Everquest II

  • Sony Online Announces EverQuest II Extended

    Sony Online announces their plan to launch and release a new free-to-play services knows as EverQuest II Extended.

    The Details are also given out about this new service from Sony Online, here is what they give out:

    So, we're about to launch a bold new service named 'EverQuest II Extended' (EQ2X). This is a completely separate service from the standard EQII Live subscription service (EQII). For all intents and purposes, it’s a completely separate gameplay mechanic with the aim to attract new players to the world of 'EverQuest II'.

    'EverQuest II Extended' shares all the content and features of Live EQII. It plays the same. It looks the same. It  is the same, with two obvious exceptions: it’s free-to-play, and b) it has a more robust marketplace.

    What does 'free-to-play' mean? It means that you can download the game and play all of it (except the most recent expansion) all the way up to level 80. Your character is restricted in a bunch of different ways (limited class selection, limited races, limited coin, etc.) and to unlock those features fully, you’ll need to subscribe to Gold level membership. Which, coincidentally, is $15/month. Sound familiar?

  • EverQuest II Debut of Station Cash Mounts

    Beginning today, EverQuest II players no longer need to save plat or chase retail boxes to achieve the status and performance boost that comes with roaming Norrath on a mount. Fueled by player demand, Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) is giving players the opportunity to purchase a mount through the Station Cash Marketplace for the first time. The all new Stonebrunt Prowler mounts are available to purchase for only $25.00 in-game now. Residents of Norrath can choose from three different types of Prowler mounts which are guaranteed to be available for at least one month.

    The Stonebrunt Prowler is a fearsome predator with strong jaws and deadly speed, and has been known for stalking the plains of Odus. Since Odus was pulled from Norrath, the prowlers have mutated, with magic infusing their bodies and improving their already powerful muscles. Recently, Erudite researchers have found ways to bend the prowlers to their service, taking control of the magic essence of each prowler and harnessing it for use as a mount of unparalleled ferocity.

    EverQuest II Station Cash Mounts Trailer

    Further details on each of the Stonebrunt Prowler mounts:

    Ethereal Prowler (Purple) 

    • Increases Slashing, Aggression, Ranged, Piercing and Crushing of caster by   5.0
    • Reduces maximum falling speed of caster
    • Increases caster run speed by 65%

    Sinister Prowler (Green) 

    • Increases Disruption, Focus, Ministration, Subjugation and Ordination of   caster by 5.0
    • Reduces maximum falling speed of caster
    • Increases caster run speed by 65%

    Ulteran Prowler (Blue)

    • Increases Focus, Ordination, Disruption, Subjugation and Ministration of   caster by 5.0
    • Reduces maximum falling speed of caster
    • Increases caster run speed by 65%