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  • Sony to discontinue Gran Turismo 5 and Resistance trilogy online play

    Sony has posted the list of games which will no longer be available to play online at PSN. List mainly includes PS3 titles such as Gran Turismo 5, the Resistance trilogy. Game Turismo online play will be discontinued from May 20th 2014 where as Resistance series online play will expire on March 28th 2014.

    Gran Turismo 5

    This is not a good sign for PS3 players who don't own PS4 yet. Is this the begining of the end for PlayStation 3 online support? We shouldn't forget online play of games which are about to expire.

    You can view notice Sony has posted here.

  • Gran Turimo 5 Patch 2.14 Live Now, Fixes Minor Issues And More

    Polyphony Digital and Sony has just released new Gran Turismo 5 patch 2.14. This latest update weighs just 13MB in size and as per the details revealed by developer it fixes minor issues in the game.

    Gran Turismo 5Reports on internet states Gran Turismo 5 patch 2.14 removes and revert some hacked car modifications. Have you downloaded GT5 patch 2.14?, let us know in the comment section below the changes you observed after intalling it.

  • Gran Turismo 6 vs Gran Turismo 5 Gameplay Comparison Footage

    A comparison video footage between recently announced Gran Turismo 6 against its predecessor Gran Turismo 5 has arrived on YouTube. The footage compared in the video are raw gameplay from both Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6.

  • Gran Turismo 5 Patch 2.12 Live Now, Removes Hacked and Hybrid Cars

    Sony and Polyphony has just released new patch 2.12 for Gran Turismo. The update weighs just 24MB in size and is available for download for all Gran Turismo 5 players.

    GT5No official changelog has been revealed yet but Polyphony Digital but according to reports we received from some of our readers, Gran Turismo 5 patch 2.12 removes hacked or hybrid cars in the game.

    This means if you own a car which is modified beyond game's normal parameters, it will be reset or removed after applying Gran Turismo 5 patch 2.12

  • Gran Turismo 5 patch 2.11 Available for Download, All Changes Detailed

    Sony has just released a new patch 2.11 for Gran Turismo 5. The update is now available for download and weighs 45MB in size.

    GT5As per the details revealed in the changelog, Gran Turismo 5 patch 2.11 restore old Performance Point Values as they were in v2.09 of GT5. You can check out the complete changelog below.

    • The performance point (PP) adjustments that were made in the 2.10
      update has been cancelled, and returned to the calculation method in
    • The automatically selected rain tire type has been adjusted. Please
      note that this may change the normally recommended tire when entering
      the pit, and the pit timings of opponent cars during races.
    • Adjusted the autopilot during changing road moisture conditions.
    • Corrected an issue where the game would not boot after the 2.10 update in some cases
  • Fix for Gran Turismo 5 Patch 2.10 Looping Bug Available Now (Unofficial)

    Last week Sony released patch 2.10 for Gran Turismo 5, however instead of improving gameplay experience, the update brought a game-disruptingf issue involving the GT5 logo screen loop and the main cause of this issue were vehicles in the game.

    GT5However thanks to GTPlanet user, an official fix is already out to resolve this issue. You can check out step-by-step guide to fix all issues from Gran Turismo patch 2.10

    Step 1.

    • Downgrade to 2.09 – go to the Game Data Utility and select GT5, hit triangle, select delete in the right-hand side menu. You now have to re-install updates to get you back to version 2.09.

    Step 2.

    • You need to find your ghost cars; the cars cannot be chosen, driven, sold or deleted; this does not include DLC cars. When you’ve found them proceed to the next step.

    Step 3.

    • Go to your GT world menu and select “My Home Settings” select “Design Options” and change the background color to the original blue and your background image to the first as well.

    Step 4.

    • Again go to the Game Data Utility and delete the game to go back to 1.00 version (if version 1.00 does not work for you you could try the first update which is 608 mb and that takes you to version 1.05). You’ll need to use the first edition GT5 disc as no other versions of the disc will get you back to version 1.00.

    Step 5.

    • Start GT5 and decline the updates, go to your garage and delete the ghost cars.

    Step 6.

    • Once you have done the above steps you can then install the updates bringing you back to 2.10.

    "After you’ve successfully completed all of the updates and you now have a working save with the latest 2.10 update, you may have to go through the process of reacquiring any or all of the DLC you may have purchased over time, and you can do this by going into Account Management on the XMB (under Playstation Network) and download them again and re-install them."

    "You may notice that once you’re back in version 2.10 you may have a garage full of cars but the thumbnails are now corrupted, to resolve that just hit triangle in garage view and select “Create Thumbnails for All Cars”, this will take time depending on how many cars are in your garage."

