revealed perks include a decapitation one and a running-with-shield-up one.
      • A new kill animation allows you to kill off enemies trying to crawl away.
      • Gourds are an included ingredient in recipes.

      Skyrim will launch on November 11 for PS3, PC and Xbox 360.