Grand Theft Auto

  • Upcoming GTA Online DLC Content Leaked Via Audio Files, "Casino, Sharks And More"

    Rockstar Games are still keep their cars close to their chest with respect to brand new contents for Grand Theft Auto V online multiplayer portion, GTA Online. However a new video footage seems to have spoiled all the mystery's of Rockstar Games for GTA Online.

    GTA OnlineThe video footage below carries audio and dialogue from various NPCs hinting out some new content coming to GTA Online via future patch updates.

    This audio file "mpdlc.awc" was discovered in GTA Online patch 1.06 which included Beach Bum DLC.

    The features that are discussed in the below footage are racing for pinks, ability to spy on people, updated camera system and opening of casino.

    Take a look at it below.

  • How to make profit in GTA V Stock Market?

    GTA V introduces stock market, i guess first time in gaming and it's very interesting too. GTA V  stock market is fully simulated as real. Apart from making profits from missions Lester gives you, you can also make profits from off missions such as gambling your time and money in stock market. So here is the tip to make short stocks and make easy profit which turns out to be earning easy money in GTA V via stock market.

    Trading stocks in GTA V unlocks a little bit later via Lester, but you should notice whenever he gives you a mission, he talks something about stocks. You should trade stocks before the missions where you assassinate the CEO's.

    Whichever company's CEO you go to kill, just before it invest in the opposing companies stock! Once Lester says you something stock related, cancel the mission and make that stock purchase. Then do that mission and stock you bought will rise high up in the sky, turns out lot of money in your account.

    Below are the LCN Stock Market Opposing Companies list:

    • CoolBeans - BeanMachine
    • Burgershot - Up-An-Atom
    • Clucking Bell - TacoBomb
    • FlyUS - AirEmu
    • GoPostal - PostOP
    • Bilkington - DollarPills
    • Pisswasser - Logger
    • MazeBank - BankOfLiberty
    • Redwood - Debonaire
    • Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter - Bullhead
    • RadioLosSantos - WorldwideFM
    • eCola - Raine

    Below are stock symbols for many of the companies you'll find in GTA V

    • ARK – AnimalArk
    • AUG - AuguryInsurance
    • BAN – CoolBeans
    • BEN – BeanMachine
    • BGR – BurgerShot
    • BIL – Bilkington
    • BOL – BankOfLiberty
    • BOM – BobMulét
    • BUL – Bullhead
    • CLK – CluckinBell
    • DEB – Debonaire
    • DOP – DollarPills
    • ECL – eCola
    • EMU – AirEmu
    • FLC – Fleeca
    • FUS – FlyUS
    • GAS – GastroBand
    • GCD – GoldCoast
    • GOP – GoPostal
    • GRU – GruppeSechs
    • HAF – Hammerstein&Faust
    • HKJ – Hijak
    • KRP – Krapea
    • LFI – Lifeinvader
    • LOG – Logger
    • MAX – MaxRenda
    • MAZ – MazeBank
    • MER – Merryweather
    • MOR – MorsMutualInsurance
    • POP – PostOP
    • PRO – ProLaps
    • RAI – Raine
    • RIM – RichardsMajestic
    • RLS – RadioLosSantos
    • RWC – Redwood
    • SSS – Slaughter,Slaughter&Slaughter
    • TBO – TacoBomb
    • UNI – VanillaUnicorn
    • UPA – Up-n-Atom
    • VAG – Vangelico
    • WFM – WorldwideFM