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  • New Homefront patch for Xbox 360 available, "Fire Sale" DLC announced

    Kaos Studio has released a new patch update for Xbox 360 version of Homefront which should improve game's stability and network connectivity issues.

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    In addition Kaos has also released "Ability Pack" which will be available once the new update is applied.

    Improvements to the game include:

    • Assist points for vehicle kills
    • Rank Resets
    • Game returns to MP menu instead of Main Menu after leaving a match
    • Max ping limits for server connections (prevent connections to distant servers)
    • Game freeze & hitching
    • Joining Friends feature
    • Beacon errors
    • Party Connectivity; and
    • Various other fixes

    The Ability Pack includes:

    • Ice Cold: Invisible on thermal views and airstrike sensors
    • Situational Awareness: Enemy gamertag appears when shot
    • EMP Tactician: Deal more damage vs EMP’d vehicles
    • Short Fuse: Reduced cook time on frag grenades
    • Bomb Suit: Take less damage from explosives

    The developer has also announced a new DLC titled "Fire Sale Map Pack" and will be available on June 7. The DLC feature two new multiplayer maps and it takes players further into the hear of war torn America.

    The 870 Express Shotgun will also be available on June 7 along with a free Premium Homefront Theme. The DLC and Theme will first launch on Xbox 360.

  • Homefront upcoming PC patch v1.0.4 details revealed

    Kaos Studio has just announced on Homefront official website that the patch and for the PC version of the game and dedicated server tool are currently in testing phase and it will be released soon. However no details were revealed related to the patch for PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game.

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    Kaos wrote on Homefront official website: "We are pleased to announce that the next Homefront PC patch and dedicated server tool has entered the final phase of testing and we expect to release it within several days."

    We have listed below only the new improvements, check them out:

    New Server Options:

    • Increase Weapon Damage
    • Increased Weapon Recoil
    • Reduce UI Elements Shown
    • Only Squad Members on Map
    • Only Show Ally Names
    • Require Manual Weapon Reload
    • Disable Death Follow Cam
    • Force First Person Cockpits
    • Reduce Ability Effectiveness
    • Force Ace Helicopters

    Dedicated Server Tool:

    Improvements to the dedicated server tool UI.

    Added new dedicated server settings to the tool:

    • Initial BP
    • BP earning scaling
    • Respawn delay timer
    • Idle kick time

    Voting parameters:

    • Enable voting
    • Minimum players in a server before player voting is active
    • Vote pass %
    • Vote cooldown time (per user)
    • Vote duration

    Check out complete patch note on Homefront official website

  • Kaos: Homefront PS3 patch submitted to Sony, PC dedicated Server tools available

    This news is a huge relief for Homefront PS3 gamers, Koas on game's official website announced that a patch update for PS3 version of the game has been submitted to Sony for approval, and it will be deliver to fans as soon as possible.

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    According to Kaos this update will address many of the issues our community has identified with the game over the past few weeks. Once Sony approves it, we will reveal more specific information about what this update contains.

    The developer also announced that PC dedicated server tool is now available via Steam Tools. Kaos said that the tool has an "easy to use graphical interface" with which players can now "manage and maintain their very own server."

    "We are happy to help experienced tool developers who are looking to create their own remote control (RCON) tools,"

    Dedicated Server Tool Features

    • Set server name
    • Password
    • Kick team killers / Max team kills
    • Set max players (players can specify from 2-32)
    • Round time
    • Respawn time (1-10 seconds)
    • Score limit:
    • Team Deathmatch (1000-30000)
    • Ground Control (400-2000 - the higher the number specified, the longer the match will take to complete)
    • VAC secured (yes/no)
    • Auto team balancing (yes/no)
    • Friendly fire (on/off)
    • Disable vehicles (yes/no)
    • Record game (yes/no)
    • Player list
    • Local and global ban list
    • Server administrators will also have the option to kick players, enforce spectating, or swap teams.

  • Homefront PC patch v1.0.3 now available for download

    Kaos has released a new patch v1.0.3 for PC version of Homefront. To download the update all gamers need to do is login with your Steam account, automatic patch download will start. This new patch v1.0.3 is said to fix the known issues that plagued the game.


    We have listed below complete patch note. Check it out.


    Ban list rework

    • We now store two separate ban lists on servers; a local ban list, and a global ban list. The local ban list is for bans that originate on the server (via kickbans, etc). The global ban list is for bans that are initiated by a trusted ban list authority. The ban lists store the date of ban, the name of the admin who initiated the ban, the reason for the ban, and a URL field for any relevant ban evidence (demos etc).

    New Feature: DEMO URL

    • A DemoURL can now be specified in the server playlist, this is used to indicate the location of stored demo files to user’s in-game (see the multiplayer options screen). A good practice for server admins would be to share the demo folder via FTP, this would allow users to grab demos of games they starred in, and also (very importantly!) allow users and anti-cheat authorities to download evidence for cheat reporting. Incidentally, it is now possible to dump all users unique steamID’s from both in-game, and in-demos to the console or text file (this will make reporting abusive players and enforcing bans incredibly easy).

