• Geohot to jailbreak Apple's iPad 2 soon

    The famous hacker "Geohot" is back to jailbreaking scene and this time by focusing on Apple's latest product iPad 2. A famous jailbreak developer named as "p0sixninja" has challenged Geohot to dump iPad 2 bootrom before him, and guess what Goehot has accepted it.


    p0sixninja said, "I challenged geohot to dump the iPad2 bootrom before me. Maybe having a worthy opponent will motivate me to work harder =P",

    p0sixninja then informed everyone that Gehot accepted the challenge with the following statement:

    … he accepted, he said he didn’t have an iPad yet but he’s getting one really soon – @p0sixninja

  • Geohot: Sony should hire Security Experts and Engineers not Lawyers

    The infamous hacker Geohot has lambasted Sony for their dull and careless nature, and suggested that the console maker should hire more engineers and good security experts instead of lawyers.


    On his blog Geohot wrote:

    PSN outage is not the fault of "Sony engineers, the same way I do not fault the engineers who designed the BMG rootkit. The fault lies with the executives who declared a war on hackers, laughed at the idea of people penetrating the fortress that once was Sony, whined incessantly about piracy, and kept hiring more lawyers when they really needed to hire good security experts. Alienating the hacker community is not a good idea."

  • Patcher: Settlement agreement is nothing but a WIN for Sony

    According to Wedbush Morgan analyst and former lawyer, Michael Pachter, the terms and condition that are included in settlement agreement between Sony and George Hotz favours the platform holder, in other words its a "WIN" for Sony.

    Sony Vs Geohot

    In an interview to Eurogamer Patcher said, "Yes, it's a win for Sony,"

    "'Permanent injunction' means that Geohotz won't do it anymore. That's all Sony really wanted, and they want to show other hackers that they will prosecute them as well.

    "I'm confident that most hackers will see the potential for litigation - and the costs involved - as a deterrent, at least in those countries that have laws respecting intellectual property rights."

  • Sony enters into Paypal account of Geohot

    Sony has just obtained the rights to consult the PayPal account of hacker GeoHot to prove that he has received money for the PlayStation 3 hack. Previous we reported that Sony got the access to his PC, this time its his Paypal account, to track this transactions done via Paypal.

    George Hotz - Goehot

    American justice definitely gives plus point to Sony against GeoHot, the hacker of the PS3. After allowing the company to collect the IP addresses of American Internet users have visited the site of the hacker, the federal judge in San Francisco now allows the Japanese company to consult the PayPal account (online payment service) of GeoHot. Sony is allowed to access his Paypal account details for the period of January 1, 2009, to February 1, 2011.

    With it, Sony hopes to prove that GeoHot collected a sum of money to hack the PS3. Where Geohot saying in defense that he did not receive any donations for the PS3 jailbreak from people in California.

  • Sony vs Geohot: Court grants Sony rights to unmask visitors to PS3 Jailbreaking Site

    PS3 maker "Sony" has been granted the rights to acquire the IP addresses of all the users who visited famous jailbreaker "George Hotz" website from January 2009 to the present.

    Magistrate Joseph Spero on Thursday allow console maker to subpoena George Hotz's web provider raises a host of web-privacy concerns. Bluehost maintain Hotz’s site. Sony also won subpoenas for data from YouTube, Google and Twitter account data linked to George Hotz.

    Sony vs Geohot

    The Bluehost subpoena forces the company to turn over documents reproducing all server logs, IP address logs, account information, account access records and application or registration forms” tied to George Hotz's hosting, it also demands any other identifying information corresponding to persons or computers who have accessed or downloaded files hosted using your service and associated” with the "" website, including but not limited to the “ file.

    George Hotz is accussed of breaching Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other such law after he published encryption key and software tools on his website which allow PS3 owners to acquire complete control of their consoles from the firmware update.

  • Geohot Next Jailbreak Project: Xperia Play (Legal)

    This will definitely make Sony even more furious, after ripping apart Sony's Playstation 3 from every angle, famous jailbreaker GEOHOT now wants to go after Xperia Play. Geohot made his intention clear on his new blog, where he is also asking for donation to fund his legal expenses against the platform holder.


    On his new blog Geohot said:

    In fact, I want the opposite reputation set, that the more a company tries to abuse the legal system, the harder we rally back. I will be the first person in line on the launch date of the Xperia Play, and itching to get my hands on the Next GEOHOT Project.

    One important thing to notice related to Xperia Play, the official description of device reads as "Xperia Play-The First PlayStation Certified Android Smartphone", its specify Xperia Play as a phone and so its legal to jailbreak since has been exempted by US court.

    The above details means that if Geohot tries to jailbreak Xperia Play, the makers can't take any legal action against him as it is legal to jailbreak phones.

    Guys now what you all think on all this?, do share your views as a comment.

  • Sony gets access to George Hotz's HDD

    In Sony Vs GeoHot court battle, the console maker has got first major victory as the judge presiding over the matter granted them the access to GeoHot's HDD. It is said that HDD houses many important data used by GeoHot for jailbreaking the Playstation 3.

    The access was granted by Judge to Sony for number of reasons, the most important reason of them all is that its illegal to traffic in devices that circumvent controls meant to protect copyrighted works.


    Now its all upto Sony to postmortem the GeoHot HDD in every possible way to get code and data used by him to jailbreak the console.

  • Sony gets Restraining Order against the PS3 Jailbreakers including Geohot

    Finally Sony gets first win againts PS3 jailbreakers in Court, including the famous George Hotz (Geohot) for publishing PS3 jailbreak information. Yes, this time Sony suing George Hotz and other jailbreakers, as jailbreaking the PS3 is breaking the law.

    George Hotz - GeoHot

    Court has granted the TRO(Temporary Restraining Order) to Sony according to which sony gets the following:

    1) The GetHot team cannot link to, distribute or really do anything with the jailbreak code while the case continues.
    2) Sony wants all the computers and tools used to hack the PS3.

    It means Including George Hotz, all jealbreakers have to hand over their all gears from USB sticks to discs to entire workstations to Sony. It has also been ruled that Sony has shown sufficient cause to keep the case in San Francisco.

  • Microsoft encourages Geohot to jailbreak for Windows 7 Phone

    After running the world of hacking jailbreak on iPhone and PlayStation 3, The famous hacker Geohot seems to be ready to accept a new challenge.

    Windows Phone 7

    According to allegations made by Microsoft It seems that the Microsoft is willing to provide hacker a Windows 7 Phone in order to enable him to study the implementation of the jailbreak. First Microsoft had given the free t-shirt to first jailbreaker of Windows 7 Phone.

    Now Brandon Watson, the product management head has tweeted to Geohot as "if you want to build cool stuff on wp7, send me email and the team will give you a phone - let dev creativity flourish".

    In our opinion, this move could help Microsoft to show the public the inviolability of the new Windows Mobile Device weblog; Does Geohot welcome this new challenge? To find out we have to just wait...

  • PS3 hacked successfully - Geohot Claims

    Now its has been confirm that PlayStation 3 is being Hacked by George Hotz, He wrote on his blog that he has win all the technical argument he had regarding this aspect. You can have a look at his blog which give you the complete detail information of this argument he had.

    Previously we heard rumor that PlayStation 3 hack claims iPhone cracker George Hotz, Now its been confirmed by Geohot.

    Quote from

    “Today I verified my theories about running the isolated SPUs as crypto engines”, says Geohot, the guy claiming to have ‘hacked’ the PS3. “I believe that defeats the last technical argument against the PS3 being hacked.”

    But mind you this detail is in technical terms which might be a big bouncer for you.