• Activision shutting down COD Elite beta at 8PM tonight

    Call of Duty Elite beta will be shut down tonight at 8pm by Activision. It has been confirmed that the Connect, Compete and Improve sections will remain closed, however access to Career page will soon open to all.

    COD: Elite

    The publisher also confirmed that beta activity carries over when Elite launches on 8th November alongside shooter Modern Warfare 3.

    Activision said, "Beachhead Studio would like to thank everyone for their feedback and participation in the beta, as it's helping to make Call of Duty Elite an even better service,"

  • MW3 Dev: Now No place for cheaters in COD, thanks to ELITE

    Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has revealed that Activision's COD: Elite will help in their efforts to remove hackers and cheaters from games online portion.

    MW3 screenshot

    In a recent interview to Gamespy, Robert said, "There’s been a lot of work put into it. I can’t go into specifics. On a general high level area there’s so much more stuff that we’ve locked down and made less accessible than we had before. A lot of stuff that we stripped out, a lot more challenge response things that we’re doing… It’s about verifying what the code is supposed to be and what the code actually is on the client side, and making sure that those are aligned. It’s also about our ability to take action when stuff is wrong so we’ve done a lot of work in our ability to update the game more quickly and efficiently than we have before."

    He further continues, "A lot of that stuff can be done through Elite that we can review,” Bowling added. “Then we have tools to report player stuff in game that players can use, and we’ll have entire teams monitoring and taking actions on those. That’s new for us. A lot of that stuff, the monitoring stuff, a lot of that was introduced in Black Ops but with Elite that is launching with Modern Warfare 3, we’re taking that in an all new area, having full teams dedicated solely to that."

    Cheaters and hackers has been a huge problem for many of us. This issue is so irritating and frustrating that many players discontinues playing game online. I just hope that this will allow MW3 to have a very smooth online experience.

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  • COD: Elite PS3 beta test later, reason for delay "PSN"

    Activision's Call of Duty: Elite beta testing is available now but only for Xbox 360 gamers. It has been confirmed by the publisher that PS3 gamers will get to try out the taster at a later date, whereas PC gamers are not among the lucky ones as there is no beta version of Call of Duty: Elite planned for them.

    COD: Elite logo

    The reason given out for the delay to launch the beta for PS3 gamers, "Failure of PSN". Activision will provide more details as to when the beta will begin for PS3 gamers via an email. So stay tuned for more updates on this.

  • New Call of Duty: Elite trailer details everything

    Activision has released a new trailer for Call of Duty: Elite. In this new trailer the publisher tries to explain what all things gamers can expect from COD: Elite.

    Gamers who are not aware of what this Call of Duty: Elite is all about, then watch out the trailer below which will give you a brief introduction and what perks will be available for their subscribers.

    Call of Duty: Elite

    The beta testing of Call of Duty: Elite begins today. The full version of the service will launch near the release of MW3. In the meantime check out the trailer below.

  • COD: Elite first batch of beta invitation going out today

    According to the report from Kotaku, Activision will send out the first round of beta invites for Call of Duty: Elite later today.

    COD: Elite logo

    The beta will allow gamers to try their hands out on some portion of service before its full launch in November with Modern Warfare 3. If you don't get beta inivitation today, don't get disheartena as it will be shipped throughout the next month.

    Complete list of premium features for the service will be revealed in September at Call of Duty XP.

  • COD: Elite beta details and screenshots revealed

    Activision has officially confirmed that Call of Elite will launch with Modern Warfare 3 on November 8. Gamers will be able to take complete advantage of all new content either for free of cost or for subscription.

    COD: Elite logo

    A public beta is slated to release for this Summer, exact date will be announced in coming days. To Enter the beta click HERE.

    Check out screenshot of the service below:

    Elite Leaderboard tracker Elite Connect Theater Elite Career Recent Matches Elite Connect Your Group Elite Improve Kowloon Elite Program Guide

  • COD: Elite complete details revealed

    The much awaited Call of Duty: Elite trailer has been leaked online, we have got our hands on the trailer and we would like to present to you the complete details about what Call of Duty: Elite is all about.

    First of all Call of Duty: Elite is an online service that allows you to form groups, compete, share videos of your favourite games, view maps and many more. The service is accessible via mobile, tablets, smartphones, computer etc. Call of Duty: Elite will work for all COD games from Black Ops and beyond.

    COD: Elite

    The group feature in the service will allow you to form or join a group for any reason. COD: Elite will also feature tons of live feed and intel which will help you improve your game. You will be able to view personal stats and compare them with your friends and enemies to know where you exactly rank in COD world.

    When you go and compete in Leagues, actual stuff will be on stake, you will be getting real prize if you win, no details as what those prizes would be.

    The program guide in COD: Elite will keep you upto date with all the stuff in case you are among one of those who won't play online 24X7.  The theatre feature will also you to record, edit and share any video for viewing by other elite members on Facebook, YouTube and other site.

    Check out the trailer below (Thanks "GameGaia"):

  • Robert Bowling: COD: Elite details coming out soon

    Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward Community manager has announced of Twitter the complete details regarding Call of Duty: Elite will be revealed soon.

    COD: Elite logo

    On Twitter Bowling was quizzed by a user name "@fourzerotwo":

    Hey, Could you explain what MW3 Elite is? Or is this yet to be announced?

    To this Bowling replied:

    @zJordancook All the details of Elite and how it will be integrated with #MW3 will be coming out shortly.

    It has been rumored that Elite may be the final name for "Project Beachhead", or Activision's premium online service.