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  • Kaos: Homefront 2 will have longer campaign

    Kaos Studio latest FPS Homefront received mixed response from fans and critics all around the world. One thing that came under radar about Homefront was its campaign length, many said that its too short. Now David Votypka from Kaos Studios has assured fans that Homefront 2 will have length campaign.

    Homefront 2

    Here is what David Votypka when talking about sequel:

    “I think going forward we’d certainly work on extending it a few hours, but going past the 10-hour mark and doing a category-leader multiplayer game… you just have to balance your development resources there.”

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  • Kaos Studio jazzed to begin development work on Homefront 2

    David Votypka, Kaos Studio GM has said that the studio is very much eager to start the development work on Homefront sequel. He further goes on to say that the development team has tons of new ideas for Homefront 2 and they just need to figure out which ones can fit into sequel.

    Homefront screen

    In an interview to Gamerzines David Votypka said, "We've always viewed Homefront as a franchise," said Votypka talking to us yesterday at a Homefront event in London, "and I think everybody in the studio is pretty jazzed to start on the next one to improve and expand on what we've done in the first.

    "The world of Homefront is so rich and fertile with the idea of occupation; not only occupation in the USA but occupation as a philosophy in a video game and experiencing the human/civilian side of it.

    "And then there are all the new systems that we brought to multiplayer and just experimenting on those. We're super excited about all the ideas we have. In fact, there are so many ideas that we have to try and figure out which ones we can fit into Homefront 2."

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    Homefront will launch in United States on March 15, and in United Kingdom on March 18.

  • Homefront 2 First Details Revealed by THQ

    Homefront is yet to released but THQ has already drawn lines for its sequel, as Danny Bilson reveals very first detail about Homefront 2.

    Homefront 2

    Danny said that Homefront 2 will going to have all new features and setting along with new playable characters.

    "The sequel has new features and doesn't even deal with the same characters, It takes place on the other side of the Mississippi -- nobody knows what's going on over there because the North Koreans have irradiated the Mississippi with radioactive iodine and nobody can cross it without a hazmat suit. It's very interesting stuff."