• ThatGameCompany Issue Clarification on Journey for PS4 Announcement, says "It Was A Mistake"

    The Journey is not coming to Playstation 4, ThatGameCompany has issued a clarification via Twitter that The Journey for Playstation 4 announcement was a mistake as they misread a tweet from user "GamingOblivion".

    The Journey for PS4Here is what ThatGameCompany first replied to GamingOblivion:

    Realizing their mistake, ThatGameCompay issued a clarification:

  • No Move support for Flower

    Flower an innovative Playstation 3 game title from ThatGameCompany will not be having a Playstation Move Support.

    Flower, Flower with Move Support,

    The news was confirmend as ThatGameCompany notified via their twitter account that, "I think somewhere Flower was on a list for Move,though we were never asked to confirm. No plans for it right now".