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  • THQ unveils new Homefront DLC "The Rock"

    THQ has just announced a new multiplayer DLC for their invasion shooter Homefront. This new DLC for the game is called "The Rock" map pack.


    Alcatraz and Bridge will be the new maps included in the DLC, whereas Waterway and Overpass will now be playable in Team Deathmatch mode. The Rock map pack will be available first for Xbox 360 version of the game, and later on for PS3 and PC.

    It will carry a price tag of 400 MSP, no release date yet.

  • Homefront Fire Sale DLC available now

    Kaos has announced that the Fire Sale Map Pack for Homefront is now avaialable for download from Xbox Live Marketplace for 240 MSP.

    The Fire Sale Map pack of Homefront features two new multiplayer maps, Big Box, "a temple of Western decadence" that has become a battleground for the KPA and US Forces, and Spillway, a map set atop a dam.

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    Kaos also confirmed that the 870 Express Shotgun will also be available on June 7 along with a free Premium Homefront Theme.

  • New Homefront patch for Xbox 360 available, "Fire Sale" DLC announced

    Kaos Studio has released a new patch update for Xbox 360 version of Homefront which should improve game's stability and network connectivity issues.

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    In addition Kaos has also released "Ability Pack" which will be available once the new update is applied.

    Improvements to the game include:

    • Assist points for vehicle kills
    • Rank Resets
    • Game returns to MP menu instead of Main Menu after leaving a match
    • Max ping limits for server connections (prevent connections to distant servers)
    • Game freeze & hitching
    • Joining Friends feature
    • Beacon errors
    • Party Connectivity; and
    • Various other fixes

    The Ability Pack includes:

    • Ice Cold: Invisible on thermal views and airstrike sensors
    • Situational Awareness: Enemy gamertag appears when shot
    • EMP Tactician: Deal more damage vs EMP’d vehicles
    • Short Fuse: Reduced cook time on frag grenades
    • Bomb Suit: Take less damage from explosives

    The developer has also announced a new DLC titled "Fire Sale Map Pack" and will be available on June 7. The DLC feature two new multiplayer maps and it takes players further into the hear of war torn America.

    The 870 Express Shotgun will also be available on June 7 along with a free Premium Homefront Theme. The DLC and Theme will first launch on Xbox 360.

  • Kaos: Exiciting DLC currently in development for Homefront

    Kaos studio has promised fans of their First Person Shooter, Homefront, that soon they will be releasing some exciting DLC for the game, which is currently in development.

    Homefront Logo

    On Homefront official website, the developer posted the following message for fans:

    As you’ve probably heard, the Xbox 360 Title Update just went live this morning which we expect to address all ‘Profile Freeze’ issues. In the background, we’ve been hard at work on further improvements which should be following hot on the heels of this update. Details to follow tomorrow.

    We have a full-time team here at Kaos Studios dedicated to ongoing support on the technical side, as well as development of a wide range of exciting DLC that we’re not quite ready to talk about just yet, but hope to unveil to you in the very near future.

    We’d like to thank you for your continued patience, and assure you that we will continue to support our multiplayer community for many months to come.


    The Homefront Team