    All Thanks to GTPlanet for the above Tips. Let us know in the comment section below, whether the above tips worked for you or not?.

  • Gran Turismo franchise sells 68 Million Copies worldwide, GT5 sales close to 10 million

    Polyphony Digital has revealed the lifetime sales figure details of Gran Turismo franchise. According to the details revealed by developer, Gran Turismo series  has now topped over 68 million copies sold worldwide.

    GT5You can check out the complete breakdown of these sales figure below:

    • Gran Turismo: 10,850,000
    • Gran Turismo 2: 9,370,000
    • Gran Turismo 3 A-spec: 14,890,000
    • Gran Turismo Concept Series: 1,560,000
    • Gran Turismo 4 Prologue: 1,400,000
    • Gran Turismo 4: 11,600,000
    • Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: 5,350,000
    • Gran Turismo PSP: 3,860,000
    • Gran Turismo 5: 9,190,000

    Polyphony Digital further revealed that most copies of Gran Turismo have been sold in Europe, whereas North American territory saw a slight decline in sales after the launch of Gran Turismo 3.

  • Gran Turismo 5 patch 2.09 Live Now, changes detailed

    Sony has just released patch 2.09 for Gran Turismo 5. The patch is now available for download, as per the details revealed by developer, GT5 patch 2.09 offers few minor tweaks along with some changes to engine sound of the Honda Weider HSV-010.

    GT5The complete changelog of Gran Turismo 5 patch 2.09 is listed below. Check it out.

    • The [Tire/Fuel Consumption] settings under [Event Settings] of the Online Lounge can now be set in four levels; “None”, “Normal”, “Fast”, and “Very Fast”.
    • The view during 3D display has been improved.
    • The speed of tire wear varied too greatly depending on the vehicle in some cases, and this has been balanced.
    • Improved the scoring method in drift trials to prevent cheating
    • The maximum RPM of the Honda Weider HSV-010 (SUPER GT) ’11 has been changed to 10300rpm. The engine sound has also been improved.
    • Fixed an issue where enemy cars were hitting the pit entrance wall when pitting in at the Twin Ring Motegi Road Course East.
    • Fixed an issue where fuel was not being consumed when entering an endurance race with a Prius, or when setting tires and fuel to be consumed in the online lounge. Affected cars: Toyota Prius G ’02, Toyota Prius G ’09, Toyota Prius G Touring Selection ’03, Toyota Prius Touring Car.
    • Fixed an issue where the online control characteristics differed from the offline characteristics.
  • Gran Turismo 5 patch 2.08 and new DLC coming on Sep 25, details revealed

    Sony has just announced that a new patch 2.08 and DLC for Gran Turismo 5 will arrive on September 25. As per the details revealed by Sony on official PS Blog, the new DLC will feature new cars (Nissan GT-R N24 GT Academy ’12, Subaru BR-Z S ’12, Honda Weider HSV-010 (SUPER GT) ’11) available to purchase as DLC for $0.99 each.

    Gran Turismo 5Here is the complete changelog for Gran Turismo 5 patch 2.08:

    • Now possible to select “Disable collisions” in the [Event Settings] of online races.
    • ID’s are now shown above cars when watching online races.
    • Response of the clutch pedal when using the steering wheel controllers “G25 Racing Wheel”, “G27 Racing Wheel”, “T500RS” and “TH8RS” has been adjusted.
    • Rate of tire wear in endurance races has been slowed (excluding formula cars).
    • Amount of air resistance change when altering aerodynamic wing settings has been increased.
    • Autopilot has been adjusted to prevent colliding with the wall when exiting the pit lane on the Tsukuba circuit.
    • Adjusted the changes in control characteristic when altering vehicle height from standard height. (Vehicle height can be changed by adjusting ride height, either by installing a suspension kit or adjusting a full customizable suspension kit.)
  • Gran Turismo 5 getting Twin Ring Motegi and Scion FR-S DLC on June 27, screenshots out

    Sony has just officially announced Twin Ring Motegi and Scion FR-S DLC for Gran Turismo 5. The publisher also revealed screenshots, release date and price for this upcoming DLC.

    Gran Turismo 5GT5 Twin Ring Motegi and Scion FR-S DLC will launch on June 27 i.e tomorrow. Scion FR-S will be available for free of cost, whereas Twin Ring Motegi will be able in four variations for €4.99 / £3.99 / $5.00 USD.

    Here is the screenshots of this new Gran Turismo 5 DLC.

    Scion FR-S DLC screenshot 1 Scion FR-S DLC screenshot 2 Scion FR-S DLC screenshot 3 Twin Ring Motegi screenshot 1 Twin Ring Motegi screenshot 2 Twin Ring Motegi screenshot 3