• Final Fantasy Versus XIII coming to PS3 and PS4?

    According to details revealed by Square Enix source close to "Gameblog.fr", Final Fantasy XIII will arrive on both Playstation 4 as well as Playstation 3.

    FFXIIIThe source stated that this shift from PS3 to PS4 occured way back in 2011 and Sony assisted monetary help to the development team at Square Enix.

    "Our source confirmed that Sony reportedly helped the transition, financially, with the PS4 port," said the site. "The price for such exclusivity? Difficult to judge."

    Earlier this month Tetsuya Nomura has stated that FFXIII new information reveal date has been set. The game was last shown by Square Enix in January 2011.

    Source: NeoGaf

  • Development work on New Final Fantasy XIII project just started says Square Enix

    Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase has provided some new update brand new Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga project.

    In an interview to Famitsu (published in the latest issue), Yoshinori Kitase said, development work on New Final Fantasy XIII prject has just started.

    He further revealed that Square Enix will reveal the official title of the project during the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event in Japan.

    Fans can also expect to hear more news on this new project at the event which is schedule to take place on September 1.

  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII still in Production confirms Square Enix

    Square Enix head Yoichi Wada has confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII is still in production stage. Wada describe the recent Final Fantasy XIII Cancellation rumor as HOAX.

    FFXIIIOn Twitter, Yoichi Wada said, recently he attended a meeting on Final Fantasy versus XIII development progress, and fans of the franchise will be surprised to learn that game is shaping up perfectly.

    Here is what Yoichi Wada said on Twitter (Translated Version):

    "It seems someone is spreading a false rumor about Versus being canceled.
    Heh, just a few moments ago a regularity meeting for Versus ended. If
    you were to see the city [in the game] presented today, you’d wouldn’t
    be able to stand from surprise, lol."

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced over six years ago.

  • FFXIII-2 campaign is 40 hours long excluding side quest

    Square Enix has confirmed that the upcoming sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, "FFXIII-2" will be much bigger and longer. Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 version weighs in at hefty 3 discs, and according to the developer the sequel FFXIII-2 will be more of a same.

    FFXIII-2 logo

    The developer has also confirmed that it will take gamers at least 40 hours to complete the game excluding the side quests. If gamers decide to go on with the side quest of Final Fantasy XIII-2, it will take players another 40 hours to complete.

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 to feature Town?

    When Final Fantasy XIII was launched many fans of the game were disappointed because the developer did not include towns in the game, but now it seems that this issue has been resolved in a sequel to the game Final Fantasy XIII-2.

    The latest teaser trailer of Final Fantasy XIII-2 will once again include towns. The video include a small clip of a player running on a beach area but the mini map suggest a hut area which is possibly a town.

    Check out the screenshot of it below:

    FFXIII-2 town

    Keeping my finger crossed and hoping for the best.

  • Square Enix Hints at Final Fantasy XIII Sequel

    Fans of Final Fantasy XIII might see a sequel to the game coming out in near future according to producer Yoshinori. But the development of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 totally depends on the reactions of fans to Final Fantasy XIII.

    Final Fantasy XIII, FFXIII

    In an interview Yoshinori was quizzed whether Final Fantasy XIII-2 will go into prodction to which he replied "not sure -- it would depend in the end on fan reaction."

    One thing is pretty sure that currently Square Enix is completely focusing on FFXIII and they are using a Wait and Watch Policy for the FFXIII-2.

  • Final Fantasy XIII for XBox 360 in Japan? Xbox.com says Yes

    Final Fantasy XIII the game was release in western as a multiplatform game title but it remains a PS3 exclusive in Japan. Now it is rumored that the game will be coming out on Xbox 360 also in Japan.

    The rumors comes out from the Achivements page of the game on the Japanese version of the Microsoft site. According to one of the site in Japan, all the game title whose Japanese Language Achievements appeared in advance has been release later.

    Final Fantasy XIII , Xbox 360, FFXIII
    So will the same hold truth for FFXIII.