• Sunset Overdrive: No Internet connection needed for Single-Player, Uses Cloud, Offloading Processes

    Sunset Overdrive was revealed by Insomniac Games as Xbox One exclusive game at E3 2013, however at the time of announcement not much details was revealed about the game.

    Sunset OverdriveBut thanks to recent interview of Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac Games to GameInformer, some handy details has arrived about Sunset Overdrive.

    Ted Price confirmed that Sunset Overdrive will make use of Microsoft’s cloud network, which allows things to do something that wasn’t possible before.

    “Some of the hardcore data collection, correlation, and translation that we expect to do is difficult and takes a lot of horsepower, and that is one aspect of the cloud that is attractive to us,” Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac Games, told GameInformer.

    “When people say ‘cloud’ it’s one of those broad terms that mean many things. How we use the cloud depends on the genre, depends on the audience, and it depends on the state of the hardware behind the cloud. We’re learning that new opportunities and ideas are popping up every month when we discover how we can take aspects of the game offline [to the cloud]. We are going to be relying on heavy backend services to churn through the data we get from players to understand what they’re telling us and what they’re doing in the game.”

    Ted Price further revealed that Sunset Overdrive doesn't require internet connection for single-player, however players will not be able to access new content if they don't sign-in.

    “Our intent is that you will be able to play the single-player without an online connection. The game will be updated with content we expect that all players will want. You won’t be able to access that without an online connect.”

    Watch Sunset Overdrive E3 2013 Trailer:

  • FUSE Box Art a "Creative Risks" says Insomniac, Some Liked it and Some Not

    Recently EA and Insomniac Games revealed the official box art of FUSE (previously known as Overstrike), it was unique and one of its kind as it features Fuse faceless Heroes.

    FUSE screenAccording to Insomniac's CEO Ted Price, this was a creative decision (more of a risk) but intentional and deliberate move.

    "I’m very clear on what the reaction has been from some of our critics to the cover, but we wanted to pull attention to the Fuse weapons: the Xenotech. That’s why they’re featured prominently. Fuse is – the game revolves around ‘Fuse,’ storywise and gameplaywise. I think that we wanted to do something that was different. Cutting off characters’ heads is not something you see in other game covers. The standard approach is to have the full character, front and center, right in the middle of the box – and we took some creative risks with that. I think some people have spoken out about the fact that we took a creative risk. Some people liked it, some people didn’t."

    What you guys have to say about FUSE box art?. Does you take into consideration box art while buying a game?. Let us know your views in the comment section below.

  • FUSE announcement trailer finally released

    Insomniac has finally revealed the announcement trailer of their upcoming game FUSE. We have it below for you watch it now, it gives out few details about game's story.

  • Insomniac explains Why Ratchet: Deadlock not included in Ratchet & Clank HD Collection

    Earlier today Sony announced Ratchet & Clank HD Collection which features Ratchet & Clank, Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando & Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. All games that are included in Ratchet & Clank HD Collection will rendered in 1080p, support 720p stereoscopic 3D and also have trophies support.

    Ratchet & Clank HD CollectionThere was some sort of uproar from fans when they came to know that Insomniac has not included Ratchet: Deadlock in Ratchet & Clank HD Collection. On this elimination Insomniac's James Stevenson said, "Well, HD Collections at that price generally include 2 or 3 games…. soooo…"

    He further added, "We talked about lots of options, including that [Editor's Note: Including all four titles for $60]. But I think generally people view these as more "budget" releases, rather than full sixty dollar price tags (despite it being four full games). We even considered with Sony doing two $40 releases (RC1/GC and then UYA/Deadlocked), but that wasn't the best either.

    We feel good about this route."

    Are you happy with the above explanation of Insomniac Games on not including Ratchet: Deadlock in Ratchet & Clank HD Collection?. Let us know your views in the comment section below.

  • Insomniac won't develop any more Resistance game

    Insomniac, developer behind one of the most successful Playstation exclusive franchise, Resistance has said that they won't be developing any more Resistance game.

