goldeneye 007

  • Hackers Strikes GoldenEye 007 on its Launch

    Just after the release of Activision's GoldenEye 007 for Wii, hackers have started messing the game for the fans.

    GoldenEye 007

    According to various reports by gamers, hackers are making the game set up in such a way that there are automatically getting infinite health because of which they can't get their hands on any experience points as no one can die.

    Others reports are related to Online leaderboards.

    A suggestion from our side if you are getting ready to play online, select your matchmaking to regional which will minimize the chances of being caught in hacker's trap.

  • Goldeneye 007 Pre-Order details

    Activision today give out some pre-order promotion details about their soon to release game title Goldeneye 007.

    GameStop is offering a Code which will be use to activate Invisibility mode of the game for SPlit-Screen Multiplayer, to compete with GameStop, Best Buy gives out Code to Unclock Tag mode for Split-Screen for Multiplayer. Head on to Walmar if you want to have a T-shirt reading "Cheater".

    Activision also reveal that the exclusive offer is for a limited time period and it expire by the end 2010.

    Goldeneye release November 2 on Wii.

  • GoldenEye 007 Officially Revealed - Introducing Daniel Craig

    A new GoldenEye 007 is announced by Nintendo during their E3 keynote for Wii. GoldenEye 007 title from activision is slated to be release in the holiday season 2010. A trailer reveals many things about the game which is full of action.

    GoldenEye 007 Trailer

    The games also promise to feature a online multiplayer mode which will be thing to look out for in the game.

  • GoldenEye 007 Wii leaked trailer

    It seems that the new trailer GoldenEyeThe new game based on the license 007 for Wii, Activision has leaked early.