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  • Top 11 Canceled Games We Want Devs To Reboot For PS4 And Xbox One

    Here's a list of top 11 canceled games we want devs to reboot for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. These 11 games was canned for some reason or the order, one of them was lack of technology and console power. Now, PS4 and Xbox One offers much more.

  • 10 Games That Should Be Announced as PS4 Launch Title on Feb 20

    February 20, a day when history will be made by Sony, as it is almost certain that the firm will officially unveil its next-generation Playstation console and Future of gaming, "PS4" at Playstation Meeting 2013. Talking about current generation gaming (including both PS3 and Xbox 360), you all will agree if i say it has lasted longer than everyone of us expected, and so gamers are pretty eager and excited to experience the next stage from the two giants in the gaming industry (Sony and Microsoft). All the latest teasers and leaks point out that Sony will be leading our way into next-generation gaming at Playstation Meeting 2013.


    So here's our list of Games that Sony should announce as PS4 Launch Title. If we missed out any of your choice, let us know in the comment section below

    1: The Last Guardian

    Sony officially revealed The Last Guardian at E3 2009, and was originally given a late 2011 release date internationally at Tokyo Game Show 2010, but was pushed back to 2012 on April 20, 2011. Further complications, including Ueda's departure as a full-time employee of Sony though remaining as a consultant on the project, have left the release date in question.

    The Last Guardian

    Earlier this month, Fumitu Ueda suddently came out in open and stated that The Last Guardian is still in development by an incredibly talented team, and decision regarding release date will be announced by Sony pretty soon. Sony won't get any better stage than Playstation Meeting 2013 for official announcement of The Last Guardian as PS4 launch title.

    2: Eight Days:

    Eight Days from SCE London Studio was off to a flying start when it was first revealed at E3 2006. However destiny played its part and on On 4 June 2008 Sony announced that Eight Days has been cancelled. Sony released a statement on the cancellation, "This decision was made following an internal review of all games and it was deemed that with the incredibly strong list of exclusive first party titles coming up both this year and in the near future, resource should be reallocated to enhance those projects closer to completion".

    Eight Days

    Two weeks after the cancellation of Eight Days, SCE President, Shuhei Yoshida, stated that the lack of an online mode in Eight Days was "part of the consideration" to cancel the game. Shuhei Yoshida also stated that the cancellation of Eight Days was not because it was not failing in production, but because Sony is increasingly moving towards online-supported games, and Eight Days did not fit that overall strategy.

    However, on October 2009, it was confirmed that Eight Days hasn't been cancelled, but merely put 'ON HOLD'. Eight Days for PS4 will be the biggest gift from Sony to all its Playstation fans.

    3: Agent

    In July 2007, Sony announced that Rockstar North is working on a new franchise exclusively for Playstation 3, but details of the project, including its title, were not announced until June 2009 during the Sony press conference at E3, and the game was none other than AGENT.


    Rockstar North via press-release revealed that AGENT is set during the Cold War and will take players into "the world of counter-intelligence, espionage and political assassinations". Rockstar and Sony has yet to reveal any details regarding the setting other than the fact that it will be set in the late 1970s.

    After this initial announcement at E3 2009, we haven't seen or heard anything realistic about Agent. On 15 August 2011, Leigh Donoghue, a former Rockstar North environmental artist who worked on Grand Theft Auto IV and Agent posted the first images of Agent in his online resume. The shots show a character as well as various indoor environments from the game. Both of the images clearly mention that they were made in 2009.

    On 1 August 2012, when asked about Agent at Take Two's Q1 2013 report, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said "we haven't announced anything about that title.

    Agent announcement was made in 2007 and now we are in the start of 2013. SIX years have passed, Sony is known for surprising its fan-base, so who knows what they have in store for them at Playstation Meeting 2013?, probably Agent for PS4?.

    4: Killzone 4

    This has been in the making for a long time now. The next installment in the popular PS3 exclusive series has been muttered about for months, and now every leak and rumor state only one thing "Killzone 4 is PS4" launch title.

