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Unravel Two Live Now On PS Store, Carries £16 Price Tag

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Unravel Two Live Now On PS Store, Price £16

Unravel Two is available now on PS Store. The game carries a price tag of £16. Players will be able to play the game at a local co-op or as a single-player.

EA Vancouver Focusing On "Single-Player Narrative" For Former Visceral Games' Star Wars

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EA Vancouver Focusing On "Single-Player Narrative"

We all remember what happened to Visceral Games and to its single-player Star Wars action adventure title, so it's still painful to talk about it and see what's happening at Electronic Arts on the base of that game.

Star Wars Battlefront II Support To End Soon, According To A New Rumor

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EA Ending Star Wars Battlefront II Support Soon

A new and interesting, although disappointing, rumor involving Star Wars Battlefront II has recently shown up on Reddit and, even though we can't confirm the information included, it looks worth reporting it because it says - Battlefront II Support/Development is ending soon.

Anthem Live Services Coming Later After Launch

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EA Hints At Anthem Live Service, Coming After Launch

Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen has hinted at the fact that live services for Anthem could be deployed later after the launch of the upcoming, and much anticipated, BioWare third person action game.

Microsoft Debunks EA Estimations That Xbox One Has Only Sold 29.4 Million Units

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Xbox One: 29.5 Million Sales Estimate Is Not Correct

A few days ago, Electronic Arts have provided a few estimations about how PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have performed as of December 31, 2018, with the latter in particular in a very bad shape in terms of sales.

EA Will Keep Pushing On Loot Boxes Despite The Accusations of Gambling

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EA Will Keep Pushing Loot Boxes Despite Gambling Controversy

Electronic Arts has reiterated the intention to keep fuelling its business in the loot box mechanics, no matter whether the laws and regulations around the world (particularly in Netherlands and Belgium) claim they're gambling or not.

Xbox One Has Sold Less Than 30 Million Units Since Launch, According To EA

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Xbox One Sold Just 30 Million As Of December 2017

According to Electronic Arts, Xbox One has sold less than 30 million units worldwide since launch (till December 2017). EA disclosed the figure during their Q&A session with the investors, stating that 29.5 millions of Xbox One has been sold till December 2017.

Battlefield V Will Feature A Story Based, Single-Player Campaign

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Battlefield V Story Based Single-Player Campaign Confirmed

Electronic Arts have confirmed that Battlefield V will feature a story-based single-player campaign. This confirmation was much needed from Electronic Arts because there were multiple reports on the internet which stated that Battlefield V is skipping single-player campaign at a cost of Battle Royale mode.

Rumor: Battlefield V Reveal Teaser Trailer Coming This Week

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Battlefield V Reveal Teaser Coming This Week

YouTuber AlmightyDaq has revealed that Battlefield V (2018) reveal teaser trailer will be released at some point this week.

Battlefield V Dev Working On A Battle Royale Prototype?

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DICE Working On A Battle Royale Protoype For Battlefield V

According to sources close to the matter, DICE might be prototyping a battle royale mode for the next Battlefield experience, reportedly named Battlefield V and set in the World War II.