• Carmack Finally Comments On Facebook/Oculus Deal: "Its Going To Be Positive, Facebook Won't Interfere/Control Oculus"

    Recently Facebook bought "Oculus Virtual Reality" for whooping 2 Billion Dollar deal. A lot of developers and fans were unhappy with the acquisition and accused Palmer of selling out his firm just of $$$.

    Oculus Virtual Reality HeadsetLegendary John Carmack has finally broken his silence and put forward his views on Facebook-Oculus Acquisition deal. Via Twitter, Carmack stated that this deal is going to be positive and added that he understands why there's so much of hue-cry regarding it.

    "Everyone has had some time to digest the FB deal now. I think it is going to be positive, but clearly many disagree." said Carmack and continued:
    "Much of the ranting has been emotional or tribal, but I am interested in reading coherent viewpoints about objective outcomes."

    Carmack further clarified that Facebook won't interfere/control Oculus Virtual Reality until and unless it faces some major issue and this is why this deal is worthy.

    "I would expect Facebook to not exert any overt control over Oculus unless Oculus fumbles badly a few times, at which point they SHOULD."
    "I think they can give us a lot of positive guidance. I want enumeration of the vague evils to beware of."

    There you have it folks, do you agree with the views of John Carmack on Facebook/Oculus deal? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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  • Palmer Comments On Why Microsoft Or Apple Were Not Considered For VR Deal, Facebook Buyout Makes Sense

    Facebook has reached an agreement to acquire Oculus Virtual Reality Headset in a deal worth approximately $2 Billion. At one place, Facebook fans are rejoicing this new acquisition, whereas on the other side it seems like a Shock-Wave has hit Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset fans.

    Oculus Facebook DealThe community is not happy with this decision of Palmer Luckey, Oculus Rift inventor. They are accusing him for going into acquisition deal with Facebook for money even though they had a choice to sign a major deal with serious business players such as MS, Apple, even IBM.

    Palmer Luckey via Reddit AMA has clarified why he didn't go for a deal with big players like Microsoft, Apple and others for Oculus VR Headset.

    "Why would we want to sell to someone like MS or Apple? So they can tear the company apart and use the pieces to build out their own vision of virtual reality, one that fits whatever current strategy they have? Not a chance."

    Palmer further went on to explain in detail what exactly the deal with Facebook meant to the future of Oculus Virtual Reality Headset:

    "There are a lot of reasons why this is a good thing, many of which are not yet public. The appeal of Oculus (as compared to Sony, for example) is because it is on a PC platform, and thus allows us, the developers, freedom over what we want to do with it."

    "None of that will change. Oculus continues to operate independently! We are going to remain as indie/developer/enthusiast friendly as we have always been, if not more so. This deal lets us dedicate a lot of resources to developer relations, technical help, engine optimizations, and our content investment/publishing/sales platform. We are not going to track you, flash ads at you, or do anything invasive."

    Recently report from a research firm stated that Facebook is losing a massive part of user base "Teenage to Early 20s/30s", and this is the target audience of Oculus. When Palmer was asked:

    "By partnering with Facebook, you are gaining access to a massive userbase of people that the rift is not targeted towards, which people might feel is a very bad move?" he replied: 

    "Almost everyone at Oculus is a gamer, and virtual reality will certainly be led by the games industry, largely because it is the only industry that already has the talent and tools required to build awesome interactive 3D environments. In the long run, though, there are going to be a lot of other industries that use VR in huge ways, ways that are not exclusive to gamers; the current focus on gaming is a reflection of the current state of VR, not the long term potential. Education, communication, training, rehabilitation, gaming and film are all going to be major drivers for VR, and they will reach a very wide audience. We are not targeting social media users, we are targeting everyone who has a reason to use VR."

    Palmer also clarified queries "No Control Over Oculus" after selling out the company to Facebook.

    "This acquisition/partnership gives us more control of our destiny, not less! We don't have to compromise on anything, and can afford to make decisions that are right for the future of virtual reality, not our current revenue. Keep in mind that we already have great partners who invested heavily in Oculus and got us to where we are, so we have not had full control of our destiny for some time. Facebook believes in our long term vision, and they want us to continue executing on our own roadmap, not control what we do. I would never have done this deal if it meant changing our direction, and Facebook has a good track record of letting companies work independently post-acquisition."

    What you guys have to say on Facebook acquiring Oculus VR for $2 billion? Are you happy with the clarification from Palmer? Share you views with us in the comment below.

  • Warner Bros. to make special announcement on 31 December on Batman Arkham Facebook page

    According to Warner Bros. official Facebook page, an announcement related to Batman Arkham will be made on 31st of December. Along with this Warner Bros. also posted a new teaser image which you can view below.

    As this announcement was made on Batman Arkham Facebook page, we can expect an announcement to be related to Batman Arkham City.

    The last day of this year would be ideal for Warner Bros. to make an announcement for the next Batman: Arkham City title. Let us wait for December 31st and see what Warner Bros. is upto.

    Batman Arkham Facebook page

  • Tecmo Koei launches new Facebook game "JollyWood"

    Tecmo Koei has joined the social gaming market, as the company launches new Facebook game titled "JollyWood". In this gamers players design and duild a dream getaway just for the resident of gaint free.

    According to the details on the Facebook Page, players place facilities on the tree, connect them up with gadgets and watch the critters run around. A very first screenshot for the game was also revealed, check it out below:

    Jollywood screenshot

    Check out the game by yourself, HERE.

  • Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy - Facebook game is live now

    Ubisoft today announced the launch of Assassin's Creed Legacy Project a social network role-playing game for Facebook. For the first time Ubisoft linked to a so-called social game with a console game.

    Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy

    Through the Web function of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood from the game players can go online and go back again, so as to reveal the hidden secrets of Assassin's Creed universe.

    The players of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood can unlock up to 25 exclusive missions in Assassin's Creed Legacy Project. They can earn money and experience points within the Facebook game. Players of Assassin's Creed Legacy Project can also earn additional content for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. If they pursue clues and bring light into darkness, players can decode the hidden mysteries of Assassin's Creed universe.

  • Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Wii To Have Facebook and Twitter Support

    Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rocks will be the very firt game title releasing on Wii with social networking support (Twitter and Facebook).

    Revealing the details at one of the event at San Francisco Joe Fisher said,  “We’ve done a lot in the online realm this year,”.

    “We are the first Wii title to support social networking sites, with Facebook and Twitter".

    “When your friends do accomplishments in the game, you can broadcast those to your friends as well as to social networking sites. We’ve also incorporated a Wii award system, so when you do specific challenges in the game, you get credited for an award. You can share those with your online friends as well.”

    That good news for Nintendo Wii and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock fans.

    Guitar Hero: Warrior of Rock comes out in Unitend Kingdom on September 24, and on September 28 in US.