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  • Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack features 10 New Achievements, Details Revealed

    The complete achievement list of Halo 4 Majestic Map pack has been revealed. In total Halo 4 Majestic Map pack features 10 new achievements worth a total of 250 Gamerscore. We have listed below the details of each achievement below. Check them out.

    Halo 4: Majestic Map packHalo 4 Majestic Map pack features three maps, two new Majestic DLC Matchmaking playlists. It is schedule to launch on February 25 and will carry a price tag of $10.00 USD or 800 Microsoft Points.

    Callin' in the Big Guns 40 Points
    call in 3 ordnance drops during the same game.

    I Thrust at Thee 20 Points
    perform a melee kill right after using Thrust Pack.

    Didn't See It Comin' 10 Points
    assassinate an enemy who's in zoom mode.

    Bird of Prey 50 Points
    perform 5 'airsassinations'.

    Bullet Sponge 30 Points
    get the 'Close Call' medal twice during one match.

    I See You! 10 Points
    kill 5 enemies while Promethean Vision is active.

    Clever Girl 10 Points
    kill 5 enemies while Active Camo is active.

    Flash of Light 30 Points
    get a Double Kill or higher with one Pulse Grenade.

    Last Man Grinning 20 Points
    get 4 kills using the SAW without dying.

    Pigs Can Fly 30 Points
    kill 3 enemies while they are using Jet Packs.

  • Halo 4 title update 2 changelog revealed, releasing "sometime this week"

    343 Industries has revealed the changelog of Halo 4 Title Update 2 which is schedule to launch sometime this week. The changelog features lengthy list of tweaks and fixes, we have all the details below take a look.

    Halo 4343 Industries stated, "there’s more balancing to be done and more matters of contention to address, and we are actively working with the Halo 4 game team to investigate the feasibility of additional fixes."


    • Reduced the range of the Boltshot’s damage scaling over distance. The previous effective range for 1-hit kills was around 20-25'. The range has been reduced to 15'.
    • Fixed an issue where modified loadouts were not being saved correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where attempting to sprint while crouching using “hold to crouch” would cause players to be unable to shoot for 1-1.5 seconds.
    • Fixed an issue where some players were not able to get into matches on new map/game variants after playlist updates.
    • Fixed a DLC-related Join-in-Progress issue that kicked players back to the title screen.
    • Fixed various issues regarding glitched Autosentry deployment.
    • Fixed an issue where one player per session was unable to stay scoped with the Flagnum.
    • Fixed an issue where clients playing multi-round matches were not propelled by Man Cannons after the first round on Wreckage.
    • Fixed an issue for players who had licensed content for the specialization offer, and had the free Map Pack content, but did not have the Map Pass or Map Pack license by displaying a new error message: “You have Map Pack content that requires a license. Please purchase the War Games Map Pass, purchase the Map Pack individually, or delete the Map Pack content from your console.”


    • Fixed issues with friendly fire against vehicles. If FF is disabled, damage/EMPs from friendly sources will no longer damage vehicles that are fully controlled by your team.
    • Fixed an issue with where the Wraith secondary turret became disabled when shot with a Plasma Pistol. The feature has been updated to be consistent with previous Halo titles.
    • Fixed a Mantis functionality exploit that allowed pilots to survive planted grenades.

    Specific Game Modes

    • Friendly fire turned off in Flood to prevent exploits.
    • Fixed Flood character models to allow for Warthog and Mongoose use.
    • Fixed an inconsistency with King of the Hill deathcam.
    • Fixed an issue where the Grifball would get stuck in geometry and never respawn.
    • Fixed the issue for Extraction where players did not regain full control of their character for extended periods of time after interacting with a site.
    • Fixed multiple Extraction scoring issues, including an overtime fix that ensures that a victory will not be awarded to a team who is controlling the go-ahead extraction point when the game ends.

    Custom Games

    • Fixed an issue that did not allow players to create respawn timers or disable instant respawn in custom games.
    • Fixed an issue on Shatter where players couldn’t start a custom Dominion game.
    • Fixed an issue where the Ordnance game options reset when scrolling up or down in custom games.
    • Fixed an issue where custom game descriptions did not appear in the “Settings” preview screen.
    • Fixed inconsistencies and bugs in the final death cam for custom games.

    Spartan Ops

    • Fixed an issue where the “Dedicated to Crimson” Achievement could not be unlocked.
    • Fixed an issue where players in Spartan Ops Episode 6 Mission 1 were able to look around before the vignette.


    • Fixed a selection of issues where theater clips were missing map-specific audio, including ambient noise and announcer voice.
    • Fixed File Share preview images for films and map variants.
    • Fixed issues with in-game translations.
    • Fixed title screen camera clipping.
    • Fixed an issue with Forge pieces and the shadows they create.
    • Fixed aliasing split screen HUD issues.
    • Fixed an issue where some saved films of Forge games featured no Forge lighting.
    • Fixed incorrect “change description” text in File Browser.
    • Fixed assorted crashes.