    Killzone 4

    Recently Guerrilla Games art director admitted that the studio is working on three unannounced game, out of which third one is directed by the man who led the original Killzone's development. No official details yet, but insider source points towards official reveal at Playstation Meeting 2013.

    5: Gran Turismo 6

    Earlier today Sony revealed brand new promotional video of Playstation Meeting 2013 titled as "Changing the Definition of Game". The video prominently features the Gran Turismo series, highlighting how it redefined the genre of driving games and was designed to "appeal to an older group of consumers".

    Gran Turismo 6

    A promotion of Playstation Meeting 2013 (PS4 reveal event) with Gran Turismo series does speaks a lot of thing, yes you got right, Gran Turismo 6 for PS4.

    6: The Phantom Pain

    Moby Dick Studio today updated the official website of The Phantom Pain with new teaser message and figure "2:20". The message seems to be about what The Phantom Pain is all about but figure "2:20" pointed directly towards Sony's "Playstation Meeting 2013" on February 20, 2013.

    The Phantom Pain

    So guys don't get surprise at all if The Phantom Pain is announced as PS4 exclusive (as was the case with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots).

    7: Battlefield 4

    Battlefield 4 is almost certain for PS4 after EA via Origin leaked a beta pre-order bonus with Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Also Battlefield 4 development is on right track and public reveal is just around the corner, as EA has already started showing the game behind closed door (Today Battlefield 4 was shown to GameStop CEO).

    Battlefield 4

    DICE and EA is targetting late 2013 release window for Battlefield 4, and so we can be rest assured that it would arrive on PS4. Furthermore, EA CEO John Riccitiello confirmed at recent financial call meeting that they will talk about next-generation Battlefield around May 2013.

    With Battlefield 3 we saw what Frostbite 2 Engine is capable of on PS3, and now we all are curious to see to what it can achieve with Battlefield 4 on PS4.

    8: Rainbow Six: Patriots

    Rainbow Six: Patriots was scheduled to released in 2013 for PS3. We saw an amazing trailer for the game, including Heavy Rain-esque Rainbow Six: Patriots concept video, but at the end of 2011, everything went into dark, then suddently Ubisoft CEO Yves Gulllemot openly confirmed that Rainbow Six: Patriots is still in development, and there's good chance that the game has gone nex-generation.

    Rainbow Six: Patriots

    So guys don't be surprise if Rainbow Six: Patriots is announced as launch title for PS4 at Playstation Meeting 2013.

    9: Uncharted 4

    After the release of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception many thought that Naughty Dog Studio will go for a long break before starting work on something new. But to every-ones surprise in-came The Last of Us (at VGAs 2011). At the time of The Last of Us announcement it was revealed that Sony split Naughty Dog studio into two team, out of which one continued the work on Uncharted franchise, whereas the second one continued work on The Last Us.

    Uncharted 4

    On the basis of this we can easily conclude that we will see more of Drake and Uncharted series in terms of Uncharted 4 sooner that too on a grand scale (i.e on next-generation Playstation console, PS4). I am keeping my finger cross for this one.

    10: New Intecllectual IP from SCE Santa Monica Game

    The relationship between Santa Monica Studio and Playstation console goes a long way. The studio is responsible for tonnes of awesome Playstation exclusive game (God of War, Fat Princess, Flower, Starhawk). Recent rumor stated that Santa Monica is working on a brand new intellectual property for PS4, however no details was leak as to what exactly it is, a spin-off of previous franchise or an entirely new game?.

    Santa Monica

    Enough of sequel and prequel from Santa Monica, i am betting my money on a new IP from Santa Monica for PS4.

  • Canned PS3 exclusive Eight Days gameplay footage leaked

    A gameplay footage of SCE London's canned PS3 exclusive "Eight Days" has appeared on YouTube. According to the details revealed, the video footage is "pre-production work in progress" and begins in a level in the desert, and shows off the game's cover system in work.

    Eight Days screenshot

    The video also features gun fights and concludes with a chopper moving down the buildings. The footage is not clear but seems very legit. Watch it below and decide by yourself.