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  • Criterion Announced three new DLC pack for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

    It will be raining DLC for NFS: Hot Pursuit, Criterion has announced a total of three new DLC pack for the game which they will be releasing next week.

    The very first DLC will be called "Armed and Dangerous" which will feature two new game modes Most Wanted and Arms Race. It will also have 3 new trophies/achievements and will cost gamers €6.99/560 MS points

    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

    Details of each mode is listed below:

    Most Wanted:
    In this mode, cops in the game will be after a specific racer, while other racers will be saving the target racer from getting caught.
    Arms Race: This mode will be free-for-all racing which will sees weapons enabled.

    The second DLC pack for the game will be called "Lamborghini Untamed", which will include both the Cop and Racer version of Lamborghini Diablo, Countach and Sesto Elemento. Along with all these, there will be 10 new events and 4 new Achievements/trophies. It will launch on March 1 for €6.99/560 MS points.

    The third DLC pack, Porsche Unleashed, will add 82 Porsche 911 Turbo, Porsche 959 and 911 Speedster, 10 new events, and 4 achievements/trophies. It will release on March 8 carrying a price tag of €6.99/560 MS points.

  • EA Announced First Premium DLC for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

    EA today has announced a new DLC pack for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on the game official website.

    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

    Going by the details revealed about the upcoming DLC, it will consist of

    • 12 New Events
    • New Achievements and Trophies
    • New Cars such as cop and racer version of (Bugatti Veyron SS, Porsche 977 GT 2, Gumpret Apollo).

    No release and pricing details is revealed but a trailer for the pack out on official site of the game which says to wait for more updates on it.

  • Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit DLC Pack Available for Download

    EA didn't waste anytime and released a first two DLC pack for their latest release Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

    Both the DLC pack are available for download on Xbox Live and PSN. However both packs are timesaver packs.

    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

    The Racer Timesaver Pack and SCPD Timesaver pack are available for only 320 MS Points ($3.99) through in-game Need for Speed Store.

    Both the pack will allow access to each and every car in the game on the either side, this implies that Racer Timesaver pack will give you access to all racer cars and vice versa in terms of SCPD pack.