• Nintendo 3DS firmware 2.0.0-2U available now

    After silght delay, Nintendo has finally released the much awaited firmware update 2.0.0-2U. The firmware update is now available for download, and one of the most important features this new update carries is 3DS eShop.


    3DS owners can also make use of handheld's Internet Browser and will also be able to transfer DSiWare games from their DSi/DSi XL system to the 3DS. However few importants points 3DS owners should know before transfering, check out those details HERE.

  • 3DS eShop will now be coming out in May

    Nintendo Boss Satoru Iwata has raised a big question mark over their previous plan that 3DS eShop will be cominbg out in time for the handheld's launch.

    According to Nintendo's previous claim, on the launch day of the handheld a system update will be made available to install eShop on it, however Iwata addressing investors said that the very first update for 3DS "is scheduled for late May, at almost the same time around the world.”

    Nintendo 3DS

    eShop is a new online game portal for Nintendo 3DS. The handheld launches in Japan on February 26, in Europe on March 25, and in North America on March 27, 2011.