  • Halo 4: Majestic Map Pack Dated and Detailed via Video Documentary

    Microsoft has announced the release date of Halo 4 Majestic Map pack. The DLC will be available for download on February 25 for 800 Microsoft Points.

    Halo 4: Majestic Map packHalo 4 Majestic Pack includes three new small-to-medium sized maps, perfect for close-quarters gameplay. The maps are Landfall, Monolith and Skyline.

    In addition to this, Halo 4 Majestic Map pack also adds two new DLC playlists and a new free-for-all game type called Infinity Rumble.

    Check out developer diary of Halo 4: Majestic Map Pack below:

  • Top 6 Best Games of 2012

    2012 has been a rough year for gaming industry, we expect wonders with games like MoH: Warfighter, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified and many others, but they all fall flat of their faces and can't lived upto the expectations (Read more HERE to find out our Top 5 Most Disappointing Games of 2012). However there were few games released in 2012 that delivered on every front, and so this time around we would like to present to you Top 6 Best Games of 2012.

    Do Let us know in the comment section below, whether you agree with the list below or not and why?

    1: Journey


    ThatGameCompany (developer behind award winning PSN game "Flow & Flower") challenged traditional gaming conventions with "Journey". The game delivered simple gameplay and accessible controls in a rich interactive environment that invited gamers to explore and experience emotional chords that are still uncommon in video-games.

    Journey was an exotic adventure with more serious tone. It presented a unique vision of an online adventure experience. Awakening in an unknown world, the player walks, glides, and flies through a vast and awe-inspiring landscape, while discovering the history of an ancient, mysterious civilization along the way. Journey included an innovative approach to online play which encouraged players to explore this environment with strangers who cross their path from time to time. By traveling together, they can re-shape the experience -- creating authentic moments they will remember and discuss with others.

    2: The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead Game

    The Walking Dead was completely based on widely acclaimed comic book series and television series. This video-game series dodged the predictable zombie bloodbath and gave more importance to finely tuned character study of two survivors, (Lee Everett, escaped convict, and Clementine, 8-year-old girl)

    With The Walking Dead video-game series, Telltale games forced gamers to take painful decisions about the lives of some extremely well-developed characters. The series was spread over the course of five episodes, all filled with emotions, high level of design and puzzles.

    3: Dishonored


    Dishonored was probably the stand-out game of 2012. The game supported multiple game-styles and included tons of thing for everyone no matter whether you are fan of stealth, action, first-person shooter or strategy genre. With Dishonored, Bethesda offered its fans something that they'd never experienced before. Arkane Studio was expected to delivered a massive hit with Dishonored, and guess what they didn't disappointed. The developer took gamers to the fantastic fictional city of Dunwall and offered them a story filled with betrayal, revenge, and murder.

    4: Halo 4

    Halo 4

    When Microsoft announced 343 Industries as a new developer for HALO 4, die-hard fans of the series looked anxious and concern, but 343 Industries lived upto the expectations and delivered probably best HALO game in franchise history (with respect to gameplay, graphics and brand new emotional direction).

    HALO 4 marked the return of our beloved Master Chief. The game was set almost five years after the events of Halo 3, and set a perfect stage for an epic new sci-fi saga on Xbox 360. Halo 4 also introduces a new multiplayer offering, called Halo Infinity Multiplayer, that builds off of the Halo franchise's rich multiplayer history. The hub of the Halo 4 multiplayer experience is the UNSC Infinity – the largest starship in the UNSC fleet that serves as the center of your Spartan career. Here you’ll build your custom Spartan-IV supersoldier, and progress your multiplayer career across all Halo 4 competitive and cooperative game modes.

    5: Far Cry 3

    Far Cry 3

    Far Cry 3 just managed to sneak into 2012, a unique and one of its kind open-world jungle island FPS adventure from Ubisoft. The game featured some stunning and jaw dropping opening scenes, which was very well supported by villain. Far Cry 3 lived upto all the expectation fans that too on every front.

    6: Borderlands 2

    Borderlands 2

    Borderlands 2 showed the gaming world what exactly a winning formula is for being a successful game. Initially critics and some section of gamers underestimated Borderlands 2, but it came out from nowhere and earned a well deserved place in top games of 2012 list. Borderlands 2 offered fans an addictive gameplay and shoot and loot mechanic, hilarious dialogue, memorable characters, infinite weapons and treasure. In my opinion Borderlands 2 is truly and agruably 2012's best overall value game.

