• 3DS firmware 4.1.0-8U available now

    Nintendo has released a new firmware update for 3DS. This new firmware update 3DS to version 4.1.0-8U, and 3DS owners across the globe can download it via System Setting.

    3DSRight now there is no details yet as to what this new firmware 4.1.0-8U does. We will update this post as we get our hands on complete changelog. As per the reports we receive from few 3DS owners this new firmware carries some security fixes.

    Have you guys notice any significant change after downloading 3DS firmware update 4.1.0-8U?. Let us know in the comment section below.

  • New Nintendo 3DS firmware update goes LIVE

    Nintendo has just released the new firmware update for Nintendo 3DS. The update has just gone LIVE around the world. Many Nintendo 3DS owners in NA, UK and Japan are reporting that they have completed the download process.

    Nintendo 3DS

    Some 3DS owners are also reporting that they are encountering an ERROR while attempting to download this latest firmware. We advice you to please be patience as Nintendo is likely pushing it out to everyone gradually.

    This new firmware update for 3DS brings tons of new features and improvements. The most notably feature is video recording functionality for the 3DS Camera application. You can check out the complete list of changes below.

    • 3D Video, and 3D Stop Motion animation videos
    • QR code functionality will be improved
    • Transfer game files between Nintendo 3DS systems
    • New puzzles and extra Find Mii Dungeon
    • eShop will be expanded as well, you’ll soon have access to game demos (for both downloadable games and retail games)
    • You’ll be able to download software while your system is in Sleep Mode
    • The eShop will also support Download Codes (which will be used primarily for special promotions) and will enable users to save payment information to their system if they so so desire
    • The update will add a new application to your system’s Home Menu:”Nintendo Zone” active when you’re at a Nintendo 3DS hotspot location. Provides free access to exclusive content, streaming 3D videos (such as game trailers, tv ads) trivia games, and retail promotions
  • PS3 owners reports freezing issue after installing firmware 4.0

    Many Playstation 3 owners are experiencing freezing issue after they have installed latest firmware update 4.0. According to thread on REDDIT, one user's PS3 completely stopped working after installing firmware 4.0.


    On reddit, the user says, "I have a PS3 slim. I’d say it’s about 2 years old. I did the 4.0 update yesterday morning, played about an hour of Dark Souls, and turned off the system. I come back an hour later and turn on the system and it freezes up on the PS3 menu screen and is pixelated. I reset the system and now I get no video and the controller doesn’t seem to sync up at all. Restarting it after this does nothing. If I leave it off for a good 30 min I can get to the menu screen before it shortly freezes up again."

    Other gamers have also encountered similar problem after installing this latest firmware. Many gamers reports that they are encountering this freezing problem while playing MW3 or Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

    Are you facing the same issue? Let us know in the comment section below.

  • PS3 Firmware Update 4.0 Detailed (Updated: Hidden Features of PS3 firmware 4.0)

    Eric Lempel, VP of Sony Network Entertainment has revealed details for new upcoming PS3 Firmware Update 4.0. According to the official details this PS3 Firmware Update 4.0 will prepare the PS3 to serve as content management device for upcoming handheld console PlayStation VITA (PS Vita). This PS3 Firmware Update 4.0 will enable both consoles (PS3 and PS vita) to share digital contents like games, music, photos, videos and save date to your PS3 drive. It will also enable to update PS Vita system via PS3 network features.

    PS3 - Playstation 3 firmware update

    More changes of PS3 Firmware Update 4.0 are as follows:

    • PlayStation Plus members can now choose to enable or disable each automatic update feature:

      • Game patches 
      • System software 
      • Recommended games and videos 
      • Sync trophy information 
      • New PlayStation Network settings for filtering friend requests and messages 

    More details will be revealed as soon as the PS3 Firmware Update 4.0 goes live this week. So what you guys think of this new PS3 Firmware Update 4.0 ? Let us know by leaving comments below.


    Hidden features of recently released firmware update 4.0 for PS3

    Delete PS Vita System’s Backup Files

    • The PlayStation Vita allows you to back up its data on the PS3. For those who wish to delete the backup data, it can easily be done by going to the System Settings.

    PlayStation Plus Icon Now on XMB

    • Players can now easily access the PlayStation Plus section of the PlayStation Store via the XMB.

    Privacy Settings has been added

    • To further enhance the privacy of its users, players can now choose whether or not they want to receive a friend request or friend message from someone they don’t know. Your settings here will also affect your profile on the Vita.

    PS Vita System Application Utility

    • A folder on the XMB under the Game Menu will be available for those who buys PS Vita applications on the PlayStation Store.

    Health Warning on Start-Up Screen

    • You can now expect to see a short Health Warning right after the PS3 logo shows up. For gamers who has an epilepsy, read up!

    Remote Play Settings on the Vita

    • Similar to the PSP, the PlayStation Vita can also do Remote Play. This can be accessed on the Remote Play Settings.

    UK English Language Support

    • You can now choose the UK English language option under the menu.


  • PS3 firmware v3.73 goes LIVE

    Sony has just released a brand new firmware update v3.73 for Playstation 3. This new firware update is not mandatory, and PS3 owners can access it via "Update Firmware" section of XMB.


    The details regarding this PS3 firmware 3.73 was tweeted on official PS Twitter account. Check out what the tweet reads:

    "A new, non-mandatory PS3 firmware update, v3.73, is now available. Stability during use of certain PS3 format software has been improved."

  • Xbox 360 firmware update goes LIVE - 10/11/2011

    A brand new firmware update for Xbox 360 has just gone LIVE, and will be available for download via Xbox LIVE online network. Many UK gamers have already confirmed the delivery of the update.

    Xbox Live

    According to Major Nelson, "This is a general system maintenance update and there are no new features that will show up once your system has been updated."

    If you have not yet receive this new firmware update, we advice you to wait for it, as the patch may take some time to propagate across the network globally.

  • PS3 firmware 3.72 available now

    Sony has just released the new and minor PS3 firmware update 3.72. The firmware is now live and available for download.

    Playstation 3

    PS3 firmware 3.72 is a mandatory update and is fairly small in size and should take only few minutes to download and install. According to Sony, this new firmware will improve, "system stability during use of PS3 format software and network services has been improved."

    Apart from this not much details is revealed about this minor update. We can only hope it also addresses PlayStation Plus Auto Trophy Sync issue.