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  • Sony Vs Geohot: Out of Court Settlement document leaked online

    The settlement documents which details the court order between Sony and George Hotz has been leaked online. The famous jailbreaking forums, PSX-Scene has the entire document, you can download it directly from there, you will find it at the bottom of the post "127-Stipulation.pdf".

    George Hotz

    The settlement document reveals details about all terms and condition which are imposed of George. In total there are 8-pages, and its worth a read, to get the better idea of everything.

  • George Hotz shares his view on Settlement decision

    An out of court settlement finally ends the battle between Sony and George Hotz. After the settlement, on a new blog post George has shared his views on this matter.

    George Hotz

    The post doesn't reveal much details with George announcing that from today onwards he will be boycotting Sony products (well he doesn't have second option), as court has passed an injunction against him that bans him from making use of any Sony products ever.

    As of 4/11/11, I am joining the SONY boycott. I will never purchase another SONY product. I encourage you to do the same.

    Some interesting facts were reveal by George in the comment section where he response to question from readers.

    So you settled according to Sony. Did you live up to this?

    “What if SCEA tries to settle?
    Lets just say, I want the settlement terms to include OtherOS on all PS3s and an apology on the PlayStation blog for ever removing it. It’d be good PR for Sony too, lord knows they could use it. I’m also willing to accept a trade, a legit path to homebrew for knowledge of how to stop new firmwares from being decrypted.”

    George replied:

    @MX The terms of the settlement agreement are “confidential” and the matter requires that they be “confidential”.

    One reader asked him what he's going to do with the donation money he received?

    George replied:

     I will address the donations in a forthcoming post, and I think people will be happy.

  • Anonymous: Protest Against Sony will continue, despite Hotz settlement

    Earlier today we reported that Sony and George Hotz end their epic battle against each other in an out of court settlement, and now the question arise here is Whether Anonymous, the infamous hacker group, will go ahead with their plan of Sony Stores boycott on April 16.


    In an interview to Systemlink, a spokeperson said:

    Well this is good news I suppose, but Sony still did what they did. In my opinion, the protests should continue, but I'm not 100% sure if others feel the same. Will there be as much involvement? I'm not sure, but Sony still took action against a user and they need to know that what they did violates free speech, and open development.

    From the above response, it seems like Anonymous won't scrap their earlier plan of Sony Stores boycott on April 16.

  • Sony enters into Paypal account of Geohot

    Sony has just obtained the rights to consult the PayPal account of hacker GeoHot to prove that he has received money for the PlayStation 3 hack. Previous we reported that Sony got the access to his PC, this time its his Paypal account, to track this transactions done via Paypal.

    George Hotz - Goehot

    American justice definitely gives plus point to Sony against GeoHot, the hacker of the PS3. After allowing the company to collect the IP addresses of American Internet users have visited the site of the hacker, the federal judge in San Francisco now allows the Japanese company to consult the PayPal account (online payment service) of GeoHot. Sony is allowed to access his Paypal account details for the period of January 1, 2009, to February 1, 2011.

    With it, Sony hopes to prove that GeoHot collected a sum of money to hack the PS3. Where Geohot saying in defense that he did not receive any donations for the PS3 jailbreak from people in California.

  • George Hotz asking for donation to fund his legal expenses

    All you guys out there, GEOHOT is calling all of you to help him out, Hotz is asking for a donation inorder to support his fast growing Legal fees in the battle against Playstation 3 maker's Sony. He has discussed all the matter in this regards with his lawyers, and has also set up new blog of his own to give you all the details on the case.


    If you wish to help out GEOHOT and want to check out the details about his new blog. click here.

  • Sony gets access to George Hotz's HDD

    In Sony Vs GeoHot court battle, the console maker has got first major victory as the judge presiding over the matter granted them the access to GeoHot's HDD. It is said that HDD houses many important data used by GeoHot for jailbreaking the Playstation 3.

    The access was granted by Judge to Sony for number of reasons, the most important reason of them all is that its illegal to traffic in devices that circumvent controls meant to protect copyrighted works.


    Now its all upto Sony to postmortem the GeoHot HDD in every possible way to get code and data used by him to jailbreak the console.

  • Sony to take action against anyone who posts the PS3 hack

    Steps like this was expected from Sony, they are going out to sue each and eveyone who distribute PS3 hack. First on their radar is George Hotz, who was first one to published and shared the PS3 root code with the world. They want him to surrender all his hardware as well as software components to them by this Thursday. However Hotz lawyer is working very hard on this to make sure this doesn't happens.

    Sony catching Hackers

    Sony is asking for many crazy things in the pre-trail discovery process, you can check below what their demands are:

    • Wants Google to share IP addresses of those users who viewed or even commented on Jailbreak video that featured on YouTube.
    • Wants Twitter to give up all the details about users that tweeted about the hack way back in December.

    So its sort of red alert for all the hackers who fights with Sony (Enough is enough!). What do you guys think about this?

  • Sony gets Restraining Order against the PS3 Jailbreakers including Geohot

    Finally Sony gets first win againts PS3 jailbreakers in Court, including the famous George Hotz (Geohot) for publishing PS3 jailbreak information. Yes, this time Sony suing George Hotz and other jailbreakers, as jailbreaking the PS3 is breaking the law.

    George Hotz - GeoHot

    Court has granted the TRO(Temporary Restraining Order) to Sony according to which sony gets the following:

    1) The GetHot team cannot link to, distribute or really do anything with the jailbreak code while the case continues.
    2) Sony wants all the computers and tools used to hack the PS3.

    It means Including George Hotz, all jealbreakers have to hand over their all gears from USB sticks to discs to entire workstations to Sony. It has also been ruled that Sony has shown sufficient cause to keep the case in San Francisco.

  • George Hotz Publishes Playstation 3 Root Key

    The hacker George Hotz, known for iPhone Jailbreak, has published a Playstation's 3 root key. According to the reports George Hotz has released the Metldr key for PS3 which is said to the most basic code in the system.

    George Hotz in a message to all said “No donate link, just use this info wisely. I do not condone piracy,”

    He further continued “If you want your next console to be secure, get in touch with me. Any of you three. It’d be fun to be on the other side.”

    George Hotz

    Sony's console is now an open playground for hackers, they can freely access the system and also sign homebrew software, that is to sign in as the original software and install,  this means that on each PS3 system, a jailbreak is no longer necessary.

    Check it out what George Hotz has revealed: 

    Removed due to legal matters.