  • BAN for Halo 4 gamers who Legitimately downloaded Crimson DLC for FREE: Report

    Remember the issue that allowed all Halo 4 gamers to download "Crimson Map Pack" for free of cost?. Initially Microsoft planned to make Crimson DLC FREE only to those gamers who had access to Seaon Pass or those who bought Halo 4 Limited Edition, but due to some unknow technical error, the DLC was available for free for all Halo 4 gamers.

    Halo 4 Crimson DLCNow something unusual has happened today, Microsoft has started banning anyone who downloaded that Crimson Pack, according to reports coming out from official Halo forums. We have not yet receive any official words from Microsoft or 343 Industries?. We will update the post as soon as we get to hear more from them.

    Did you got banned from Microsoft for downloading Halo 4 Crimson DLC?. Let us know in the comment section below.

  • HALO 4 Crimson DLC available for FREE to all due to an Error

    The first DLC "Crimson Map Pack" for 343 Industries HALO 4 is live now. The DLC is available for download for 800 Microsoft (size 528.48 MB), however due to some error Halo Waypoint forums users are able to download Crimson Map pack for FREE.

    Halo 4 Crimson DLCUser "Mafia Octavia" stated on Halo Waypoint forum that "My brother is able to download the map pack for free even though he uses a separate Xbox and never bought the season pass or the limited edition,"

    Neither 343 Industries nor Microsoft has commented on this issue, but expect a press statement soon from them so stay tuned.

    Let us know in the comment section below, whether you able to download Crimson Map pack for FREE?.

  • New Halo 4 Title Update Released, Fixes Gameplay and Stability Issues

    Yesterday 343 Industries released a new title update for HALO 4. Today on Halo Waypoint, 343 Industries community manager Jessica Shea shared the changelog of this latest title update of HALO 4. According to the details in the changelog, this latest update was primarily focussed on bug fixing and smoothing out other issues and glitches.

    Halo 4Check out the full changelog below.

    • Implemented general stability improvements
    • Fixed glitch where quickly reloading after firing the Boltshot resulted in an instant reload
    • Fixed glitch where sprinting prior to activating the Hardlight Shield allowed players to move faster
    • Fixed glitch were players could throw a grenade and then immediately sprint afterwards to perform a high velocity grenade
    • Fixed glitch where Mantis could fire more rockets without reloading if the machine gun was fired partway through unleashing the charged missile barrage
    • Fixed issue where DLC was unavailable for other profiles on the same console
    • Fixed issue where DLC disappeared after console reboot
    • Fixed issue where players could not unlock Campaign completion achievements when using a rally point other than Alpha for any mission to finish the Campaign
    • Fixed issue where players were not given credit for completion of a Spartan Ops Episode Difficulty Challenge when completing it through Matchmaking
    • Fixed issue where players with 99 or more Xbox LIVE friends could not get File recommendations
    • Fixed issue where loadout configurations were lost if the game was booted and then powered off before passing the “Press START” screen
    • Fixed issue where attempting to upload large films to the File Share under poor network conditions caused the upload to fail
    • Improved time to load variants with separate profiles
    • Fixed issue where moving a profile from one controller port to another after relaunching the game reset loadout settings
    • Improved consistency of random ordnance navigation marker display
    • Fixed performance issues when launching Halo Waypoint from Halo 4
  • Halo 4 Crimson DLC Achievements List Revealed

    The achievements list of HALO 4 Crimson map pack has been revealed. The DLC will feature a total of 8 new achievements, we have provided below all the details in this reagard.

    HALO 4 Crimson DLC screenshotCheck them out. HALO 4 Crimson map pack is the first of the three maps pack, and it schedule to launch on December 10.

    Now They Fly? 50 points
    Get a kill while airborne in a Warthog.

    Size Is Everything 20 points
    Kill 20 enemies with a detached Machine Gun Turret.

    ODST 30 points
    Kill a player while you’re airborne from using a Man Cannon.

    Bigfoot 20 points
    Kill 20 enemies using the Mantis’ stomp attack.

    David and Goliath 20 points
    Board an enemy Mantis.

    Clay Pigeon 40 points
    Shoot an enemy out of the air while they use the Man Cannon.

    Special Delivery 30 points
    Kill an enemy with a melee attack when landing from a Man Cannon.

    Pump Yer Brakes 40 points
    Score the killing blow on a Mantis.

  • Halo 4 Lost Double XP tokens credited back to gamers: 343 Industries

    If you are among one of those who lost double XP token in HALO 4 due to a bug, here is a good news for all of you, 343 Industries has announced that they have credited the lost tokens back to player accounts for HALO 4.

    HALO 4On Twitter, 343 Industries community manager Jessica Shea said "If you lost any Double XP tokens due to a bug, they were credited to your account today,"

    In another news, 343 Industries has also began sending out Halo 4 Specialization unlock codes. If you played HALO 4 by November 20, you should have a "Here is your gift from Xbox LIVE" email in the inbox for the email address associated with your Xbox LIVE gamertag.