Indie Game

  • Scribble Defense soon at Xbox Live

    Scribbles live a dark and lonely life, with the ever present danger of the void lurking in every pathway. However they are protected by the powerful Scribble Meister using powerful towers to dispatch those who present danger to the Scribbles. Protect your Scribbles by laying down towers that destroy, debuff, and manipulate your enemies. The Scribble Meister is even powerful enough to influence the predestined path the enemies are taking.

    Scribble Defense will soon be released on Xbox Live Indie Games.


    • The player can re-position enemy waypoints to their advantage
    • Dynamic waypoints make the game challenging by constantly shifting their position thus changing the path of the enemies
    • Puzzle elements have been infused with the map design, making players think beyond just placing towers by making the playing field more dynamic with pre-placed towers, and interesting tower powers
    • Players are encouraged to move around the battlefield to collect money and power up their towers with their presence
  • Team Chess released by Indie Game

    Team Chess is a spin on the traditional chess game. It's played in Teams (2v2), either locally or on XBOX Live. Captured pieces can be used by ones partner, a popular variation known as "Bughouse" among chess fans.

    Game features LIVE Automatch to seek opponents, a leveling system, and piece SFX. If this sounds like something you would get into, check it out on Live.

    Story: "Many years ago, thousands of chess armies scattered the barren lands. Constant battle ensued. Armies learned to fight in teams to survive. After much bloodshed & troop shortage, leaders offered meaty bores & ale to entice captured units to join. It worked! Captives were trained by allies & sprung back into battle, forever changing the landscape of the chess wars..."