    Game Balance

    • RPG’s now deal additional damage to HMMWV’s.
    • Lowered m200 and m110 sniper rifle damages. The only 1 shot possible is now headshots.
    • Flak jacket now has a lower BP cost, and a slight effectiveness buff.
    • Diablo damage adjusted.
    • Weapon is taken out of ADS and accuracy decreases when jumping.


    • The Rhino drones weapon attachment was not being properly moved with the Rhino drone on dedicated servers, causing the rockets to fire incorrectly. This is now fixed.
    • We have added some animation optimizations for large player games.
    • Several UI related improvements were added for large player games.
    • Fixed scaling text zooming on Battle Commander when opening up the battle chat or squad UI.
    • Switched the buttons around on the load out rename confirmation dialog to better abide by conventions.
    • Improved SLI/CrossFireX support.
    • A few reported issues with WinXP 64 bit edition have been addressed.
    • Improved menu navigation with analogue controls.

    General Improvement

    • User feedback for kicks and bans has been improved.
    • The intermission lobby now displays clan tags.
    • Text chat is now possible in the kill cam, spawn selection, and intermission lobby screens.

    New settings and Control Option

    • EnableD3D10/11 is now accessible via the system settings menu.
    • Mouse acceleration is now accessible via the controls menu.
    • Mouse smoothing is now accessible via the controls menu.

  • Patch to fix Homefront Xbox 360 profile freeze will be available today (Updated)

    Kaos Studio has announced that the patch update to fix profile "Freeze" issue has passed certification, and it will be available for download for Xbox 360 in the next 24 hours.


    The news was announced by Kaos on the game's official twitter account, here is what Kaos tweet reads:

    “An update for the X360 Profile “Freeze” has passed Certification & will be available for download within the next 24 hours on Xbox Live!”

    A new patch update for PC version of the game is expected to arrive later this week which adds a new anti cheating feature, more details of it here.

    UPDATE: Kaos has just released the patch update for Homefront on Xbox 360.

  • Homefront for PC to get new patch this week, adds new anti-cheating feature

    Reports are claiming that Kaos Studios will launch a patch update for PC version of Homefront this week to block hackers and cheaters.

    Homefront 2

    According to the reports the important features this new patch will add are as follows:

    • Addition of DemoURL feature, which allow gamers to report to administrator of a specific recorded play session files, inorder to identify any anti-social
    • A new in-game menu item will also be added for enabling DX 10 and 11

    Exact release date is expected to reveal soon, so stay tuned for more updates on it.

  • Kaos: Patch to fix Homefront Freeze issue coming out soon

    THQ on Homefront's official forum has announced that a patch update to fix game's "Freezing" is currently in development, and they will be submitting it to Microsoft for approval purpose in a day or two.

    The freezing issue in Homefront has affected many Xbox 360 gamers since its launch, the game apparently freeze just before the main menu while booting up.


    Here is what Kaos said on Homefront official website:

    "The Homefront Team has been working around the clock identifying and fixing issues surrounding Multiplayer functionality,"

    "We want to give everyone an update on what issues are known, how we are working on them, and when you can expect to see fixes available for download

    "The Homefront team is finishing up our first Critical Title Update that will address the Profile Corruption issue (also known as the 'Freeze' bug), as this is our highest priority.

    "We are also including a fix for multiplayer connectivity and ping time issues, where players are being sent to distant server locations at the expense of performance. We expect this update to be submitted to Microsoft really soon and we will be working with them very closely to get this approved and deployed as quickly as possible."

  • Homefront patch causing problem to gamers, deleting their progress

    Earlier today Kaos studio released a patch update for PS3 version of Homefront. This first patch update was meant to address freezes and connection issues for PS3 version of the game, however many gamers of game's official forum are reporting that after installing the patch they have lost all the level progress.

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    Check out below what gamers posted on Homefront official forum:

    1. "As stated already.. I too have lost my rank (PS3). I was rank 24 and i played a game and noticed i was back to 2,"
    2. "I lost lvls by the time I get someone to fix them I will be back to where I was *sighs*,"
    3. "Ok soooooo i never had problems b4 the first patch came out and now i froze like 7-10 time now most in-game."
    4. "its past 20:00 est and still freezing, lot of lag, nojoining with friend, and stats still screwed up. this is very disappointing. i hope u guys get this resolved, i have faith in u,"

    A user name Alucard Knight wrote:

    "This is just annoying. So much hype into this game and all it is, is a complete fail. The only reason most of us are playing this online is because the damn campaign was to short. Now we can't even play online because there are nothing but freezing issues. I didn't even really experience them until todays new update,”

    Did you face any issue with the game after installing the patch update. Do let us know as a comment to this post.

  • Homefront first patch available for download

    THQ has just released first patch update for the FPS Homefront to fix various issues and bug that plague the multiplayer portion of the game.


    According to the details revealed by developer this first patch update for the game fix the following bug:

    • Fixes for intermittent problems accepting friend invites and joining friends’ games
    • Several fixes for reported freezes
    • Fixes related to joining matches, round transitions, and proper behavior on the match recap screen
    • Additional bug fixes, including inaccuracies in ping meter, and player hosted servers not properly pulling score/time limit settings
    • For those of you experiencing difficulties with PS3, this update should make a significant difference.

    Homefront doesn't live upto the expectation of fans, as it receive mix reviews due to its short campaign length and disappointing plot, check our review for the game here.