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  • Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition best Move game out there: Capcom

    According to Capcom Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition which was given a Move support via patch update is currently the best Move game out there.

    Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

    In an interview to one of the site Capcom's David Reeves said When you look at the line-up for Move it's a bit partyish; Resi Evil Gold is the best Move game out there and it's doing very well, it's a remarkable growth curve.

    He also said that they are a bit surprised seeing such a success of the game.

    Here is what Reeves said:

    "Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition we put out as Move compatible, and it's really surprised us,"

    "The number of orders our sales manager keeps bringing to us every day... 'David, we've got more for Resident Evil 5!'"

    Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition was released earlier this year on PS3 and Xbox 360 which features both the DLC chapters, a extra online mode and costumes.

  • Empire: Total War Gold Pack Out in October

    Sega announced today that Empire: Total War and Napoleon: Total War will be combine together and will be release as a Gold Pack for the gamer.

    Apart from consisting of both the game it will also have all the DLC (Elite Units of the East, Elite Units of the West, Elite Units of America, Warpath Campaign for Empire, and The Peninsular Campaign, Coalition Battle Pack, and the Elite Regiment for Napoleon)

    Empire: Total War screenshot

    This Gold Edition is slated to release on October 19 with a price of $50.