heavy rain patch

  • Heavy Rain Move Edition gets official release dates & Patch

    Sony has given the official release date for the Heavy Rain Move Edition. The Move edition of title will release on 08 October 2010 in Europe.

    Here is release schedule at different countries:

    • North America: September 22nd
    • UK, Ireland: 8th October 2010
    • Australia & New Zealand: 7th October 2010
    • Rest of PAL: 6th October 2010

    The Heavy Rain Move Edition contains the following additional content:

    • The Taxidermist playable scene
    • 3 x dynamic XMB themes for your PS3
    • Full game stereo soundtrack
    • Making Of videos: There are 9 Making Of videos totaling in around 45 minutes in length. They feature a behind the scenes insight into the game’s development with interviews from the development team and the game’s cast.

    Heavy Rain Move Edition, playstation

    This week a playable demo of this Move Edition will also release on PlayStation Store. The demo contains two levels of the game, "shady place" and "crime scene", and is fully playable with PlayStation Move.

    Who already own copy of Heavy Rain, will get Move Patch on  22 September free of charge.

  • Heavy Rain PlayStation Move Patch Coming

    Sony Managing Producer, Petro Piaseckjy, confirmed that a Heavy Rain Playstation Move Patch will be coming out soon, with the help of this patch a entire game will reworked with Move Command.