• Guerrilla Games new IP is FPS

    Recently word got out that Killzone franchise developer "Guerrilla Games" is working on a brand new IP. It was rumored that this time also Guerrilla Games is sticking with with a familiar genre for the unannounced title.

    Guerrilla Games

    However recent job listing on Guerrilla Games' official website echoes these same claim, as currently the studio is looking to recruit those experienced with the FPS genre as well as multiplayer modes.

    Guerrilla is looking for a senior multiplayer designer who eats, sleeps and breathes nothing but multiplayer.
    You have expert knowledge and understanding of current multiplayer trends both in First-Person Shooters as well as Online/Multiplayer in general.
    You’re able to remain calm and collected, even when thousands of public beta testers are clamoring for your attention.
    You have experience designing levels/environments for multiplayer FPS games.
    You have experience designing multiplayer game design components like missions, weapons, player abilities, user interface designs, etc.

    The studio is also looking for Art Outsource Manager who is able to "set up and maintain an Art Outsourcing Pipeline that supports multiple AAA projects.  The ideal candidate has successfully accomplished this before on project(s) that are comparable in terms of scope and ambition level to Guerrilla Games’ current flagship title: Killzone 3."

    No details was revealed as to which platform Guerrilla Games' new project is in development for, however new job listing for JAVA developer indicated that future game title from studio will run on a server set that "runs in a cloud environment and will have a persistent connection with the PS3 game client."

  • Hard Reset new video released, developer explain why game is "PC exclusive"

    As promised, Flying Wild Hog has released a new gameplay footage for their upcoming PC exclusive first person shooter "Hard Reset". The console gamers may get disappointed but the studio has a valid reason why the game is PC exclusive.

    Hard Reset screenshot

    In an interview to GameSpot, studio’s CEO Michal Szustak said it is easier for a new studio to develop a single platform game.

    "We really wanted to create and use our own tech," said Szustak. "Our engine was built with one thought–to be used in a first-person shooter that uses lots of physics and destruction, with outstanding graphics and also optimized to do the job well. There are many games published on PCs that are just ports from consoles, and we all know that today the power of a current-gen console is similar to a four- to five-year-old PC.

    "If you want to show some amazing graphics, it’s better and easier to develop the game for PCs. Also, in the era of movie-like shooters almost ‘on rails,’ with player-environment interaction as limited as possible, we wanted to create a game for old-school PC players, raised on all those forgotten Dooms, Quakes, and Painkillers."

    Hard Reset will launch in September, exact launch date will be announced soon. Watch the new gameplay video below:

  • New RPG shooter "Hard Reset" unveiled, teaser trailer is stunning

    Flying Wild Hog, a new studio formed from members of People Can Fly, CD Projekt RED and City Interactive has announced their first game title "Hard Reset".

    Hard Reset screenshot

    Hard Reset is a dark sci-fi first person shooting game title, and it's a PC exclusive. The game was developed on a proprietary engine called Road Hog. Hard Reset is schedule to launch at somepoint in September. Check out the teaser trailer for the game below:

  • RAGE is "Best Looking Game on Console" says Id

    Id Software co-founder, John Carmack, has said that currently RAGE is the best looking game on console. In the latest developer diary of the game, Carmack also added that RAGE runs two times the frame rate as compare to other FPS.

    RAGE screen

    "We are arguably the best looking game on the consoles today and the point is we are running at two times the frame rate of what other people might argue is the best looking console game"

    This is indeed a very bold statement from the developer. In my personal opinion RAGE definitely looks amazing on both PC as well as console. What do you think guys, let us know your view on this as a comment to this post.

  • New Batman Game "Gotham City Imposters" announced

    Warner Bros. has officially confirmed that the much rumored Gotham City Imposters is nothing but a first person shooting game title for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

    The game is currently in development at FEAR studio Monolith, and it will pose gamers as amateur vigilantes or villains in an "unhinged Gotham City overrun by impostors inspired by the DC Comics characters Batman and The Joker.

    Gotham City Impostors logo

    The publisher confirmed that the Gotham City Impostors will feature Character customisation which will allow players to create their very own Bats and Jokerz characters" using tools that include "costumes, homebrewed gadgets and a wide range of traditional and imagined weapons.

    Warner's senior VP of production and development, Samantha Ryan, said: "Monolith is creating a game that turns Gotham City upside down and we think fans are going to have a blast with this creative twist on multiplayer heroism and anti-heroism as they play up the classic rivalry between Batman and The Joker."

    Release and price details about the game will be revealed in coming days.

  • Crytek's Codename Kingdoms is a FPS Kinect game?

    Some new information has cropped up related to Codename: Kingdoms (Xbox 360 exclusive). According to a source at Gamasutra, Codename: Kingdoms is a first person melee game title that uses Kinect.

  • Conduit 2 new multiplayer videos show why its a good FPS for Wii

    Some new multiplayer gameplay video for Conduit 2 has arrived online. Playr has released a total of three new videos for Balloon Battle, Deathmatch, ASE Ball mode.

    Conduit 2

    These new videos clearly shows why Conduit 2 is that rare thing, and a good FPS shooter for Wii. Conduit 2 is slated to launch on April 19 in North America, and on April 22 in Europe.

    Check out the videos below:

    Balloon Battle

    ASE Ball


  • Bungie's next MMO is "World of Warcraft in space"

    A couple of year ago, when Halo franchise fans came to know that one of the best first person shooter ever and their favourite won't going to make leap into MMO space, they were completely dejected and disappointed. However Bungie, the company behind Halo has been developing a new MMO project, and going by the details it seems like this MMO project will go a long way and will give fans what they have been waiting for.


    According to details revealed by unnamed source of Kotaku, Bungie has been working on a new multiplayer FPS MMO titled "Destiny" (Earlier code name: Tiger), it will be "World of Warcraft in space". This new MMO will make use of all the new technology developed by the studio such as unique online connectivity and matchmaking software.

  • Bulletstorm censored in Germany

    First German Entertainment Software Rating Board censored Call of Duty: Black Ops, and now its Bulletstorm. The German software rating body has heavily censored EA's upcoming first-person shooter Bulletstorm. It has got USK 18+ rating.


    According to the reports the german edition of the game will not feature:

    • Ragdoll Effect
    • Blood
    • Splatter or Dismemberment

    However, to overcome the censorship issue publisher is planning to release the uncensored Austrian version of the game (PEGI 18) in Germany, provided it doesn't get a ban ahead of its late February release. If this happens then fans can opt for full blood-soaked experience if they wish to.