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Consoles Will Be In Smart TV, Phones And Tablets In 10 Years, Says EA

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According to EA executive vice president Matt Bilbey, game streaming will become the norm in 10 years. Then, we’ll get to play triple-A titles directly from our smart TV or devices like phones and tablets.

EA Hints At Free To Play Standalone Battle Royale Game

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During the latest meeting with the investors, Electronic Arts has discussed the possibility of building a free to play competitor for Fortnite, something that has not been ruled out.

It Was BioWare That Really Wanted To Do Anthem, Not EA

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Bioware Wanted To Do Anthem, No Electronic Arts

With a game so different than the usual action RPG from BioWare, there was a narrative that the Canadian developer was pushed by its publisher and owner Electronic Arts to make the co-op heavy, always online Anthem.

“Star Wars Fans Want Authenticity”: How EA Is Striving To Hit Their Expectations

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EA’s journey with the Star Wars franchise hasn’t exactly started with the best possible outcomes, releasing two Star Wars Battlefront games that were for different reasons a bit controversial, and shutting Visceral Games down and making an open world title out of its work.

Battlefield V Vanity Items Won’t Feature Things That Weren’t Used In World War II

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battlefield v

Battlefield V debut trailer has generated a lot of controversy among the members of the community because it featured female soldiers and fancy vanity items that many thought would harm the series’ historical accuracy.

BioWare Talks Mass Effect Andromeda: "Flawed Game" Harmed By A Crowded Review Environment

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Bioware Explains What Went Wrong With Mass Effect Andromeda

Executive producer Mark Darrah has provided a few interesting statements on Twitter about what happened with Mass Effect Andromeda, admitting that it was a flawed game but also that it was harmed by the crowded month of March where it was shipped last year.

Battlefield V Confirmed Weapons, Gadgets And Vehicles Leaked

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Battlefield V Weapons And Vehicles List

A partial list of Weapons, Vehicles, and Gadgets that will be present in Battlefield V at launch has been leaked. A list looks legit as it first appeared on the Battlefield Blog (now deleted) and then made its way on to the Reddit.

Unravel Two Live Now On PS Store, Carries £16 Price Tag

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Unravel Two Live Now On PS Store, Price £16

Unravel Two is available now on PS Store. The game carries a price tag of £16. Players will be able to play the game at a local co-op or as a single-player.

EA Vancouver Focusing On "Single-Player Narrative" For Former Visceral Games' Star Wars

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EA Vancouver Focusing On "Single-Player Narrative"

We all remember what happened to Visceral Games and to its single-player Star Wars action adventure title, so it's still painful to talk about it and see what's happening at Electronic Arts on the base of that game.

Star Wars Battlefront II Support To End Soon, According To A New Rumor

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EA Ending Star Wars Battlefront II Support Soon

A new and interesting, although disappointing, rumor involving Star Wars Battlefront II has recently shown up on Reddit and, even though we can't confirm the information included, it looks worth reporting it because it says - Battlefront II Support/Development is ending soon.