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Rumor - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Will Be Like The Force Unleashed, But More Grounded

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At E3 2018, we learned that the action adventure Star Wars game in the making at Respawn Entertainment is called Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Unfortunately, that was it – nothing more was told during EA Play.

Battlefield V Open Beta Struggles To Keep 60FPS On Consoles, First Tech Analysis

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The Battlefield V open beta is still running wild and will be doing for another day now. Thanks to this beta, we can give the game an early look and check how it is performing in terms of visuals and overall stability.

Battlefield V Battle Royale Firestorm Coming By Criterion Games, Details On Objectives

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Electronic Arts and DICE have shared more details about Firestorm, the battle royale mode coming as part of the Battlefield V multiplayer offering after November 20 launch.

Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode Firestorm Has 64 Players

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DICE and Electronic Arts have shared the first details about the battle royale mode which is going to be featured in Battlefield V, now officially called Firestorm, as part of a new video.

Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Free For All Players Between September 11 and 18

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Battlefield 1 users are being given the chance to get and keep the game’s premium pass completely for free between September 11 and September 18, on all the platform where’s DICE shooter is available, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Battlefield V Open Beta Will End On September 11, PS Plus Subscription Needed

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Battlefield V Open Beta End Time Revealed

According to the report, Battlefield V open beta will end on September 11 at 22:00 BST, and PlayStation Plus subscription is mandatory to play it (Xbox Live Gold subscription on Xbox One).

Battlefield V Delayed To November 20, Not Because Of BO4 And RDR2 Competition

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Battlefield V Delayed To November 20

In a blog post on EA Website, DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson announce that Battlefield V has been delayed to November 20, and the development team will take this extra time to make some final adjustments to the core gameplay based on the open beta feedbacks from the Battlefield Community.

Battlefield V Open Beta Dates Revealed, New Nvidia RTX Trailer

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Electronic Arts and DICE have revealed Battlefield V Open Beta dates, and released a brand new trailer detailing all the features coming together with the latest Nvidia RTX graphics cards.

Consoles Will Be In Smart TV, Phones And Tablets In 10 Years, Says EA

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According to EA executive vice president Matt Bilbey, game streaming will become the norm in 10 years. Then, we’ll get to play triple-A titles directly from our smart TV or devices like phones and tablets.

EA Hints At Free To Play Standalone Battle Royale Game

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During the latest meeting with the investors, Electronic Arts has discussed the possibility of building a free to play competitor for Fortnite, something that has not been ruled out.