    Resistance screenIn a recent interview to VG247 at Southern Methodist University’s Game::Business::Law Summit, Insomniac CEO Ted Price said, "We won’t be making any more Resistances,"

    At the submit, Ted Price also talked about their own social games division, Insomniac Click. "Certainly over the next couple years, we’re going to see a huge evolution in visuals in social games," Price said. “It’s thanks to improving technologies. It’s thanks to browsers that are getting better and more powerful. It’s thanks to development teams – core traditional game teams who are moving into the space"

    Are you happy with this decision of Insomniac, not developing any more Resistance game? and Will other developer be able to do justice to the franchise?

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  • Resistance 3 "Brutality" DLC trailer is full of ACTION

    Insomniac Games has released a new trailer for Resistance 3 upcoming DLC "Brutality Pack". The DLC will launch in North America and Europe today.

    Resistance 3 screenshot

    On PS Blog, Insomniac describe this "Brutality Pack" as follow:

    This new DLC features a vicious survival mode where you face off against an army of ravenous grims as they try to take you and your friends down.

    And yup, it’s co-op – both online and offline. Plus, you get a special Mick Cutler skin AND the sledgehammer unlocked for all of the game’s modes, as well as a special Warden Static PS3 Theme.

    Watch the action packed trailer of Resistance 3's Brutality Pack below.

  • Resistance 3 gets leaked weeks before release

    Resistance 3 official launch is still a good few weeks away, but one lucky gamer has received a full retail copy of PS3 exclusive shooter.

    Resistance 3 box art

    A Reddit user showed his copy of the game on his massive TV. He also posted proof of his copy of Resistance 3, you can have a look at it below.

    He also provided some interesting feedback on Resistance 3:

    Compared to R2 it is so much better…. graphics, controls, story, difficulty… I am really enjoying it. How it feels and plays is a ton better than R2. It is difficult on normal (more strategic, no run and gun at least in this difficulty). The graphics are dang good too. The game feels very dark and graphically it has a very dark palette. It is also quite intense in some areas. I also enjoy how there are med packs instead of health regeneration! The art direction is pretty cool

    I don’t play COD much so I can’t really compare much. Last I played was World at War. This feels similar

    Haven’t played multiplayer yet…

    To be honest I played a couple hours yesterday but couldn’t really get into it… just wasn’t in the mood. Tonight I am really enjoying it tonight though. I am probably 4 hours in so far and the levels are pretty good. I am currently in a “stealth” area and it doesn’t feel like other stealth games (to me at least).

    He also said:

    I just want to say that this game seems to be what Insomniac wanted Resistance 1 and 2 to be

    Proof of Leak:

    Resistance 3 leak proof

  • Resistance 3 beta patch 2.01 available now, addresses Matchmaking

    Insomniac Games has released new patch 2.01 for the ongoing Resistance 3 multiplayer beta. The official details revealed by the developer on the Resistance 3 main menu reads "we [Insomniac Games] have re-enabled and made some changes to Matchmaking in hopes of improving your experience finding and joining games."

    Resistance 3 screenshot

    The patch 2.01 also fixes few bugs and crashes. Player may still experience other bugs, crash and freeze issue, the developer has assured the fans that all issues are currently worked on.

  • Insomniac begins Resistance 3 closed beta

    Insomniac Games has begin the closed beta of PS3 exclusive Resistance 3. The developer has begun sending out Resistance 3 closed beta invites to subscriber of their newsletter.

    Resistance 3 box art

    The email send by Insomniac reads as follow "We wanted to thank you for signing up to beta test Insomniac’s games via our website. When we asked for your e-mail address, we did it so that we could hook you up with beta access to Resistance 3. The game is currently in a closed Friends & Family beta --- as such we ask that you not post footage of the beta."

    So, if you have signed up to Insomniac's newsletter then check your inbox now. Let us in the comment section below whether you received an invite.